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Isle of Skye 12 Years Old Debuts in USA – Scotch Whisky News


Isle of Skye 12 Years Old Debuts in USA

Edinburgh, Scotland, 15 August 2011: From mid-September, Isle of Skye 12 Blended Scotch Whisky will be available in the USA for the first time in the brand‟s history. Isle of Skye‟s owners, Scottish independent bottlers and distillers, Ian Macleod Distillers has taken the decision to introduce the 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky following the surge in popularity of its award-winning Isle of Skye 8 Years Old since its launch to the US market in 2009. Originating in Skye, one of the most widely celebrated Scottish Islands, and home of the Clan Macleod, Isle of Skye 12 Years Old Scotch is famed for its exceptionally smooth and mellow flavour, thanks to its high proportion of carefully selected Island and Speyside Malts. With an aroma of fresh smokiness, dried fruits and vanilla, Isle of Skye 12 Years Old, has a soft mid-palate, balancing strong sherry wood and smoke with floral and slightly fruity undertones. The finish is described as ripe, satisfying and sustaining. Roderick Mackenzie, Director of Americas, Africa & Europe for Ian Macleod Distillers commented: “It is a very exciting opportunity to be launching Isle of Skye 12 Years Old in the USA. The success of Ian Macleod’s Isle of Skye 8 Years Old has undoubtedly whetted the appetite of the US market and consumers are demanding more expressions.”

Lynn Kohl of ImpEx Beverages Inc and Isle of Skye‟s US importer commented: “ImpEx Beverages Inc. is delighted to be introducing Isle of Skye 12 Years Old in the Fall of 2011. With a high percentage of single malts and its age statement, Isle of Skye has often been referred to as “the blend that thinks it’s a Single Malt”. Whether a seasoned whisky „Malthead‟ or perhaps more importantly, the new Scotch drinker, there is freshdemand to balance high quality with affordability. Customers are proactively seeking out unique new blends that offer a richness that far surpasses their old, familiar choices. They do not want their father’s drink. Isle of Skye is a unique Scotch Blend and they are now claiming ownership of that uniqueness.” To assist in promoting the launch of the new Isle of Skye 12 Year Old, ImpEx plan to launch a comprehensive, US wide campaign, “Pub It Up”. The on-trade marketing initiative will aim to bring together Isle of Skye‟s new, younger fans‟ love of sports and Scotch Whisky in their favourite gathering places, notably their local pubs and sports bars. Whisky expert, Jim Murray, describes Isle of Skye as “an absolute must for any Islay-philes out there – in fact, a must for everybody. Your taste buds are beaten up and caressed simultaneously. One of the most enormous yet brilliantly balanced whiskies in the world.” The Isle of Skye 12 Year Old will be available for RRP $38.99 for 750ml nationwide from mid-September. For further information on USA distribution for Isle of Skye, contact Impex Beverages Inc.

tel: 650 872 1113 or visit: To learn more about Isle of Skye Blended Scotch Whisky, contact Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd tel: +44 1506 852 205 or visit Ian Macleod encourages responsible drinking. 

 Tasting Notes As described by Dave Broom in WHISKY MAGAZINE (Issue 22) NOSE: Ripe, fruity and well balanced. Sherry, dried fruits and a hint of smoke. Water brings out a butter edge. A lot going on. PALATE: Overall, a little drier than the nose suggests but with excellent, soft, mid-palate weight. Light smoke all the way through. FINISH: Ripe and soft. COMMENTS: Very well balanced. A lovely blend. As described by Michael Jackson in WHISKY MAGAZINE (Issue 22) NOSE: Fresh smokiness. The smell of burning hay. Earthy. PALATE: Sweet and salty. Firm, cereal-grain maltiness. Peanut butter on toast. FINISH: Orange and ginger marmalade. Satisfying. Sustaining. COMMENTS: The aromas and flavours evoke breakfast, but in a farmhouse kitchen with an open fire and dashed by the winds down the chimney.


Grant’s Makes a Friend in World War Two – Scotch Whisky News


Grant’s Makes a Friend in World War Two


I occasionally receive emails or letters from fans of Grant’s and whilst I don’t publish each and every one, I wanted to share with you a particularly interesting note I received earlier this month from Mark Richie in the U.S. who told us about how his father discovered Grant’s whisky. I especially liked the story…(please click on the link below to read the remainder of the story)…

Kind regards,


Single-Malt Scotches from Scottish Independent Bottler Gordon & Macphail at Federal Boston – Scotch Whisky News


Single-Malt Scotches from Scottish Independent Bottler Gordon & Macphail

Joe writes,

The tasting was a wonderful evening with Matt Chivian, the national importer of Gordon & Macphail. All the malts showed so well that all but two sold out. The two that we still have are the Glen Esk 20 Y.O. and the MacPhails 25 Y.O. Both sold incredibly well, but we did buy every bottle left at the importer.

The Glen Esk (also known as Hillside): This was the first time this distillery has been tasted at an official tasting in the store. I was very pleased with the malt. It is a closed distillery and very rarely seen. It has a great mouthfeel and the refill sherry cask adds richness to the malt without overpowering the distillery’s character. An extremely moreish whisky.

The MacPhails 25 Y.O.: It shines, a dram that stands side by side with malts that are twice the price. It is overlooked by most, but those who know this malt will be happy to see it poured or, if buying a bottle to see its price knowing its quality makes it a much greater value. Stock on these malts is Limited.

Offers on Single-Malts valid through August 31st while supplies last.

Bottles Available:

Glen Esk 20 Y.O. 43% This is from a closed distillery and is rarely seen and will be less in days to come. An inviting nose shows a little fruitiness with a touch of white pepper. The palate has a nice mouthfeel with a little smoke,a touch of pepper and some dried fruit bring it together. The finish lasts with a little fruitiness and a touch of smoke fades gracefully. $179.99 – $134.99 – $139.99 w/Glass

MacPhails 25 Y.O. 40% The nose has an alluring factor that is intriguing, the sherry develops a little spice with a touch of fruit. The palate is graceful and has a wonderful spectrum of the sherry without being overbearing and dovetails with the light fruitiness, enhanced with just a touch of a smoke element. Simply Splendid!!!

This is a malt that let’s you taste Great single malt, at a Great price!!!! $179.99 – $129.99 – $134.99 w/Glass

Sold Out

Highland Park 11 Y.O. 57.8% $104.99 $79.99 $84.99

Mortlach 15 Y.O. 54.1% $114.99 $84.99 $89.99

Littlemill 19 Y.O. 43% $124.99 $94.99 $99.99

Glen Keith 42 Y.O. 46% $254.99 $194.99

Old, Notable, Not Much of it:
An Aged Single-Malt from a Lost Distillery

Another rare gem from Gordon & Macphail: Glenury Royal Distillery closed in 1985. Many of us will never have the chance to taste the product of this lost treasure.

Glenury Royal 1972 30 Year Old 40% Extraordinary elegance. The reflll sherry cask has enlivened and enhanced the massive distillery character shining in this malt. A delicious dram showing tropical fruits right off supported by creme brulee, nougat, and fudge. It goes on and on and adding a little water brings out an avalanche of oils and wax. So many of my favorite things about old highland malts play out here in impeccable balance. It Achieves a harmony attained by deliberate, careful maturation in a remarkable oak cask watched over by Gordon & Macphail; a cask crafted long ago by the skilled coopers of Spain.

Relax with it; it deserves time in the glass and you deserve to see what this malt really has to offer. Just Precious! Many of us have had the opportunity to taste a 30 Year Old whisky, but so few will have the privilege of experiencing this very limited single-malt of exceptional quality. Buying a bottle gives you a precious piece of history; One extremely rare and soon to be all-but unattainable. This will be a beautiful dram to share with your closest friends on what will surely be a very special evening. Was $389.99 Now: $329.99

Federal Wine & Spirits


Phone: (617) 367-8605
Web:  gm-logo-cmyk-version1-150x1502

Whisky Shop Exclusive Bowmore Tempest 3 – Scotch Whisky News


Bowmore Tempest 3 10 year old
Pre Order Now

£69.99 (£58.33 ex VAT)

We are proud to exclusively launch the eagerly anticipated 3rd edition of the award winning Bowmore Tempest from the original Islay Distillery – Bowmore. Pre Order Now. Stock arrives middle of September

Buy Now

Nose – Seville orange zest coupled with Islay peat smoke, sweet vanilla and barley sugar. Palate – initially dry but giving way to reveal orange blossom and an Atlantic sea-salt tang. Finish – the peat lingers with the warmth.


Limited Stock Available in Canada of the Nant Distillery First Release Single Malt – Scotch Whisky News

Limited Stock Available in Canada of the Nant Distillery First Release Single Malt,

Sold out in Tasmania and Australia

“All the hallmarks or virgin oak giving it large, beautifully supported by medium roast java and dreamy fruit, there’s a statement of intent for you…….The flavours and style could not be more clearly nailed to the mast”  (Jim Murray, Whisky Bible, 2011)


A Tasmanian Highland Whisky handcrafted exclusively on the historic Nant Estate (circa 1821) in the central highlands of Tasmania.

Made from Tasmanian barley and water from the central highland lakes, only a small number of casks are produced each year and are now available for you to enjoy.

The result, we are sure you will agree, is a single malt whisky that truly captures the essence of the pristine Tasmanian highlands from which it has been created.

Cottonwood Agency – Wine & Spirits

For more information or to place an order, call 416-902-0097

Catto’s Launch Limited Edition 25 year old to Celebrate the Brand’s 150th Anniversary – Scotch Whisky News


Catto’s Launch Limited Edition 25 year old to celebrate the Brand’s 125th Anniversary

One of the first Scotch whisky blends, Catto’s have announced the launch of a special commemorative edition of their 25 year old blend to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary. With only 2400 being produced, it will be accompanied by a limited edition Lochinvar crystal decanter enclosing their award winning 25 year old blend. The specially designed box features a premium limited edition black leatherette finish with a gold foil print and will be available in export markets from September 2011.

The whisky’s founder, James Catto is a legendary figure in the development of the Scotch Whisky industry, being credited as one of the very first whisky blenders. It was in 1861 that he began his business in Aberdeen by deciding to blend the high quality local Highland malt whiskies he sold in his grocery store with popular Lowland grain whiskies until he felt he’d created the finest blended Scotch – his whisky was an instant success.

Still popular today, Catto’s portfolio includes Rare Old Scottish, Deluxe 12 year old and the 25 year old which will feature in the 125th anniversary edition. The 25 year old is a well balanced blend, amber in colour and sweet and spicy on the palate with a long lasting toffee and raisin finish. It received a gold medal at the IWSC awards in 2010, was awarded best in class for Deluxe Whisky and has just won a gold at the International Spirits Challenge Awards.

Brand Manager for Catto’s, Lynne Buckley of International Beverage Holdings said:

“James Catto was an innovative Scot, creating a blend that has stood the test of time and is still as popular today as it was then. We’re delighted to be able to celebrate the 125th anniversary of his blended whisky and hope that his legacy continues on for a long time to come.”

This limited edition will be available in Russia, Paraguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay and Vietnam.



International Beverage Holdings ( was established in 2005 as the international arm of ThaiBev, one of South East Asia’s leading alcohol beverage companies. With a network of regional offices in Asia, Europe and North America, the company is responsible for the production, sales, marketing and distribution of a portfolio of premium global brands in over 80 countries and territories.

Inver House Distillers ( is globally integrated into International Beverage Holdings and drives the distillation and maturation of Scotch through its five distilleries.

International Beverage brands include:

Ø Chang Beer: Thailand’s iconic beer brand

Ø Single Malt Scotch Whiskies: Old Pulteney, Balblair, anCnoc, Speyburn

Ø Blended Whiskies: Hankey Bannister

Ø Mekhong: ‘The Spirit of Thailand’ since 1941

Ø Caorunn – a small batch distilled Scottish Gin infused with 5 Celtic botanicals

The company’s success is built on the combination of a strong understanding of local cultures and markets with the creation of a truly global operational network. Brand building pays respect to heritage, provenance and craftsmanship whilst delivering innovative and highly effective strategies at global level. A skilled and dedicated team of more than 12 nationalities speaking over 14 languages delivers the highest standards of customer service and attention to detail across all aspects of the business.

Disabled Teams Defy Difficult Terrain & Appalling Weather to Meet the 2011 Bowmore Ben Nevis Challenge – Scotch Whisky News


Disabled teams defy difficult terrain and appalling weather to meet the 2011 Bowmore Ben Nevis Challenge

I was determined to make it to the top this time, having had to turn back before. I’m ecstatic to have got to the summit.’ Rosie Smith, Team Leader, Nitshill.

Eight teams of disabled and non-disabled people yesterday (20th August 2011) set off on what is the ultimate challenge; conquering the UK’s highest peak Ben Nevis. Sponsored by Bowmore, the first Islay Single Malt Whisky, the Bowmore Ben Nevis Challenge is the culmination of months of training and preparation for the teams.

Guided by ex-SAS officer and TV Presenter Ken Hames, the teams were led by disabled people with a variety of impairments. The leaders, seven of who are using specially designed wheelchairs, must navigate and direct their team to the summit and in the process help raise vital funds for Capability Scotland.

The teams made the ascent despite at times appalling weather with almost constant rain and, at times, zero visibility. Working with experienced volunteer mountain guides they worked their way across treacherous terrain, avoiding sheer drops and contending with large boulders and fences.

The first team to the top was led by Rosie Smith (24) from Nitshill in Glasgow. She and her team ‘Rosie’s Runners’ made the summit in just 5 hours and 20 minutes. ‘Despite having attempted this before, I was still nervous’ said Rosie, ‘but I was determined to make it to the top this time, having had to turn back before. I’m ecstatic to have got to the summit.’

Andy Steen (45) from Gourock and his team ‘We Want To Go Hames’ was second to the summit. He commented: “How many people can say they’ve been up Ben Nevis?  I’ve joined an elite club! I hope this event will help dispel the myth that sometimes exists that disabled people need to be wrapped in cotton wool!”

Capability Scotland, Director of External Affairs, Richard Hamer, added: “We are delighted to have been able to work with our sponsor, Bowmore, to stage this terrific challenge.  Not only will the event help raise vital funds to support disabled people at home, at work and in school it will also hopefully demonstrate just what can be achieved when disabled people are given the opportunity to explore and enjoy every part of our country, an opportunity which they are not always given.”

Cara Laing, Bowmore Brand Manager said, “Bowmore has always been a champion of nature and the great outdoors so we’re delighted to be supporting Capability Scotland and the team to take on this, the ultimate physical and mental challenge for both non disabled and disabled people. We’ll be taking part in the challenge and waiting at the bottom of the mountain to give each of the participants an extra special dram. It would be great if our friends can show their support by digging deep and helping to raise our fundraising goal of £100,000.”

Front: Rosie Smith, Back left – right, Johanthon McNeil, Victoria Sparrow, John Keenan, Gail Taylor, Michael Gaffney Photo credit Michael Dickie

Front: Rosie Smith, Back left – right, Johanthon McNeil, Victoria Sparrow, John Keenan, Gail Taylor, Michael Gaffney Photo credit Michael Dickie

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Capability Scotland

Capability Scotland campaigns with, and provides education, employment and support services for, disabled children and adults across Scotland supporting them to achieve equality and have choice and control in their lives.  Capability’s mission is to transform expectations of what is possible and ensure that disabled people achieve equality in all areas of life.

In May 2008 Capability Scotland staged the original Ben Nevis challenge which raised £100,000.

Capability’s Access to Sport survey should that 64% of disabled Scots did not meet government recommended levels of physical activity and 40% felt they could not take part in sports or excersise.  The survey identified a number of barriers including lack of suitability of available activities, lack of support, lack of confidence and negative attitudes, policies and practices.


The best-balanced Islay single malt whisky is the perfect reward after your outdoor experience.

Founded in 1779, Bowmore is the oldest Distillery on Islay, one of the Scottish isles which make up the region known as the ‘Islands’ in the lexicon of Whisky. The other regions are the Highlands, Speyside and the Lowlands. Islay malts are famous for their characteristic smokiness and Bowmore is no exception; we carefully smoke our malt and use skills handed down from generation to generation to craft a perfectly balanced Single Malt.

Bowmore’s adherence to traditional production methods helps to shape the character of our Single Malts. We’re one of only a few distilleries anywhere which still produces its own floor malted barley, hand-turned by traditional wooden malt shovel. For our whiskies we draw water from the Laggan River, with its rich peaty overtones, and it’s the same Islay peat that fires the malt drying kiln.

Bowmore Distillery’s close proximity to the sea is also vital in determining the final character of our spirit. The legendary Bowmore No. 1 Vaults is where most of our whiskies spend their long lives resting quietly in the cool, dark, damp cellars below sea level, oblivious to the waves thrashing the Vault’s sea-facing wall.

They mature in oak casks, previously used for bourbon, sherry or claret, gradually developing rich and mellow flavours.

It’s this combination of peat, barley, sea breeze, water, wood, people and tradition that together create the perfectly balanced warm and smoky character of Bowmore Single Malt Whiskies.

The Bowmore domestic product range:

• Bowmore Legend
• Bowmore 12 Years Old
• Bowmore 15 Years Old ‘Darkest’ (sherry cask finished)
• Bowmore 18 Years Old
• Bowmore 25 Years Old

Abbey Whiskies August News Arrivals – Scotch Whisky News


August – New Arrivals

Some very rare and exclusive malts arriving at Abbey Whisky this month which see a further 10 new additions to the The Rare Malts Selection.

With now over 40 variations of this collection that includes some

very rare 75cl, 20cl and USA releases, we believe this to be the rarest and most exclusive collection available to buy online.

Also back in stock we see Hazelwood 105, 15 year old along with a previous staff bottling – Hazelwood Centennial.

Both of these bottles were issued to selected staff members to celebrate the birthday of Janet Sheed Roberts. To mark her turning an amazing 110 years we have reduced the Hazelwood 105 by £200 for a limited time only…

If you are enjoying the Edinburgh Festival this month you might want to enjoy this with a little dram. We are now down to our last bottle of the Springbank Edinburgh Festival 2008.

Only a few bottles remain of The Dalmore Clan Mackenzie so act fast if you are looking to grab a bottle.


Abbey Whisky


New Arrivals at K&L Wine Merchants California – Whisky News


United States – Bourbon and Rye

High West “The 36th Vote” Barrel Aged Manhattan 750ml – 6 available ($44.99)

Scotland – Single Malt Scotch

Laphroaig “Càirdeas” Islay Single Malt Whisky 750ml (one bottle limit) ($64.99)

K&L Wine Merchants
Phone: 877-KLWines (toll free 877-559-4637)
San Francisco, Redwood City, Hollywood CA




There are plenty of exciting new whiskies this month, one-off whisky bottlings from great distilleries, new expressions and limited editions are fighting for space on our shelves. There is a lot happening for whisky lovers. Furthermore the high quality of the whiskies we’re seeing is leaving us in mouth-watering anticipation. Recently the Kilchoman 100% Islay was the first whisky in over a century to source all its ingredients – from peat to barley – solely from the island; and the Shackleton allowed us to taste what the great explorer had lugged to the Antarctic in 1907. So whatever next could be thrown at us, to make our jaws drop in awe and revel in the malty originality of a new whisky?

Here are some of the crackers we’re expecting shortly, as well as a few whiskies that have already arrived:

Auchentoshan Valinch 57.5% abv
After so many whisky enthusiasts wondered aloud at what Auchentoshan Classic would be like if it were left un-filtered and at cask strength the distillery finally released this small batch. Named the Valinch after the pipette used to draw whisky straight from the cask the Valinch offers delicious crème brulèe and orange zest flavours. Fantastic value!

Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Cask Matured 58.2% abv
This limited edition cask strength Auchentoshan is aged in French barrique. The sweet Auchentoshan marries well, with the piquancy of the French oak.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix 47.6% abv
As promised last month we now have extra stocks of this super cask strength Glenfiddich…
During the winter of 2010 Scotland received an arctic dosage of snowfall. It blanketed the Highlands, covering the landscape in dunes of snow and ice. At Glenfiddich the continued snowfall piled on top of warehouse roofs, becoming heavier and denser by the day. On 7thJanuary, the unthinkable happened and a warehouse roof collapsed under the weight, and the casks below that had been waiting in sombre maturation were covered in snow. What the canny guys at Glenfiddich did was create a new whisky using casks from the affected warehouse, and they named it Snow Phoenix. The casks were ex Bourbon and ex Oloroso and contained whisky that had been aging for between 13 and 30 years. Snow Phoenix packaged in a tin depicting the great collapse. With only 1,600 bottles made this is a surprisingly affordable whisky.

Laphroaig Triple Wood 48% abv
Three types of cask were used to create this new expression. The first maturation is in American Oak ex bourbon barrels, it is then transferred to 19thcentury style Quarter Cask for a second maturation and the final maturation in European oak ex Oloroso Sherry butts, they combine to great effect.


Glendronach Single Cask Whiskies
From one of our favourite distilleries we are delighted to offer six single cask bottlings ranging from 17 to 40 years old, each beautifully sherried. Distillery tasting notes below.
Very limited quantities available so please act quickly.

Glendronach 1971, 40 year old, Pedro Ximenez Puncheon 48.5% abv
Crimson ‘King Maple Leaves’ on an Autumn woodland floor.
Nose Spicy and fully of life. A basket of freshly picked brambles and raspberries. Huge coffee and roasted walnut structure.
Palate Powerful and full flavoured. Nuts, chocolate and dried Mediterranean fruits including figs, dates and sweet raisins.

Glendronach 1972, 39 year old, Oloroso Butt 49.9% abv
Deep rich gold with pronounced red wood appearance.
Nose Beautifully aromatic and intense. Floral qualities, combined with the fabulous classic sherried influence. Apple, plum and damson flavours, ride upon the crest of a wave of sweet raisins.
Palate Bold and invigorating, but still full laden with class and maturity. Red grapes, and dense fruit cake drenched with date syrup and sweet spice reduction.

Glendronach 1989, 21 year old, Pedro Ximenez Puncheon 54.1% abv
Full gold with an amber influence.
Nose Fragrant citrus notes of mandarins and Clementine’s, rounded off with the dessert qualities brought by the Pedro Ximinez casks.
Palate Sticky date traits, partnered together with a liberal helping of star anise and liquorice. A dryish finish develops derived from flavours of roasted cocoa nibs and toasted oak.

Glendronach 1990, 20 year old, Pedro Ximenez Puncheon 50.1% abv
Dense antique redwood with a bright gold edge.
Nose Hints of leather and polished mahogany intermingle with a lively sweet sherry influence partnered with stewed prunes.
Palate Smooth, and well rounded. Sweet and oily. Chocolate sauce with pronounced confectionary elements.

Glendronach 1992, 19 year old, Oloroso Butt 59.2% abv
Rich cherry wood. Almost tawny leading to a yellow edge.
Nose Complex toasted oak aromas with an almost earthy presence. This is pursued with treacle, nuts and wild honey.
Palate A solid platform of sherry, spiced fruit and toasted nuts with a surreal balance of vanilla and honey. Long and well crafted.

Glendronach 1994, 17 year old, Oloroso Butt 60.1% abv
Heavily stewed tea. Dark amber-red.
Nose Dense and very intense aromatics. Rich sherry and bitter chocolate influence. Almost a hint of fine Italian leather.
Palate Liquorice, aniseed and toasted hazelnuts develop around a foundation of chocolate orange sauce and rich old oloroso sherry.

Ardbeg Aligator
Ardbeg Aligator will be with us in September. Get your requests in early to save disappointment!

Finally, for an evening of fun and a bit of learning you just can’t beat a whisky tasting.

Peated Whisky, 20thSeptember 6.30pm – 8.30pm
When tasting that smoky, earthy flavour most people immediately think of Islay whisky, however there are other areas of Scotland and indeed other countries that are now starting to produce excellent peated whiskies. Expect to taste some rare editions of old favourites as well as some quirky alternatives from ‘the rest of the world’ and discover the best peated whisky available today.
£45 per person – Only 10 spaces remaining

To place an order please visit ,
call Lee on 020 7437 2385
or email
3 Greek Street
London, Eng W1D 4NX

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