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 Barriques from Rioja, Sauternes and Tuscany feature in the first batch of the
limited edition series

The GlenAllachie, headed up by award-winning Master Distiller, Billy Walker, today reveals the inaugural bottlings released within its new Wine Cask Series.

Walker carefully selected premium barriques formerly used to age fine wines across France, Italy, and Spain to create three expressions to kick off the limited edition range: an 11-year-old Grattamacco Cask Finish (UK RRSP £58.99), a 12-year-old Sauternes Cask Finish (UK RRSP £60.99), and a 13-year-old Rioja Cask Finish (UK RRSP £63.99). 

After initial aging in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels, the whisky was transferred into the expertly chosen wine casks to undergo almost two years of additional maturation under Walker’s close supervision within The GlenAllachie’s on-site warehouses. As well as the terroir of the wine, factors such as the oak species, the cooperage and level of toasting were all considered in the cask selection process. Each of these aspects ultimately influence the characteristics of the resulting whisky.

The debut instalment of the Wine Cask Series features:

  • An 11-year-old expression finished in certified Organic Super Tuscan barriques made of French oak from the Grattamacco winery in the Bolgheri area of Tuscany, Italy.
  • A 12-year-old that completed its maturation journey in French oak casks which previously held Sauternes, a dessert wine originating from Bordeaux in South-West France, after a medium level of toasting.
  • A 13-year-old whisky which underwent secondary maturation in medium-toasted Spanish oak casks from Rioja, one of Spain’s premier wine regions.

Every whisky in the range is available in very limited quantities, with only around 6,000 bottles per release. The bottlings are presented at 48% ABV, without added colouring or chill filtration.

Reflecting on the new series, Walker comments:

“We are delighted to be launching our Wine Cask Series with a trio of really interesting expressions. Cask-finishing is perhaps the most exciting part of wood management because it allows an extra layer of complexity to be added to the whisky, whilst ensuring that the distillery character is not overpowered by the influence of the Oak.

“Selecting and working with these wine barriques was a labour of love, and I’m delighted with the variety we have achieved in these three bottlings: the Grattamacco delivers a nutty, stone fruit character, the Sauternes reveals an elegant grapefruit and elderflower tone, and the Rioja overflows with red berry sophistication.”

The Wine Cask Series follows recent innovative releases from The GlenAllachie including the Virgin Oak Series released in October 2020, which showcased three whiskies finished in unique oak types: Chinquapin, Spanish and French Virgin Oak.

The GlenAllachie Wine Cask Series is available from specialist retailers globally, with further expressions in the pipeline to join the range in the coming years.


One of Scotland’s few independently owned and managed distilleries, The GlenAllachie is led by industry veteran, Billy Walker, who boasts an almost 50-year tenure in whisky and is one of the latest members of Whisky Magazine’s Hall of Fame.

With an emphasis on wood policy, The GlenAllachie’s cask budget for 2021 stands at an eye-watering £1m/$1.2m. With 16 on-site warehouses holding over 50,000 casks, we have complete control of the end-to-end maturation process.

The GlenAllachie focusses on quality over quantity, which is why we chose to reduce our production capacity from 4m to 500,000 Litres of Alcohol and increase our fermentation period to 160 hours for an ester rich, fruity spirit.

We believe age and integrity matter, which is why all our whiskies carry an age statement, and are bottled at a minimum of 46% ABV, natural colour and non-chill filtered for maximum flavour experience.

Further information can be found at

Facebook – @TheGlenAllachie

Twitter – @TheGlenAllachie

Instagram – @theglenallachie_


The GlenAllachie 11-year-old Grattamacco Wine Cask Finish – 48% ABV

  • Colour: Rich Ruby Blush.
  • Nose: Waves of honey, peaches and apricots, with toffee, almonds and orange peel.
  • Taste: Toffee, heather honey, red berries and peaches, fused with apricots, orange peel and nutmeg.

The GlenAllachie 12-year-old Sauternes Wine Cask Finish – 48% ABV

  • Colour: Rich Golden.
  • Nose: Waves of heather honey, peaches and grapefruit, with hints of cinnamon and almonds.
  • Taste: Heather honey, treacle and pineapple, with peaches, sweet grapefruit and cinnamon.

The GlenAllachie 13-year-old Rioja Wine Cask Finish – 48% ABV

  • Colour: Golden Blush.
  • Nose: Waves of red berries, honey, grape must, orange peel and almonds.
  • Taste: Rich heather honey, sultanas, almonds and red berries, with barley sugar, grapefruit, orange peel and a hint of aniseed.



The Cask Trade Trilogy is a limited-edition trio of casks available in three unique expressions.

Using new make spirit distilled at the award-winning Speyside Distillery in Kingussie, Scotland, Cask Trade is creating three distinct whisky expressions – Bourbon, Sherry and Port matured.

Bottled trilogies have been enjoyed by whisky fans for many years, however the new Trilogy is the first to be produced and sold in cask by Cask Trade.

Managing Director of Cask Trade, Simon Aron, says: “The creation of this Trilogy is a first for Cask Trade, and a truly exceptional opportunity for whisky enthusiasts and investors alike. 

“We are fanatical about whisky and believe the marrying of the liquid with the wood to create three different flavour profiles will be an extraordinary experience,” adds Simon.

From the moment this classic Speyside spirit is filled into cask it will start to develop and take on the flavours ingrained in the wood. After three years the whisky will begin to evolve and gain the milestone of single malt status when customers will be invited to take their first taste. From there, they can choose to bottle it after five years or continue on the maturation journey.

Cask Trade has priced the casks keenly with passionate whisky enthusiasts in mind; the complete Trilogy is available priced £5,000 and includes five years free storage and insurance.

First-fill Bourbon Barrel


Bourbon barrels are perfectly suited to maturing Scotch whisky. The bourbon they previously held softens the oak, ensuring a smooth and subtle whisky. These barrels have been made exclusively from American oak, giving the whisky a honeyed and vanilla characteristic.

Second-fill Sherry Hogshead 


The lingering flavours of the sherry are still present in the wood and these are shared with the maturing whisky. The profile is typically deep and sweet, fruity and nutty giving the whisky a distinctive colour and strong, rich flavour.

Port Wine Barriques


The port barriques impart the vibrant fruit-filled flavour profile of the fortified wine giving the whisky a subtle ruby hue, often resulting in a richness and sweetness.

This limited-edition, unique trilogy allows for each customer to purchase one cask of each expression. Customers can request samples at the different stages of maturation.


For further information contact Vicky Major at Major PR on 07506750318. For a selection of images, click here:


Founded in 2018 by Simon Aron in partnership with several of the world’s foremost whisky masters, including Keeper of the Quaich Sir Colin Hampden-White, Cask Trade buys and sells exceptional cask whiskies. The company is unique because it only sells casks it owns outright, and it only sells whole casks: it is not a whisky cask broker and it does not offer fractional sales.

A passionate whisky collector for more than 20 years, Simon Aron suffered many false promises from whisky investment companies and this drove his ambition to create a real and trustworthy market place for whisky collectors and investors, and bottlers:

The company’s casks are held in the best HMRC bonded warehouses, regularly visited and approved by Cask Trade whisky masters. All stock holdings have a complete paper trail.

  • Delivery orders from supplier to Cask Trade
  • Invoices for transfer of ownership, storage insurance, re-gauging, sampling or movement
  • HMRC-issued WOWGR (warehouse keepers, warehouse premises, owner of goods and registered consigners): a fully regulated and closely monitored license requiring due diligence on suppliers as well as customers.
  • HMRC-issued AWRS Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme: Licenced to wholesale, bottle and retail.

Included in its extensive list of customer services, Cask Trade’s rigorous processes means that the company will guarantee to buy back from its clients the casks they buy from and have had managed by Cask Trade. It also offers…

  • Regular sampling and re-gauging of casks
  • Re-racking (sherry wine, port etc)
  • Estimates of bottles and strength in cask (effects of angels’ share 0ver years of maturations)
  • Financial modelling for each cask based on age and rarity with estimated % returns
  • Costings for bottling, labelling and shipping (duty & tax)
  • Regularly updated whisky investment guide which includes statistics from two authoritative third parties    (independent of Cask Trade)
  • Cask Trade will arrange for clients to receive samples of their whiskies and visit their barrels(s), upon request – wherever possible.

Cask Trade has started the first live auction website dedicated to exceptional whisky casks:

Hosted four times a year and helping private owners/investors sell their cask to independent bottlers and other investors all around the world. All casks will be re-gauged ready for auction and a full 70cl sample will be drawn so that bidders have the opportunity to try the whisky before they buy. – Wherever possible. We validate all the sellers and confirm proof of ownership and the history of the cask enabling bidders to safely buy. With complete transparency and no sellers’ fee we can offer you the actual hammer price. Our low buyers’ fee of 15% + VAT will offer the opportunity to buyers, trade or private, to buy rare casks.



A greatly-aged and ultra-rare single malt has been released to honour the man described by whisky legend Charlie MacLean as the ‘father of single malt’.

Just 355 bottles are available of the Gordon & MacPhail Mr George Legacy 1953 from Glen Grant Distillery, the first edition of a single-cask release planned each year. The 67-year-old whisky was laid down on instruction of Mr George Urquhart, or ‘Mr George’, as he was fondly known by those who knew him best.

Mr George was a member of the second generation of the family that owns Gordon & MacPhail and the release marks the culmination of the company’s 125th anniversary celebrations. Keen to champion Scotland’s single malts when the vast majority of stock was used for blending purposes, Mr George travelled far and wide from the 1950s, introducing a variety of whiskies to countries around Europe. Word spread, and Gordon & MacPhail’s Elgin base became a must-visit location for delegations from the US and Japan, among others, looking to strike export deals.

Distilled on Christmas Eve 1953 and spending its whole life in cask no. 4209, a first-fill Sherry butt, the first edition of the Legacy Series [RSP £5000*] was bottled on Tuesday 5th January 2021 at cask strength of 59.4% ABV, remarkable given the age of the whisky.

On the nose, the deep mahogany whisky has soft aromas of beeswax polish, stewed fruit and hazelnuts. The taste is characterised by a warming autumnal spice, with notes of plum, blackcurrant and treacle. This gives way to a long, lingering finish with fruit, spice and a hint of bonfire embers.

Mr. George

The support campaign charts Mr George’s international adventures, often at the wheel of his Lancia Gamma loaded with cases of precious single malts from distilleries all over Scotland, matured in Gordon & MacPhail’s own casks. Over this time, he built close relationships with importers in countries such as Italy and France which would go on to become some of the world’s first markets of significant scale for single malt Scotch.

Glen Grant was specially selected as the first single malt in the Legacy series as Mr George held a particular fondness for the Speyside distillery.

Stephen Rankin, grandson of Mr George and Gordon & MacPhail’s Director of Prestige, said: “My grandfather possessed a passion for taking single malts beyond these shores. Over many decades, he built and nurtured close relationships with some of Scotland’s leading distilleries and proudly took as much as he could carry on his international trips. I have fond memories of joining him, meeting new people, and telling stories about the casks he’d chosen to bring out the best in the different types of spirit.

“He always had a soft spot for Glen Grant Distillery. The Legacy series allows us to explore some of these stories, providing some exceptional whiskies in fitting tribute to Mr George’s life’s work.”

Celebrating its 125th anniversary over the last year, Gordon & MacPhail has built up an impressive collection of whiskies from over 100 distilleries housed in its liquid library, a testament to the close relationships forged with Scotland’s distilleries over many decades.

Stephen continued: “It’s the foundations of trust and mutual respect – for our partners and the whisky itself – that still very much guides the way we do things. Mr George was regarded as a master of Scotch whisky maturation; something that has been passed down through the generations.”

Charles Maclean, whisky expert noted: “This is a remarkable whisky. It is full of the complexity that long maturation can bring, yet it remains astonishingly vivacious. Frankly, as good as it gets!”

For more information, visit


*Prices in international markets may vary due to local taxes and import duties.

Tasting notes: Gordon & MacPhail Mr George Legacy Series, 1953 from Glen Grant distillery

Matured in cask 4209, a first-fill Sherry butt, and bottled at 59.4% ABV. Outturn of 355 bottles.


Darkest Mahogany


Soft aromas of BEESWAX POLISH give way to STEWED FRUIT and TOASTED HAZELNUTS. Subtle ORANGE PEEL complements rich GINGER notes.


AUTUMNAL SPICE and ripe PLUM flavours combine with light BLACKCURRANT undertones. TREACLE comes to the fore alongside a light touch of FRESH MINT.


A full-bodied and long finish with lingering FRUIT, SPICE and a delicate hint of BONFIRE EMBERS.

 About Gordon & MacPhail Whiskies

For over 125 years, Gordon & MacPhail has been driven by a simple mission: to create single malt Scotch whisky of exceptional quality.

Through four generations of family ownership, the company has matched spirit from over 100 Scottish distilleries to its own bespoke casks.

It is this unique depth and breadth of experience that enables Gordon & MacPhail to combine oak, spirit and time to create a portfolio of iconic whiskies found nowhere else in the world.

  • ‘Discovery’ – This flavour-led range is the perfect introduction to our portfolio of quality single malt Scotch whiskies
  • ‘Distillery Labels ’– A range celebrating our long-standing relationships with Scotland’s distilleries
  • Connoisseurs Choice’ –The heart of our portfolio. Always unique, these non-chill-filtered, natural coloured, small batch expressions are genuine one-offs.
  • ‘Private Collection’ – Greatly-aged single malts from celebrated, little-known, or closed distilleries specially selected by members of the Urquhart family
  • Generations’ – A prestigious collection of old, rare, and exclusive masterpieces

High spirits as The Dublin Liberties Distillery achieves record sales – Irish Whiskey News

High spirits as The Dublin Liberties Distillery achieves record sales

The Dublin Liberties Distillery (The DLD) today announced it achieved record sales growth over the past 12 months, as global sales of its Dubliner and Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey brands grew year-on-year by 21% for the April 2020 to March 2021 period.

Despite the temporary closure of licenced premises due to Covid-19 impacting the on-trade market, combined sales of both brands for the year topped 900,000 bottles for the first time, taking the total bottles sold since their launch in 2017 to over 2.5 million in more than 25 markets.

Volume growth of 69% and 51% was achieved in Germany and Ukraine respectively, with Dubliner placing amongst the top four selling Irish whiskey brands in Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.  Over 350,000 bottles were sold in the key US Irish Whiskey market, as sales of Dubliner benefited from the introduction of new-look bottles and branding this year.

Domestic sales also performed positively, with year-on-year growth of 44% generated.  Both brands were listed in Tesco supermarkets for the first time, while sales at both Dunnes Stores and SuperValu grew by over 50%.  Further new listings were secured with the Carryout Off Licence Group, bringing Dubliner Whiskey & Honeycomb Liqueur directly to Irish consumers for the first time.

Welcoming the performance, Fergus Murphy, General Manager at The Dublin Liberties Distillery said: “Despite an extremely difficult and fluctuating environment, we had a very strong 12 months, with global sales of Dubliner and Dublin Liberties Irish Whiskey showing great resilience.  We sold just under 900,000 bottles this year, driven mainly by sales in our key markets of the US, Germany, Ukraine, Ireland and Australia, while we also saw encouraging growth in emerging markets despite the pandemic.”

“Since 2017, we have sold over 2.5 million bottles of premium Irish Whiskey globally and expect to continue to break sales records driven by our ambitious 10-year growth plan. There are exciting times ahead for our brands as we look to focus on new international markets and reimagine brand identities to target a wider spectrum of consumers.”

The DLD opened its state-of-the-art whiskey distillery and visitor experience on Mill Street in Dublin’s Liberties in 2019. It is majority owned by Quintessential Brands Group, in partnership with Stock Spirits.

Over the past 18 months, The DLD has appointed a new leadership team to support the growth of its key brands, with Fergus Murphy taking over as General Manager in November 2019, while Bronagh Hunt stepped up to the role of Global Brands Director last November.

Master Distiller Darryl McNally will shortly move to a new consultancy role within the business, as he pursues other opportunities in the global whiskey industry. Since joining The DLD, Darryl has expertly trained a team of distillers to continue to produce quality single malt Irish whiskey.


The Dublin Liberties Distillery opened its doors for the first time in February 2019. A working distillery in the heart of the Dublin’s Liberties district, Ireland’s historic whiskey capital, The Dublin Liberties Distillery is majority owned by Quintessential Brands Group, in partnership with Stock Spirits.

Twitter @wearethedld

Insta/Facebook @dublinlibertiesdistillery #wearethedld


Established in 2011, Quintessential Brands Group is one of the most successful spirits companies to emerge from the UK in the last decade. The company offers a complete range of services and products to its customers across the world; producing and distributing some of the world’s most-loved spirits brands, including Greenall’s, the Original London Dry Gin, Opihr Spiced Gin and BLOOM Gin, as well as developing and producing some of the most commercially successful retailer brands of recent years for trade customers, and co-packing for some of the world’s most well-known spirits brands.

Recognised by the industry as International Spirits Challenge Gin Distiller of the Year five times in the last six years, Quintessential Brands is renowned for its unrivalled gin distilling capabilities heritage dating back to 1761 and is emerging as one of the most dynamic new entrants in the Irish whiskey market with the Dublin Liberties Distillery. With world-class product development and manufacturing at four world-class production sites across Europe and an award-winning premium brand portfolio comprised of English Gins, Irish Whiskeys, Irish Creams and Liqueurs, Quintessential Brands is committed to being the indispensable spirits partner of choice to its customers across the world, with customers and insights at the heart of everything we do.

Headquartered in London, Quintessential Brands Group distributes its brands and services through regional business units and distributors internationally. 

Glasgow Whisky announces distillery purchase to expand global business – Scotch Whisky News

Glasgow Whisky announces distillery purchase to expand global business

Glasgow Whisky has announced an exciting progression to its expanding global whisky business:  the purchase of Tromie Mills Distillery Limited, owner of the site in Drumguish, Kingussie, renowned as one of the most picturesque distillery sites in Scotland.

Located in the magnificent Cairngorms National Park, the new owners have undertaken to commit significant investment to build a contemporary, more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient distillery, whilst remaining sympathetic to the heritage of the site and maintaining the traditional and established methods of distilling quality single malt Scotch whisky.

Glasgow Whisky has confirmed that the current tenant, Speyside Distillers, will continue to operate from the Drumguish site until their lease expires in Spring 2025, with Speyside Distillers announcing their own plans to build a distillery earlier this year. The refurbishment by Glasgow Whisky will commence from Spring 2025, working with suppliers from the local Speyside area.

Since being founded in 2007, Glasgow Whisky has established influential global credentials in both bulk exports and branded cased sales. As the company now ventures into purchasing its first distillery site, owners Graham Taylor and Stuart Hendry – who have over 70 years of combined industry experience – are delighted at how the business is evolving.

Graham commented: “The addition of a distillery in Drumguish is an exciting and natural progression as we continue to build for the future. Since our launch in 2007, we have seen significant growth in all areas of our Scotch whisky brands and products across the globe. The distillery will enable us to add to our portfolio and continue to supply our clients around the world with quality Scotch whisky.”

Stuart continued: “Our plans for the distillery will give us the opportunity to celebrate an established and known site, whilst bringing it into the 21st century in terms of distilling innovation, sustainability and production methods. We are extremely excited to have this opportunity to evolve our business.”

For further information visit: and for more information about the company’s award-winning whiskies visit: and



FRANKFORT, Ky. – The Kentucky Distillers’ Association today announced that this year’s Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame® induction and ceremony has been canceled.

Created by the KDA in 2001, the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame® recognizes individuals and organizations that have made a significant and transformational impact on Bourbon’s stature, growth and awareness.

It is the highest honor given by the signature industry and is presented annually during the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown in September.

KDA President Eric Gregory said the prestigious event is known for its intimate celebration of the industry’s most revered champions and attracts dignitaries from around the country.

“While we are encouraged with vaccination rates and declining cases in Kentucky, the KDA Board of Directors does not want to diminish this elite event or take a chance and possibly endanger any of our industry’s legends, their families and friends,” Gregory said.

“The Hall of Fame is one of our industry’s most cherished events when we all come together and commend the storied legacies and achievements of these iconic individuals. We look forward to holding a proper, in-person ceremony next year.”

Founded in 1880, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association is the legendary voice for Kentucky’s signature Bourbon and distilled spirits industry. Its diverse and growing membership produces the overwhelming majority of the world’s Bourbon, from historic, global brands to emerging micro distilleries that are building the next generation of the Commonwealth’s timeless craft. A 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization, the KDA maintains an open membership policy, champions a strong commitment to the responsible and moderate consumption of spirits, and fights to curb underage drinking and drunk driving.

Learn more at and

KENTUCKY BOURBON TRAIL®, KENTUCKY BOURBON TRAIL CRAFT TOUR®, KENTUCKY BOURBON AFFAIR™, KBT®, BOURBON TRAIL™ and KENTUCKY BOURBON HALL OF FAME® are trademarks/servicemarks of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association.Enjoy Bourbon like a true Kentuckian — Responsibly.

Loch Lomond Whiskies Unveils Rare 45 Year Old  – Scotch Whisky News

Loch Lomond Whiskies unveils rare 45 Year Old 

Only 200 bottles of the super-premium expression are currently available

Award-winning independent distiller, Loch Lomond Whiskies, has unveiled its newest aged single malt; a 45 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

The expression is the first of three releases in The Remarkable Stills Series of single malts to be released by the distillery which celebrate its innovative and unique straight neck pot stills. 

Distilled in 1973, the super-premium Loch Lomond 45 Year Old has matured in American oak casks, before finishing for one year in a first-fill oloroso sherry cask to add a distinct sweet flavour.

The liquid is presented in a Loch Lomond premium bottle, complete with a debossed copper plaque, and enclosed in a beautifully crafted oak wood box designed to mirror the design of the Loch Lomond straight neck pot stills. Only 200 individually numbered bottles have been released, making it one of Loch Lomond Whiskies’ rarest expressions to date.

The launch of the Loch Lomond 45 year old is the first in the distillery’s new Remarkable Stills series, a collection that will shine a spotlight on the Alexandria-based distillery’s innovative straight neck pot stills. The stills, which are unique to Loch Lomond, gives the distiller more control of the type of spirit produced, allowing for greater separation of flavours, helping to create the distinct fruity characters that Loch Lomond has become famous for.

The Loch Lomond 45 Year Old showcases flavours of red apple, pear, tropical fruits and honey. On the nose, the expression presents floral scents, before offering notes of orange blossom and melted brown sugar. The finish is long, and presents waves of warming cinnamon spice and tart green fruits.

Bottled at 42.2% and non-chill filtered, allowing the signature Loch Lomond flavours to come through, the Loch Lomond 45 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is priced at £3,450.

To mark the launch of the rare expression, a new webpage has been created which details exactly how the liquid was created, over more than four decades. The webpage details the characteristics of Loch Lomond’s unique pot stills, a key element to the creation of Loch Lomond 45 Year Old.

Master Blender, Michael Henry said: “Our straight neck pot stills connect us to the spirit of innovation that was built into our distillery from the beginning, and places flavour at the centre of what we do. It is only fitting that we mark their significance to us through the Remarkable Stills Series.

“It has been a pleasure working on the creation of the Loch Lomond 45 Year Old, our first release of the series. It is a truly beautiful expression and captures the essence of the Loch Lomond Whiskies spirit perfectly.

“After 45 years aging in American oak and oloroso sherry casks, the whisky retains the character of the distillery, and showcases Loch Lomond Whiskies signature fruity flavour beautifully. The flavours of the expression are wonderfully unique, and we hope whisky lovers will enjoy it.”

The launch of the 45 Year Old follows a branding refresh and extension of the Loch Lomond Whiskies portfolio which took place earlier this year. This included the introduction of a 21 and 30 Year Old to the range.

John Grieveson, Chief Marketing Officer at Loch Lomond Group, said: “The Loch Lomond 45 Year Old is an exquisite single malt and we are very proud to launch it to market. A wealth of experience and craftsmanship goes into each of our expressions, and the Loch Lomond 45 Year Old is no exception. It’s a fantastic edition to our range of single malts and as the first expression in our Remarkable Stills Series, we’re very excited about its launch.”

Founded in 1814, the Loch Lomond distillery can trace its roots back to the Littlemill distillery, which was established in 1772 and is the oldest licensed distillery in the world. Its current distillery, in Alexandria, Dunbartonshire, close to the banks of Loch Lomond, was built in 1965 with first distillation in 1966.

When it opened, Loch Lomond distillery’s ground-breaking straight necked pot stills were a revelation, enabling production of a lighter, fruitier spirit and greater control over the whisky’s character. Under the later ownership of the Bulloch family further distilling innovation took place with the aim of being self-sufficient. It is among only four distilleries in the Scotch whisky industry to maintain an onsite cooperage which  maintains and repairs up to 10,000 casks annually.

For more information on Loch Lomond 45 Year Old, please visit

For further information visit 

Tasting notes

Nose: Orange blossom and honeysuckle, with ripe peach and melted brown sugar 


Palate: Opens on a honeyed sweetness, orchard fruit of red apple and pear before the intensity lifts to tropical fruit of melon and kiwi, with lime citrus

Finish: Long with tart green fruit, gooseberry and waves of warming cinnamon spice.


About the Loch Lomond Group

  • Loch Lomond Group is an independent distiller based in Alexandria and is home to several award-winning brands that are sold in more than 125 countries worldwide.
  • Loch Lomond distillery has been producing the finest single malt whiskies since 1814.
  • Images and interviews with key staff from the Group are available upon request.

About Loch Lomond Whiskies

  • Loch Lomond Distillery has one of the oldest heritages in the industry. It was founded by American, Duncan Thomas, the owner of the Littlemill distillery which was licensed in 1772. In the 1930s Duncan Thomas was at the forefront of innovation within the Scotch whisky industry and his innovative philosophy is ingrained into everything that is done at Loch Lomond to this day
  • The multi award winning Loch Lomond whiskies range includes the Loch Lomond 12-Year-Old which has been awarded the Platinum Award in 2020, one of only 7 single malts to be awarded this

honour at the San Francisco World Spirits Challenge 2020. Other expressions in the range are the single malts Loch Lomond Original; Loch Lomond Classic; Loch Lomond 18-Year-Old; Loch Lomond 50-Year-Old; the Loch Lomond Island’s Collection which includes the Inchmurrin and Inchmoan ranges as well as the deluxe blend Loch Lomond Signature and Loch Lomond Single Grain

  • Loch Lomond Inchmoan 12-Year-Old has been awarded Best Highland Single Malt 12 Years and Under at the 2018 World Whiskies Awards and a Gold Medal at the 2020 San Francisco 2020 Awards
  • Loch Lomond Whiskies was recently also awarded the following medals at the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition:
  • PLATINUM: Loch Lomond 12 Year Old
  • DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL – Inchmurrin 12 Year Old
  • GOLD MEDAL – Inchmoan 12 Year Old
  • DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL – Loch Lomond 18 Year Old
  • DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL: Loch Lomond 10 Year Old

Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old Malt Whisky Named “Best Whisky In The World” – Scotch Whisky News

Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old Malt Whisky Named “Best Whisky In The World”   

Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky has been recognised as the ‘Best in Show’ at this year’s San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), with judges awarding the Scotch single malt whisky from Campbeltown, one of Scotland’s smallest Scotch Whisky regions, as the overall winner of the competition, and therefore The Best Whisky in The World in 2021.

This year the SFWSC judged 3,800 entrants across 31 separate categories, with Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old ultimately being named as Best in Show Whisky.

The SFWSC is one of the world’s most prestigious spirits competitions. Its judges are renowned experts in their fields with decades of industry experience.  The competition started in 2000, making it the second oldest spirits competition in the world, and the oldest and largest spirits competition in the US.

Iain McAlister, Master Distiller, Glen Scotia Distillery said: “To receive such outstanding recognition and be awarded as ‘Best in Show’ at this prestigious competition is an honour, and a tremendous boost to the entire team here at Glen Scotia distillery.

“The Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old (70cl, 48.8% ABV) is a really outstanding whisky and has collected a number of prestigious awards over the years, but this has to be the absolute proudest moment for the distillery to date.”

Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old wasn’t the only whisky from the distillery to receive an award at this year’s competition with the Glen Scotia 15-Year-Old a Gold Medal, and Glen Scotia Harbour Single Malt picking up a Silver Medal.

Campbeltown, although Scotland’s smallest whisky producing region today, was in its heyday during the Victorian era known as “The Whisky Capital of the World” and home to more than 30 distilleries. Although now only three remain, Glen Scotia Distillery, captures the knowledge, experience, craft and passion learnt over the centuries of distilling in Campbeltown to produce an exceptional range of Scotch whiskies, all perfect examples of the classic, maritime Campbeltown style.

The Glen Scotia 25-Year-Old is available to buy at priced at £400. It is accompanied by an exceptional range of other whiskies from the distillery which are all award winners in their own right, including the Glen Scotia Double Cask (46% ABV, £40), Glen Scotia 15-Year-Old (46% ABV, £55) and Glen Scotia Victoriana (54.2% ABV, £65).

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Tasting notes: 

Nose: Bracing Atlantic breeze gives a strong maritime influence.

Taste: Red apple and tangy orange peel with vanilla syrup and caramel sweetness.

Finish: Long lingering sea salt with a spicy note of ground ginger.

About Glen Scotia: 

  • Independent distiller Glen Scotia has been producing single malt whisky in Campbeltown since 1832.
  • Glen Scotia is one of three surviving distilleries in Campbeltown.
  • Glen Scotia 25 Year Old Single Malt Scotch whisky was named ‘Best In Class’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2021, with Glen Scotia 10 Year old collecting a Double Gold Medal, Glen Scotia 15 Year Old a Gold Medal and Glen Scotia Harbour Single Malt a Silver Medal.
  • Glen Scotia Double Cask was awarded a Gold Medal at the Scottish Whisky Awards 2019.
  • Glen Scotia 18 Year Old won Best Campbeltown Malt at the World Whisky Awards 2018.
  • Images and interviews with key staff from Glen Scotia are available upon request.
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MONTREAL (April 28, 2021) – The World Whiskies Awards have recognized Mister Sam, a highly limited blend of Sazerac’s finest Canadian and American whiskeys, as the “Best Blended Whiskey” in the Canadian region of the competition.

Named after the legendary Sam Bronfman, Sazerac introduced this limited-edition whiskey in 2019 to honor the founder of the modern-day distilled spirits industry.  Sam Bronfman, or “Mister Sam,” as he was affectionately known, acquired Seagram’s in 1928 and elevated the company and its respective brands to become one of the most respected distillers in the world. The tie between the Seagram and Sazerac Companies was formed in the 1940s, when Sazerac’s owners became one of the first distributors of Seagram brands in the United States, forging a long-lasting relationship between the two companies.

Created by Sazerac’s Master Blender Drew Mayville, the Mister Sam blend is comprised of Sazerac’s top-quality American and Canadian Whiskeys.  Mister Sam is very close to Mayville’s heart, himself a native Canadian who spent 22 years of his career at Seagram’s where he was the fourth and last Master Blender under the Seagram dynasty.

“Mister Sam was known to say ‘Distilling is a science; Blending is an art,’ and he’s right.  Creating the elusive perfect blend is every bit about experimentation and precision,” said Mayville. “To have Mister Sam named Best Blended Whiskey is an honor not only for the team at The Old Montreal Distillery, but also a fitting tribute to Mister Sam Bronfman himself.”

The Old Montreal Distillery was constructed in 1929 in Montreal’s historic district and then purchased in 2011 by Sazerac. After successfully completing an ambitious facility modernization, the Distillery is again producing Canadian Whisky. The Old Montreal Distillery team shares a passionate commitment to elevating the artistry of blending whisky as the pioneer Sam Bronfman did in Montreal years ago.

Complete results for the World Whiskies Awards 2021 can be found at

About Sazerac

Sazerac is one of America’s oldest family owned, privately held distillers with operations in the United States in Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Maryland, California, and global operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, India, Australia and Canada. For more information on Sazerac, please visit

Rock Town wins big in San Francisco – American Whiskey News


Little Rock, AR – (April 29, 2021) – Rock Town Distillery is pleased to announce our Single Barrel Bourbon garnered a coveted Double Gold Medal at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits competition. Rock Town’s Four Grain Sour Mash Straight Bourbon and our Single Barrel Golden Promise Straight Bourbon each received a prestigious gold medal.

“To win a Double Gold for our Single Barrel Bourbon is an incredible achievement” said distillery founder and head distiller Phil Brandon. “The competition was so fierce with so many entries, we’re over the moon with excitement”.

The competition has been held every year since 2000, making it the second oldest spirits competition in the world and the oldest and largest spirits competition in the US. The 2021 SFWSC saw a 20% increase in entrants, to 3,800, up 20% over the 2020 competition. Roughly 40% of the entrants are from the US, with the balance of 60% international.

Per Amanda Blue, Chief Operating Officer of the Tasting Alliance, “Instead of judging over three days, the judging occurred over a three-week period. We used a total of 30 judges, all based in the US, instead of our usual 56 judges. We did three panels each day, using only nine judges at a time and rotated them over the course of the judging. We separated the judges with plexiglass screens to minimize the risk of infection and we asked judges to get vaccinated if at all possible.”

Founded in 2000 by James Beard Award-winning drinks sage Anthony Dias Blue, the SFWSC is one of the spirits industry’s most influential competitions. Throughout the highly controlled blind tastings, the experienced judging panels taste every product to decide if it is medal-worthy. Judges do not receive any information on producer or price point, ensuring each spirit is judged fairly, equally, and without bias.

While tasting, judges evaluate each product on an individual basis—not compared to other entries in the flight. During this stage, judges determine which entries are worthy of a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. Entries that receive a Gold medal from all judges on a panel earn a Double Gold award.


Rock Town Distillery produces the award winning Arkansas Bourbon, Arkansas Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey, Arkansas Rye Whiskey, Rock Town Vodka and more which are distributed to multiple states and Canada. Winner of the 2015 US Micro Whisky of the Year in the 2015 edition of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

Rock Town Distillery, Arkansas’ first legal distillery since prohibition, is located in downtown Little Rock at 1201 Main Street, Little Rock, AR 72202.  The distillery is open for tours 6 days a week. To find out more please visit

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