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Malt Messenger Bulletin – Kensington Wine Market’s Fall 2014 Schedule is Now On-Line! – Whisky News

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Malt Messenger Bulletin – Kensington Wine Market’s Fall 2014 Schedule is Now On-Line!

Our Fall 2014 tasting schedule is now on-line with an excellent array of tastings and events. It starts Tuesday September 9th with the legendary Jim McEwan of Bruichladdich, who is returning to KWM for two back to back tastings. We have a lot of unique tasting events scheduled with special guests from Springbank, Glendronach, Jura, Glen Garioch and other distilleries. Our Fall Single Malt Festival will be Thursday November 13th, it always sells out a month ahead of time, so don’t hesitate purchasing your ticket. Details on all of our whisky and spirits tastings can be found below. You can jump to the full list on our website now by following this link!

I’m off to Scotland in a week’s time. The best place to follow my adventures is my Twitter feed: Time permitting I will also be posting to my whisky tour company I’m heading up into the Highland for a few days of work before guiding a troupe of intrepid whisky pilgrims on a west coast adventure to Islay, Jura, Arran and Campbeltown.

One other note, I took the ALS Icebucket Challenge yesterday, the video is up on YouTube. In return I’ve nominated some others to follow in my footsteps, to see who , watch the video, check out my Twitter feed or have a look at the wee post on our KWM Blog.

Don’t forget, we are taking pre-order for: The Kensington Wine Market 2014 Whisky Advent Calendar. We first sent out notice of them on Thursday last week, and already 1/3 of the 288 units are spoken for. The perfect pre-Christmas gift for the whisky lover in you life, and a great way to toast the season.

I hope this email finds you well and that you enjoy the rest of your summer.


Andrew Ferguson
Kensington Wine Market

PS- PS – Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter: and Facebook:

Bruichladdich Tastings with Jim McEwan

Tuesday September 9
5PM -or- 7:30PM $30

Jim McEwan was the chief visionary behind the revival of Bruichladdich and is one of the most captivating brand ambassadors in the world of whisky. We’ll be putting on two back to back tasting with Jim to highlight this very special distillery and its cult whiskies.

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The Kensington Wine Market Fall 2014 Whisky and Spirits Tasting Schedule

More than enough to keep your thirst quenched this fall!

Our Fall Tasting Schedule is now On-Line and open for registration. You can register on our website, in-store and over the phone. We have special tastings marking the release of new exclusive casks and exciting guest presenters like Willie Tait, Jim McEwan and Iain MacCallum. There is also our Fall Single Malt Festival, and another edition of Ancient Malts. I hope we’ll see you this fall!

1. Bruichladdich w/ Jim McEwan – Tuesday September 9 5:00PM or 7:30PM. – Jim McEwan was the visionary behind the revival of Bruichladdich and is one of the most captivating brand ambassadors in the world of whisky. We’ll be putting on two, back to back, so everyone gets a chance to taste the highlights of this very special distillery. The same whiskies will be served at each event. Register for. – $30
2. Independent Macallan – Tuesday September 16 – There is perhaps no more iconic single malt whisky than The Macallan. It is the Cadillac of single malts and an aspirational brand the world over. We’ll take a look at the distillery, exclusively, with independent bottlings going back to 1970! – $80
3. Classic Single Malts – Tuesday September 23 – This is our classic introduction to the world of single malt Scotch whisky. You’ll discover a little history, how it’s made, and sample six distinct styles. – $35
4. Give Thanks for Bourbon – Our resident Bourbon expert, Hunter Sullivan, will take you on an exploration of America’s biggest contribution to the World of whisk(e)y. You’ll sample whiskies you’ll be very thankful for! – $35
5. Rare Malts – Only the rarest whiskies, those more than 20 years of age, or from closed distilleries are considered for this very special tasting. – $80
6. A Duriach Supper w/ Willie Tait – He may be five foot nothing, but his personality is that of a giant. Jura’s Brand Ambassador Willie Tait will entertain you with the mysteries of Scotland’s least populated whisky island, and guide you through a range of fine whiskies while you enjoy a three course meal at Buchanan’s Chophouse, 738 3 Ave SW. – $100
7. Modern Cocktail – What makes a great cocktail? Let our “mixologist” Phil Grandbois be your guide. You’ll learn the tricks, the techniques, and the ingredients… all put together with a dash of fun! – $35
9. Springbank Society Launch – This mini-Festival style tasting will celebrate the launch of the Springbank Society in Canada. We’ll be sampling a wide range of whiskies from Scotland’s oldest family owned distillery, including a selection of whiskies exclusive to members of the Springbank Society. – $30
10. Glendronach Casks Tasting w/ Stewart Buchanan – Stewart will be in town to guide us through a range of Glendronach single malts including two casks bottled exclusively for the Kensington Wine Market (1993 and 2003). – $40
11. Glen Garioch Cask Launch – Kensington Wine Market has an exception exclusive Glen Garioch cask on the way. To celebrate we’re throwing an open house, mini-festival style tasting with Morison Bowmore’s Master of Malt Iain McCallum. You’ll have the chance to sample a range of whiskies from Auchentoshan, Bowmore and Glen Garioch, including our new cask! – $25
12. Fall Single Malt Festival – Thursday November 12 – Our famous biannual whisky festival may be limited to just 100 participants, but there will be just as many whiskies to sample in this festival style tasting. – $60 – !!!Warning! Tickets sell out very quickly!!!
13. Classic Cadenhead Single Malts – Thursday November 20th – W.M. Cadenhead is Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, and they sit on a treasure trove of old and rare whiskies. We’ll sample a range of 7 Cadenhead whiskies, exclusive to KWM, from 10 to 48 years of age. – $85
14. Ancient Malts – Wednesday November 26 -or- Thursday November 27 – This tasting features the rarest of the rare, whiskies from 30-50+ years of age and it never disappoints. We’re keeping tight lipped on this one for now, but suffice to say it will be another fabulous event! The same whiskies will be served at each event. – $250

!!ALL TASTINGS START PROMPTLY AT 7:00 PM Seating is strictly limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Telephone: 283-8000 to register or do so online. It is recommended that those attending wine tastings use public transportation. Tastings are complete with light snacks!!

Taking Pre-Orders: Kensington Wine Market 2014 Whisky Advent Calendar!

Nearly 1/3 are already spoken for! “24 Days of Dram Fine Whisky!”

Kensington Wine Market 2014 Whisky Advent Calendar – Although it sold out well before its arrival, we didn’t feel last year’s Advent Calendar was good value, so this year we’ve put our own together. A total of 288 will be produced, and we are taking orders for them now. They will retail for $359.99 + GST. You can reserve them now for a $150 deposit. Each KWM 2014 Whisky Advent Calendar contains 24 unique 50ml whiskies and a specially marked Glencairn glass. The actual list of whisky is a surprise, and we’ll know you’ll enjoy it. If you are looking for an enticement, one of the whiskies is 40 years old and retails for more than $700 a bottle (750ml)! This is the perfect pre-Christmas gift for the whisky lover in your life, and a great way to lift your spirits. Slainté! $359.99


The Macallan ‘M’ is Available Again!

The Pinnacle Dram in the 1824 Collection

This has been our hottest selling premium whisky over the last 10 months. Frankly we’ve had a hard time working through our list of requests. Well we’ve finally done so, and I have 2 further bottles available to us. It is a stunning whisky, classic older sherry cask whisky in a beautiful decanter. This is the pinnacle of Macallan’s 1824 Series, and by far the oldest and rarest whisky in their stable. A 6L version sold at auction in January 2014 for north of $630,000.00 US, making it the world’s most expensive whisky! We poured it at a tasting this winter, and it was a huge hit!

Macallan ‘M’ – 44.7% – My Tasting Note: “Nose: raspberry sauce, damp Christmas cake, nutty Oloroso sherry and tingling spices; some hints of vanilla and dark sugars with treacle sauce and chocolate coated coffee bean; melons, pineapple and other tropical fruits emerge with some patience before being replaced by leather and tobacco; and then it is on to the spices, cinnamon sticks, powdered ginger and cardamom; Palate: immediately fruity with flavour tendrils spreading in a bewildering number of directions; classic Christmas cake and nutty sherry notes make way for the finest soft leather and soft cigar tobacco; more chocolate, coffee bean, maple syrup and now some sweet Panda Brand black licorice; the fruits emerge again as the sherry and leathery notes recede showing some orange peel, melons, mangoes and a hint of pineapple; I could go on; Finish: varies by sip, at times a wave of spices rippling across the tongue; other sips fade into soft leather and nutty sherry or old earthy Dunnage sherry notes; but it is always long, complex and fruity; Comments: the haters will say what they will about the lack of an age statement and the price point, that is until they try it, this is one hell of a good whisky. ” – $3799.99

Last chance to join the October Kentucky Bourbon Tour!

6 days and 7 nights in Bourbon Country!

The trip will begin in Louisville and conclude in Lexington. The price will include accommodation for 7 nights, 2 in Louisville, 1 in Bardstown and 4 in Lexington; October 4-11. The reason four nights are being spent in the latter location is the proximity of distilleries. I have two prices for the trip, one is for single occupancy and the other is for double whether as a couple or two individuals with separate beds. The costs are approximate and will be confirmed 1 month prior to the trip. Estimates:

– Single Occupancy $3615/person
– Double Occupancy $5469/couple ($2735each)

Price includes:

• Accommodation at good hotels.
o Marriot Louisville Downtown
o Hilton Lexington
• Ground Transportation
• Dinner on the Lexington Dinner Train
• Distillery Visitor Center and Tasting costs.
Price doesn’t include:
• Flights
• Most meals.
• Golf or Other add on activities.
The rough itinerary is as follows, some items may shift and or be replaced:

Day 1 – Saturday October 4 – Calgary to Louisviller
– Accommodation – Louisville
Day 2 – Sunday October 5 – Louisville Area
– Golf AM or Alternate Activity
– Evan Williams Bourbon Experience
– Jim Beam Distillery
– Accommodation – Louisville
Day 3 – Monday October 6 – Bardstown
– Heaven Hill
– Barton
– Willet
– Accommodation – Bardstown
Day 4 – Tuesday October 7 – Bardstown to Lexington
– Marker’s Mark
– Four Rosses
– Wild Turkey
– Accommodation – Lexington
Day 5 – Wednesday October 8 – Lexington
– Golf or Alternate Activitiy
– Other Activity
– Accommodation – Lexington
Day 6 – Thursday October 9 – Around Lexington
– Wild Turkey (if not above)
– Woodford
– Town Branch
– Accommodation – Lexington
Day 7 – Friday October 10 – Around Lexington
– Buffalo Trace
– Accommodation – Lexington

Thank You for Reading the Malt Messenger!

Contact & Disclaimers

If you have any whisky questions or comments concerning The Malt Messenger please contact me by e-mail, phone, or drop by the store.

All of the products mentioned in THE MALT MESSENGER can be purchased in store, over the phone or from our website at All prices quoted in the Malt Messenger are subject to change, don’t include GST. In the case of discrepancies in pricing, the price in our in store point of sale will be taken as correct.

Thanks for reading the Malt Messenger.


Andrew Ferguson
Manager & Scotchguy
Kensington Wine Market
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Owner & Opperator
Ferguson’s Whisky Tours

Kensington Wine Market


EC 23


Rare ultra-premium bottling is successor to 21-Year-Old Elijah Craig Single Barrel 

BARDSTOWN, KY—Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., the country’s largest independent family-owned and operated spirits producer and marketer, announces a new limited edition release of Elijah Craig 23-Year-Old Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Heaven Hill, who holds the world’s second largest inventory of Bourbon and the most “extra-aged” barrels of any distillery in its rickhouses, began shipping the rarity into selected markets across the country in mid-August and it will hit retail shelves in August and September. The new bottling follows up on the success of the sold-out Elijah Craig 20-Year-Old Single Barrel, released in the Spring of 2012 and named “American Whiskey of the Year” by Whisky Advocate magazine, and the Elijah Craig 21- Year-Old, released last Fall and designated “Excellent/Highly Recommended” at the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. The new 23-Year-Old bottling will carry an average retail price of $199.99 for the 750ml size, and like last year’s 21-Year-Old will be in limited distribution in top metro markets. 

The Elijah Craig 23-Year-Old Single Barrel shares much of its packaging with its predecessor, including the familiar flask shaped Elijah Craig Single Barrel 750ml bottle and cork closure with a marbled capsule. Instead of the blue label of the 21-Year-Old, this year’s 23-Year-Old will have a green label, with the 23 year age statement prominently featured in reverse white and gold type in the center. As with all previous editions of Elijah Craig Single Barrel, there will be space on the back label where the specific barrel number and “barreled on” date will be hand written. The new Elijah Craig 23-Year-Old will be available in a three bottle case of 750ml bottles, at its traditional 90 proof (45% alcohol by volume) strength. 

At 23 years of age—quite advanced for a Bourbon, which of course must by law age in a new charred white oak barrel—barrel selection becomes of tantamount importance. Barrels that age for that long on the highest floors of the rickhouse, where temperature extremes are greatest, can become too woody or tannic. The barrels for Elijah Craig 23-Year-Old Single Barrel are drawn from the middle floors of the rickhouses, where the effects of long aging are mitigated by the more moderate temperature fluctuations. This careful barrel selection, drawn from Heaven Hill’s inventory of over one million aging barrels, means the whiskey offers depth and complexity but still perfectly maintains the delicate balance between barrel and distillate. 

“All of the extra-aged limited edition American Whiskeys we have released, including the previous Elijah Craig Single Barrels as well as our Parker’s Heritage Collection and the Rittenhouse 21, 23 and 25-Year-Old, have quickly sold through to the connoisseur markets,” noted Heaven Hill Senior Brand Manager Susan Wahl. “This release, like the 21-Year-Old and 20-Year-Old Single Barrels that preceded it, will take the consumer on a tasting journey of discovery that will motivate them to move up the line, from the more widely available 12-Year-Old Elijah Craig Small Batch, to Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and on through these more aged, rarer bottlings.” 

Founded in 1934, Bardstown, KY-based Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. ( is the nation’s largest independent, family-owned and operated spirits producer and marketer and the world’s second-largest holder of Kentucky Bourbon. Heaven Hill’s diversified portfolio of brands includes Evan Williams Bourbon; Larceny , Elijah Craig and Henry McKenna Bourbons, Burnett’s Vodkas and Gin; Admiral Nelson’s and Blackheart Rums; HPNOTIQ Liqueur; The Christian Brothers Brandies; PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur; Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur; Lunazul Tequila; Cinerator Hot Cinnamon Flavored Whiskey and Rittenhouse Rye Whisky. Heaven Hill reminds you to “Think Wisely. Drink Wisely.”

Whisky Tasting September 4th, 2014 in Washington, DC – Scotch Whisky News

Sherry's_Scotch Tasting Invite_

Vintage Summer Whiskies From Balblair – Scotch Whisky News

Balblair 2003

VINTAGE Summer Whiskies

Just as nature nudges us from warming stews to zesty salads, or snug cashmere scarves to cool cotton chinos, so too she encourages a refreshing gear change in our drinks repertoire.

Take a trip to Scotland in December and it doesn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to see why whisky caught on so successfully in this part of the world. This is a drink whose entire image is evocatively intertwined with roaring fires, cigars and cosy tartan interiors. You can almost hear the wind whistling outside.

But that doesn’t mean you should hide your single malt collection away as soon as the daffodils start to poke through.

Read more about selecting the perfect summer whisky here courtesy of Gabriel Savage, deputy editor of The Drinks Business >

Old Pulteney 35yo Single Malt – Scotch Whisky News

 Old Pulteney 35 Years Old

Old Pulteney 35 Year Old Single Malt

We are delighted to announce that we have added a new, exceptionally rare whisky to our distinguished range, the Old Pulteney 35 Year Old.   Matured in American ex-bourbon and Spanish ex-sherry casks which have been expertly hand selected by our Distillery Manager, Malcolm Waring, we hope you will agree this a truly remarkable Single Malt. 

Scotch Malt Whisky Society “September Events” – Scotch Whisky News


Highland Homecoming Tasting, 28 Queen St, Edinburgh – Thu 4 Sept
Keswick Members Tasting, Middle Ruddings Country Inn, Keswick – Fri 5 Sept
New List Open Tasting, 19 Greville St, London – Sat 6 Sept
Steak & Whisky Tasting, 19 Greville St, London – Mon 8 Sept
The Gamekeeper’s Pantry Tasting, The Vaults, Leith – Fri 12 Sept
Game Dinner in The Dining Room, 28 Queen St, Edinburgh – Thu 18 Sept
York Members Tasting, Bedern Hall, York – Fri 19 Sept
Dunfermline Members Tasting, Garvock House Hotel, Dunfermline – Thu 25 Sept
Liverpool Members Tasting, Malmaison, Liverpool – Fri 26 Sept
Glasgow Members Tasting, Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow – Fri 26 Sept
Newcastle Members Tasting, The Caledonian Hotel, Newcastle – Fri 26 Sept
Guildford Members Tasting, Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Guildford – Fri 26 Sept
Winchester Members Tasting, Winchester Royal Hotel, Winchester – Fri 26 Sept
New Members Tasting, 19 Greville St, London – Tue 30 Sept

Browse all events


Our Ambassador will sample with you 5 drams from the largest of Scotch Whisky regions, complemented by a delicious game supper. He will prove that, just like its very diverse landscape, the whisky cannot be reduced to one flavour profile. So whether you like your whisky light and grassy or prefer a the smell of peat bog in your glass, whether you are fond of maritime and iodine notes or you are looking for heathery scents you will surely find what you were looking for tonight…

Thu 4 September, 7-9.30pm BUY

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ Contact: or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video

Diageo Breaks Ground on New $115 Million Kentucky Distillery – The Bulleit Distilling Co. – American Whiskey News


Diageo Breaks Ground on New $115 Million Kentucky Distillery – The Bulleit Distilling Co.

SHELBYVILLE, Ky., August 21, 2014 – Diageo broke ground today on its new Shelby County, Kentucky distillery, which the company announced will officially be called “The Bulleit Distilling Co.” after the distillery’s flagship brand. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, and a number of other elected officials and Kentucky dignitaries, joined Diageo executives and Bulleit founder Tom Bulleit to celebrate the milestone.

This May, Diageo announced its intention to invest an estimated $115 million to build the 1.8 million proof gallon (750,000 9-liter cases) distillery and six barrel warehouses. In June, Shelby County’s Triple S Planning Commission unanimously approved the distillery project. Along with Bulleit Bourbon, the facility will distill a number of current and future Diageo bourbon and North American Whiskey brands.

“Tom Bulleit has a genuine passion for his bourbon that he shares with everyone he meets. The growth of the Bulleit brand is the result of many years of investment and the relationships Tom has built,” said Larry Schwartz, President, Diageo North America. “We are proud to be breaking ground on the new home of Bulleit Bourbon in this wonderful location in Shelby County. We look forward to becoming a valued member of the community for many years to come.”

“When I walked away from my career as a lawyer to revive my great, great grandfather’s high-rye bourbon recipe, people thought I was crazy,” said Tom Bulleit. “Twenty-seven years into this entrepreneurial journey, it’s humbling to know this amazing facility right here in Kentucky will bear my family’s name. It’s an honor I’m not sure I will ever fully be able to describe.”

Diageo aims to have the distillery operational in late 2016. Diageo expects the construction phase will provide a significant number of jobs and anticipates employing approximately 30 people for whiskey distillation and maturation.

“Kentucky proudly welcomes The Bulleit Distilling Co. to the family of distilleries that comprise our state’s signature bourbon industry,” said Governor Steve Beshear. “Diageo’s investment will not only contribute to Kentucky’s thriving bourbon business, but will create quality jobs and offer an economic boost to Shelby County.”

About The Bulleit Distilling Co.

Founded by Tom Bulleit, the Bulleit Distilling Co. was started more than 20 years ago with Bulleit Bourbon, and in March 2011, Bulleit Rye, a straight rye whiskey, was added to the portfolio with critical acclaim. The brand’s newest variant, Bulleit 10-Year was introduced in 2013. Bulleit ranks as one of the fastest-growing small batch whiskeys in America, which Tom largely credits to word of mouth recommendations. Using only the finest ingredients available – the best grains and special strains of yeast – the 150+ year-old family recipe uses a large amount of rye grain, which gives Bulleit a distinctive taste.

About Diageo

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, beer and wine categories. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, JεB, Buchanan’s, Windsor and Bushmills whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Don Julio, Tanqueray and Guinness.

Diageo is a global company, and our products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO). For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us at Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource,, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice.

Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America “Early September 2014 Outturn” – Scotch Whisky News


Early September 2014 Outturn Offerings 

Cask No. 9.76                                 $195 

Out of Africa 

Speyside, Spey 

Some of us were transported back in time into an African hunting lodge of the 19th century filled with mahogany furniture, a collection of trophies, antique rifles and their fine leather scabbards hanging on the walls and an overall scent of freshly polished wooden floor boards. In the taste sweet dried tropical fruits, fresh strawberries covered in icing sugar and madeleine cakes prepared with finely ground almonds and lemon zest. With the slightest drop of water initially a smell of cleaning the silver cutlery is soon replaced by brown sugar caramelized pecan and cashew nuts. In the taste the overall impression is fruity like a pear juice or a succulent honey sweet flavoured Medjool date. 

Drinking tip: Be very careful with how much water you add 

Colour: Polished brass door knob

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 25 years

Date Distilled: April 1988

Alcohol: 56.1%

USA allocation: 150 bottles

SMWS Green Logo

Cask No. 4.190                               $175 

Big boys smoking in the sauna 

Highland, Island 

A boys night out of a dram packing a punch of cigar smoke, scented candles and heavy polished wood. One panel member was reminded of a stag weekend eating Mediterranean tapas and another of Moroccan spices on Arbroath smokies. Pickled onions on the side! Heather and sandalwood smouldering on a wood stove with a mug of Mexican hot chocolate. After water was thrown on the coals a puff of hot sauna wood and more heather with tobacco leaf unfurling. Cured hams with mango chutney, then dried apricots and apple rings. Round the world in a glass! 

Drinking tip: With big boots on 

Colour: Needs a polish

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 22 years

Date Distilled: May 1991

Alcohol: 53.9%

USA allocation: 118 bottles 

 SMWS Green Logo

Cask No. 10.77                               $85 

Beware of the monster 


A fruity and meaty nose initially with wine gums and honey glazed ham. Earthy notes are found alongside aniseed, fried mackerel skins, fabric elastoplast and germolene. Smoke is present but be prepared as something much bigger than anticipated is lurking… As you take your first sip the full wrath of this peat monster is unleashed, singeing the tongue with hot charcoal and lavender ash. This adolescent beast can be tamed by adding water, bringing out heather, gorse and a light soapiness but the meaty notes – now mussels and spare ribs are long-lasting. Salty and ashy with soy sauce on the palate from this usually mild Islay malt. 

Drinking tip: Dare to be different, the monster won’t bite 

Colour: White gold

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 6 years

Date Distilled: October 2007

Alcohol: 61.4%

USA allocation: 72 bottles 

 SMWS Green Logo

Cask No. 46.23                                           $120 

A sweetie shop in a park 

Speyside, Lossie 

A gentle, unassuming nose – slight suggestions of scorched wood and small insinuations of acidity – but mainly a sweetie shop (vanilla, Turkish Delight, strawberry fondant) in a park (meadowsweet, laurel, gorse, wood sap, flowers). The palate held a happy balance of sweet (chocolate-coated raisins, iced vanilla sponge-cake) and bitter (lemon, lime, pear, damson); pleasant pepper, wood and salty liquorice warmed the mouth. The reduced nose was fresher and fruitier – sherbet lemons, elderflower and lime cordial, cranberries, pineapple and pine. The palate became easy-drinking, lip-smacking and moreish – apple chews, refreshers and lime zest; ginger snaps and liquorice to finish. Named after the Lossie. 

Drinking tip: Any time whisky – better with a splash of water – refreshing and up-lifting 

Colour: Moonlight in Lothlorien

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 12 years

Date distilled: July 2001

Alcohol: 52.6%

USA allocation: 114 bottles

 SMWS Green Logo

Cask No. 127.39                            $110 

Intensely Tasty 


Nose: It reminds you of tobacco leaves and fish drying on wooden racks by the shore. Imagine Germolene, First Aid boxes and soap in a coal scuttle in a fisherman’s boot, you find salt and smoke. If you’re hungry; seafood platters, dark honey, bacon and rye bread with caraway, sausage with fennel. Palate: Taste sea shells on a salty jetty. Treacle and spicy liquorice Tabasco and Scotch Bonnet.Toasted caraway and sesame seeds drizzled with honeyTantalising seafood cocktail and oily mackerel Tempted by deep-fried Mars Bars? Cooked in the same oil as the fish? Imagine This Initial distillation Two-thousand-and-one 

Drinking tip: Imagine this – under the stars, with jolly Jack tars 

Colour: Golden marigold

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 11 years

Date Distilled: June 2002

Alcohol: 66.7%

USA allocation: 102 bottles 

Please visit the Scotch Malt Whisky Society at


Old Pulteney “Crafting the fine Single Malt in your glass” – Scotch Whisky News

Whisky Making Process

Crafting the fine Single Malt in your glass.

At Old Pulteney we love all of our fans. Those who enjoy the occasional glass by the fire on a long winter’s night, never sparing it a second thought, and those dedicated individuals who relentlessly seek out ever more information about their favourite drink, the true aficionados.

It’s the latter, the enthusiasts, who often ask us questions so detailed it amazes us how much they know about the process. A lot of these questions relate to whisky production methods of course and the equipment we use. So with this thirst for whisky knowlege in mind it is for the true Old Pulteney aficionados that we have created our latest blog post, detailing everything from the capacity of our Washbacks to the duration of our Fermentation.

Click here to read the full article >

Pipes in the Park 2014 Speyside Single Malt 46% 70cl – Scotch Whisky News

Visit the lovely market town of Huntly in Aberdeenshire and celebrate Huntly & District Pipe Bands 2014 ‘Homecoming’ on the afternoon and evening of Saturday 30th August at this FREE open-air event.

Witness the stirring spectacle as ten North East pipe bands mass and march through the town centre down towards Huntly Castle, which dates back to the 1500s.

The dramatic castle ruins then provide the perfect backdrop for a massed pipe band arena, where Highland dance, local choral, fiddle, folk and rock music performances will take place throughout the afternoon and evening on two open air stages. These will be followed by the event highlight – a rocking bagpipes and drums performance by the highly acclaimed Red Hot Chilli Pipers – who will add their own inimitable twist to ‘Pipes in the Park’!

Afterwards, as the sun sets, hear the pipe bands retreat as one by one; they leave the sound of pipes trailing by the castle walls before the event comes to a poignant close.


Ronnie Routledge.

 AA Pipes

Pipes in the Park 2014 Speyside Single Malt 46% 70cl

A one-off bottling for Homecoming Scotland 2014: Pipes In The Park, Huntly.

Tasting Notes.
A soft, light, fruity and floral Speysider with gentle tones of citrus and caramel.

Natural colour and non-chill filtered.

Price: £23.33 ex VAT
£28.00 inc VAT

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