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Single-Malt Scotches from Scottish Independent Bottler Gordon & Macphail

Joe writes,

The tasting was a wonderful evening with Matt Chivian, the national importer of Gordon & Macphail. All the malts showed so well that all but two sold out. The two that we still have are the Glen Esk 20 Y.O. and the MacPhails 25 Y.O. Both sold incredibly well, but we did buy every bottle left at the importer.

The Glen Esk (also known as Hillside): This was the first time this distillery has been tasted at an official tasting in the store. I was very pleased with the malt. It is a closed distillery and very rarely seen. It has a great mouthfeel and the refill sherry cask adds richness to the malt without overpowering the distillery’s character. An extremely moreish whisky.

The MacPhails 25 Y.O.: It shines, a dram that stands side by side with malts that are twice the price. It is overlooked by most, but those who know this malt will be happy to see it poured or, if buying a bottle to see its price knowing its quality makes it a much greater value. Stock on these malts is Limited.

Offers on Single-Malts valid through August 31st while supplies last.

Bottles Available:

Glen Esk 20 Y.O. 43% This is from a closed distillery and is rarely seen and will be less in days to come. An inviting nose shows a little fruitiness with a touch of white pepper. The palate has a nice mouthfeel with a little smoke,a touch of pepper and some dried fruit bring it together. The finish lasts with a little fruitiness and a touch of smoke fades gracefully. $179.99 – $134.99 – $139.99 w/Glass

MacPhails 25 Y.O. 40% The nose has an alluring factor that is intriguing, the sherry develops a little spice with a touch of fruit. The palate is graceful and has a wonderful spectrum of the sherry without being overbearing and dovetails with the light fruitiness, enhanced with just a touch of a smoke element. Simply Splendid!!!

This is a malt that let’s you taste Great single malt, at a Great price!!!! $179.99 – $129.99 – $134.99 w/Glass

Sold Out

Highland Park 11 Y.O. 57.8% $104.99 $79.99 $84.99

Mortlach 15 Y.O. 54.1% $114.99 $84.99 $89.99

Littlemill 19 Y.O. 43% $124.99 $94.99 $99.99

Glen Keith 42 Y.O. 46% $254.99 $194.99

Old, Notable, Not Much of it:
An Aged Single-Malt from a Lost Distillery

Another rare gem from Gordon & Macphail: Glenury Royal Distillery closed in 1985. Many of us will never have the chance to taste the product of this lost treasure.

Glenury Royal 1972 30 Year Old 40% Extraordinary elegance. The reflll sherry cask has enlivened and enhanced the massive distillery character shining in this malt. A delicious dram showing tropical fruits right off supported by creme brulee, nougat, and fudge. It goes on and on and adding a little water brings out an avalanche of oils and wax. So many of my favorite things about old highland malts play out here in impeccable balance. It Achieves a harmony attained by deliberate, careful maturation in a remarkable oak cask watched over by Gordon & Macphail; a cask crafted long ago by the skilled coopers of Spain.

Relax with it; it deserves time in the glass and you deserve to see what this malt really has to offer. Just Precious! Many of us have had the opportunity to taste a 30 Year Old whisky, but so few will have the privilege of experiencing this very limited single-malt of exceptional quality. Buying a bottle gives you a precious piece of history; One extremely rare and soon to be all-but unattainable. This will be a beautiful dram to share with your closest friends on what will surely be a very special evening. Was $389.99 Now: $329.99

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