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Isle of Skye 12 Years Old Debuts in USA

Edinburgh, Scotland, 15 August 2011: From mid-September, Isle of Skye 12 Blended Scotch Whisky will be available in the USA for the first time in the brand‟s history. Isle of Skye‟s owners, Scottish independent bottlers and distillers, Ian Macleod Distillers has taken the decision to introduce the 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky following the surge in popularity of its award-winning Isle of Skye 8 Years Old since its launch to the US market in 2009. Originating in Skye, one of the most widely celebrated Scottish Islands, and home of the Clan Macleod, Isle of Skye 12 Years Old Scotch is famed for its exceptionally smooth and mellow flavour, thanks to its high proportion of carefully selected Island and Speyside Malts. With an aroma of fresh smokiness, dried fruits and vanilla, Isle of Skye 12 Years Old, has a soft mid-palate, balancing strong sherry wood and smoke with floral and slightly fruity undertones. The finish is described as ripe, satisfying and sustaining. Roderick Mackenzie, Director of Americas, Africa & Europe for Ian Macleod Distillers commented: “It is a very exciting opportunity to be launching Isle of Skye 12 Years Old in the USA. The success of Ian Macleod’s Isle of Skye 8 Years Old has undoubtedly whetted the appetite of the US market and consumers are demanding more expressions.”

Lynn Kohl of ImpEx Beverages Inc and Isle of Skye‟s US importer commented: “ImpEx Beverages Inc. is delighted to be introducing Isle of Skye 12 Years Old in the Fall of 2011. With a high percentage of single malts and its age statement, Isle of Skye has often been referred to as “the blend that thinks it’s a Single Malt”. Whether a seasoned whisky „Malthead‟ or perhaps more importantly, the new Scotch drinker, there is freshdemand to balance high quality with affordability. Customers are proactively seeking out unique new blends that offer a richness that far surpasses their old, familiar choices. They do not want their father’s drink. Isle of Skye is a unique Scotch Blend and they are now claiming ownership of that uniqueness.” To assist in promoting the launch of the new Isle of Skye 12 Year Old, ImpEx plan to launch a comprehensive, US wide campaign, “Pub It Up”. The on-trade marketing initiative will aim to bring together Isle of Skye‟s new, younger fans‟ love of sports and Scotch Whisky in their favourite gathering places, notably their local pubs and sports bars. Whisky expert, Jim Murray, describes Isle of Skye as “an absolute must for any Islay-philes out there – in fact, a must for everybody. Your taste buds are beaten up and caressed simultaneously. One of the most enormous yet brilliantly balanced whiskies in the world.” The Isle of Skye 12 Year Old will be available for RRP $38.99 for 750ml nationwide from mid-September. For further information on USA distribution for Isle of Skye, contact Impex Beverages Inc.

tel: 650 872 1113 or visit: To learn more about Isle of Skye Blended Scotch Whisky, contact Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd tel: +44 1506 852 205 or visit Ian Macleod encourages responsible drinking. 

 Tasting Notes As described by Dave Broom in WHISKY MAGAZINE (Issue 22) NOSE: Ripe, fruity and well balanced. Sherry, dried fruits and a hint of smoke. Water brings out a butter edge. A lot going on. PALATE: Overall, a little drier than the nose suggests but with excellent, soft, mid-palate weight. Light smoke all the way through. FINISH: Ripe and soft. COMMENTS: Very well balanced. A lovely blend. As described by Michael Jackson in WHISKY MAGAZINE (Issue 22) NOSE: Fresh smokiness. The smell of burning hay. Earthy. PALATE: Sweet and salty. Firm, cereal-grain maltiness. Peanut butter on toast. FINISH: Orange and ginger marmalade. Satisfying. Sustaining. COMMENTS: The aromas and flavours evoke breakfast, but in a farmhouse kitchen with an open fire and dashed by the winds down the chimney.


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