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Tenth Anniversary of The Founding of The Companions of The Quaich Scotland Tour – Scotch Whisky News


Dear Companions & Friends:

Next year marks the Tenth Anniversary of the founding of The Companions of The Quaich.

It has been suggested that we should have a Companions Tour of Scotland to celebrate this special occasion in the life of the Society.

Therefore, in order to gauge the level of interest in a 2010 trip, please indicate whether you would be interested in taking part in this tour.

Dates: June 5 to 17, 2010 (13 days, 12 nights).

Itinerary:   Toronto-Glasgow-Inveraray-Islay-Inverness-Edinburgh-Burns Country-Glasgow-Toronto.

Cost: Approximately C$3500 (to be finalized shortly), including return airfare and taxes, accommodation, coach and ferry transportation, porterage, full breakfasts and dinners daily, sightseeing and entrance fees, gratuities.

Anne and I hope you will be able to join us on this special tour.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Ed Patrick
The Companions of The Quaich
Canada’s Premier Malt Whisky Appreciation Society.

Malt Maniacs Issue # 115 Soon To Be Available On-Line – Scotch Whisky News



Issue #115 from the Malt Maniac is soon to be available on-line at

Johannes is doing his best Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore impression while busily conjuring up Issue #115.

Springbank 2001 Vintage Limited Edition At Kensington Calgary – Scotch Whisky News


Springbank 2001 VINTAGE

Malty, summer fruits. Hints of citrus; lemon meringue pie. Buttery toffee, confectionary and just a hint of spice.

Wow! What an excellent burst of flavour. Rich and creamy. Honey, vanilla, butterscotch sauce and tropical fruits.

Smooth with slight hints of smoke and salt. Is this whisky really only eight years old? The small cask maturation has given the whisky a maturity and wisdom well beyond its years.

Age 2001 Vintage
Casks Small Casks
(50 & 100 litres)
ABV 55.3%
Availability 6000 bottles
Bottle Barcode 61085483700 6
Case Barcode 64085484706 7

Visit Kensington at


Loch Fyne Whiskies Reports on the ‘New Year VAT Increase’ (UK Only) – Scotch Whisky News



After another successful pre Christmas mail order season, with once again all (but one –weather issues) UK deliveries delivered before the event, we would like to thank all of our customers and wish you all a very Happy New Year, when it comes.
VAT will be returning to 17.5% at midnight resulting in a 2% increase […]

Best regards,
Loch Fyne Whiskies

“The Willard S. Folsom Collection of Old and Rare Whiskies – Auction Results & Highlights – Scotch Whisky News



WHI09121NY – 17762 “The Willard S. Folsom Collection of Old and Rare Whiskies 17 December 2009”    580 Madison Avenue, New York  

Total $364,902  
Lots Sold/Unsold 600/280  
Sold By Lot 68.18%  
Sold By Value 75.83%  
Lot Price Estimate   Buyer   Source Division
125 $7,140 $6,500 – 7,300      Edinburgh
Dalmore-50 year old

687 $7,140 $5,000 – 6,000      Edinburgh
The Balvenie-50 year old-1937  

312 $5,950 $400 – 500      Edinburgh

1 $4,760 $3,000 – 5,000      Edinburgh
Springbank-25 year old, Springbank-30 year old, Springbank-35 year old, Springbank-40 year old, Springbank-45 year old, Springbank-50 year old.

374 $3,868 $3,500 – 4,500      Edinburgh
The Macallan Select Reserve-51 year old-1948  

718 $3,868 $3,250 – 4,000      Edinburgh
 Bowmore-35 year old-1964       

306 $3,570 $2,000 – 3,000      Edinburgh
Macallan Speymalt-1940, Macallan Speymalt-1938, Macallan Speymalt-1950, Macallan Speymalt-1967       

644 $3,570 $2,500 – 3,250      Edinburgh
Royal Brackla-60 year old-1924

371 $3,273 $1,300 – 1,600      Edinburgh
The Macallan-Over 40 year old-1961  

108 $2,975 $2,500 – 3,000      Edinburgh
Black Bowmore-1964

Desert Island Drams: Ed Bates of Berry Brothers & Rudd – Scotch Whisky News

Ed is the other half of the BB&R spirits team. A Londoner through and through, Ed joined the team in 2002 to work at our shop in Heathrow Terminal 3. Since then his passion for all things spiritual has led him to work with Doug McIvor full time on Berrys’ spirits. In 2008 his long affair with French spirits led to him becoming Berrys’ very first Musketeer d’Armagnac.

I can remember the scene quite clearly. I was in a ski lift with my brother, who was working for Berrys at the time. “Try this” he said, as he passed me his hip flask. “Good isn’t it!” He was right. The contents of the flask were quite bewitching. All the delicacy and elegance that, in my book, Glenlivet should have.

1991 Bruichladdich, Bottled 2004 (46%)
This was my introduction to the McIvor-isms that I am now so used to. Doug described it to me as “Standing on the shore of Loch Indall eating shortbread, downwind of the maltings.” He was right, this was how I found that I did like Islay Whiskies after all.

1968 Springbank, Bottled 2003 (46%)
Oh, the wonders of Springbank; it’s the balance that gets me. The way the peat is so perfectly balanced with the rich fruitiness. This is the sort of dram that you can contemplate for hours and hours.

1965 Carsebridge Grain Single Grain, Bottled 2006 (46%)
This wasn’t the first time I had realised that Grains could be just as interesting as Malts (that honour goes to the 1989 Girvan, more to come in 2010), however it was the first time I realised just how good they could be. The level of complexity here is truly astonishing.

1982 Port Ellen, Bottled 2006 (55.6%)
What a loss! (Heavy sigh!) any distillery that makes Whisky this good deserves to survive. This wonderful bottling shows just what we have all been missing since the fateful day when the doors at Port Ellen closed for the last time. Sadly missed, not forgotten.

Visit Bery Bros. & Rudd at WWW.BBR.COM/SPIRITS

Free download: Whisky Master Blender Richard Paterson on your SatNav – Scotch Whisky Curiosity


A quick update from Richard Paterson, the Master Blender.

29 Dec 2009

New Year is a great time for going out with whisky – it’s one of the traditional drinks used for first footing – and it’s also the time of year when you can jump out in the car and before you know it, someone’s invited you out for a drink. It’s easy done, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to do – drinking and driving is the one cocktail you should never try.

Now, by way of a late Christmas present (or one for your whisky friends) we’ve recorded a Scottish voice for TomTom SatNav devices – mine – so now you can enjoy a whisky master blender telling you where to go and how to get there (it also has a couple of reminders about not drinking and driving).

I’m all for people enjoying whisky, but regardless of where you live you can’t deny that alcohol does affect driving so you shouldn’t mix the two. Enjoy the SatNav voice but remember:

If drinking, leave the car at your destination – stay over or get a cab
Always drink responsibly
Drinking and driving is one cocktail that never works.

To download and install the voice head over to Scottish Whisky Master Blender Richard Paterson on your TomTom SatNav page.

To say the least Whisky Intelligence has raised a questioning eyebrow at this latest Scotch whisky development and cannot help but wonder about the potential for a ‘Double Marriage’ Blend of the voices of both Richard Paterson and Jim Murray on the Tom Tom…..


Tom Tom hard at work

Euan From Duncan Taylor & The Octave Invigorated – Scotch Whisky News


“I’m ecstatic that in my fifteenth year of maturing whiskies in Octave casks that I now have a range that actually is called “The Octave from Duncan Taylor”.

Many years ago, more years than I care to remember, I made small casks as a Cooper at Glendronach Distillery for private clients of the Distillery. I always noticed that they produced fantastic spirit over a very short period. They were fun to make and to supplement my meager wages! I began to make Octave and Firkinsize casks for friends, family and if truth be told for anyone that would buy them. I remember filling them with whatever malts I could lay my hands on from the local “off licence”. After a few months maturation the resultant spirit was totally unlike what had come out of the bottle! In fact it was hugely better, it was invigorated! Hence our strapline “Octave Invigorated”!

For those of you who like historics, I actually started producing Octaves in a commercial way around 1994, selling as far afield as Japan where there still may be a few “behind bars” up in Miyagi where most of them were sold to a delightful old gentlemen with a restaurant chain. In 1999, I produced a special Millenium Octave for, yes your right, the Millenium. If anyone has any of those still around I would be delighted to hear from you.

Our new bottlings of the 2009 maturation are now out and ready for you to enjoy. Email me at


Companions of The Quaich Malt Whisky Society Ontario Tastings For January 2010 – Scotch Whisky News & Events


Companions of The Quaich Malt Whisky Society

Ontario Dinners & Tastings;

Monday January 18:   Hamilton Chapter

Tuesday January 19:   Fergus-Elora Chapter

Wednesday January 20:   Toronto Chapter

Monday January 25:   K-W/Cambridge Chapter

Friday January 29:   Cornwall Chapter

Saturday January 30:   Oakville Chapter

Sunday January 31:   Orillia

Visit the Companions of The Quaich at for
details of the tastings, information on the Society and how to join.

The Companions of The Quaich is a non-profit society dedicated to promoting and sharing knowledge and enjoyment of Single Malt Whisky.

Binny’s Chicago New Year’s Blow Out Sale Extended Through Wednesday – Scotch Whisky News



Dewar’s  White Label 1.75L $27.99


Jack Daniels Black 1.75L

Johnnie Walker Black Label

Glenlivet  Single Malt Scotch

Visit Binny’s at



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