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A toast to the island: Tobermory Distillery releases special 23-Year-Old – Scotch Whisky News

A toast to the island: Tobermory Distillery releases special 23-Year-Old

The Artisan Distillery is celebrating the ‘return of an old friend’ – as its popular 15-year-old returns eight years later to the core range

Tobermory 23-Year-Old has rested in Oloroso casks to create an exquisite sherried malt

To celebrate its launch the distillery has collaborated with Mull Silver and Goldsmith on a unique Sterling Silver and Gold quaich to be auctioned for charity  

Tobermory Distillery is today announcing the release of Tobermory 23 Year Old Oroloso Cask Finish (46.3% ABV, RSP £320) – a beautiful deep-gold sherried single malt that will join the distillery’s core malt range.

Originally the revered 15-year-old liquid, Tobermory 23 Year Old has spent more time resting in the finest Oloroso casks at the distillery to create an even more exquisite and full-flavoured whisky.

The deep rose-gold sherried single malt has unique notes of vanilla, ripe oranges, toasted barley and fruitcake on the nose. With an obvious sherry influence on the palate, salted toffee, candied citrus and floral honey are also evident, all tied together with a caramelized walnuts and subtle salty finish.

To commemorate its time on the Isle of Mull, the distillery has collaborated with another of the island’s long-standing stalwarts, Mull Silver and Goldsmith, on a one-of-a-kind sterling silver and gold quaich which will be auctioned alongside the new bottle in the coming months. Silver is a traditional 23rd anniversary gift, and the gold coating signifies the deep liquid-gold of the exquisite 23 year old malt.

The quaich celebrates the creative and expressive nature of the Tobermory distillery and its island home. Funds raised from the auction will go to The BEN – a Scottish hospitality charity that is seeing more demand for ever for their services as a result of Covid-19.

Julieann Fernandez, Master Blender at Tobermory Distillery, said: “Our team at the distillery have been working hard for many years on the return of this old friend, and we’re incredibly proud to be introducing whisky drinkers around the world this exciting addition to the core range.

“Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder and the extra years have been spent well, as our whisky has continued to mature into the new sherried expression.

“The Island of Mull is a remarkable melting pot of artistry and creativity. This one-off silver quaich is a visualisation of the expert craftmanship and care that goes into the exceptional spirit we are releasing. By bringing together two makers on the island, we’re celebrating this passion for creativity on the world stage.

“One of the finest expressions we’ve ever made, it’s an honour to introduce Tobermory 23 to markets in Europe, Asia and the UK.

Phil Campbell, founder of Isle of Mull Silver and Goldsmiths said: “It was a joy to work on such a beautiful piece of silver, crafting it into a unique piece of art to mark the launch of Tobermory 23.

“Precision, creativity and attention to detail have defined our offering for the last four decades so it was a pleasure collaborate with this artisan distillery from our island home.“

Tobermory Distillery is the only whisky distillery on the Hebridean Isle of Mull, and sits at the centre of the vibrant island community that is rich with artistry, creativity and nature. The Tobermory 23 Year Old will join the Tobermory 12 Year Old, Ledaig 10 Year Old and Ledaig 18 Year Old in the distillery’s core range of malts.

For more information, you can visit the distillery website at


About Tobermory Distillery

Established in 1798, Tobermory is the Isle of Mull’s only whisky distillery and one of the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. It sits at the centre of the vibrant island community from which it takes its name. Under the Tobermory distillery name, the artisan Hebridean Distiller produces Tobermory Whisky and Ledaig Single Malts. Today, it is a thriving, expressive and unique distillery, true to its idyllic location on the Hebridean island of Mull.


Skene Whisky has just released Black Tartan 88,  a premium blended malt whisky.   Way back in 1988, three Highland malt whiskies (rumoured to be Macallan, Highland Park and Glenrothes) were ‘married at birth’ and filled into a single hogshead where they matured for 31 long years.  Then, earlier this year, the cask’s remaining contents were filled into just 337 Ibisco-style 70cl decanters at an ABV of 48% with natural colour, no chill-filtration and an RRP of only £248.

On the nose, Black Tartan 88 is very smooth, with sweet vanilla and tropical fruit.  The taste is of spiced butterscotch with balanced oak.  The finish is again vanilla, warming, long and to the rear of the palate.

In his Whisky Bible 2021, world-renowned whisky critic Jim Murray scored Black Tartan 88 at 94/100 (ie in his “superstar whiskies” banding).  Jim commented “This is an old dram which retains a marvellous zest for life but piles on the malt in spades”.

This expression (together with the Skene’s everyday Black Tartan blend) is now available from Skene Whisky’s online shop HERE

Bottle Name Black Tartan 88. Bottler Black Tartan Whisky Ltd. Bottler’s Website . Category Single Cask Blended Malt. Cask Number 16. Cask Type Hogshead. Size 70cl. Strength 48.0%. Number of Bottles 337.  Distilled / Vintage 1988. Bottled 2020. Age 31 year old. Release September 2020.  Unchillfiltered & Natural Colour. Region Highlands. Retail Price £248.

Where available  SKENEWHISKY

Nose Very smooth, sweet vanilla with tropical fruit
Taste Spiced butterscotch with balanced oak
Finish Vanilla, warming, long and to rear of palate
Comments Three Highland malts blended at birth – Macallan, Highland Park & Glenrothes

Notes about Skene Whisky – After a few years away from bottle sales, Skene Whisky plans to release a number of new ranges later this year.  “Skene Reserve” will be single cask premium bottlings of vintage malt whisky (eg Macallan 30yo).   “Skene Sherry Editions” will be sherry-matured single malts (48% ABV) aimed squarely at drinkers.  “Skene American Oak “Editions” will be ex-bourbon single malt bottlings (again at 48% ABV).  “Skene Peated Malt Editions” will be peated single malt expressions (yet again at 48% ABV).

New Waterford at Tyndrum Whisky – Irish Whisky News

Brings you


Sheestown 1.1
Ballymorgan 1.1
Ballykilcavan 1.2
Bannow Island 1.2

Waterford – a voyage as ambitious as it’s pioneering. The destination is to create not just the most compelling Irish whisky, but the world’s most profound single malt. Waterford is definitely a work in progress, but to taste this progress from the start is amazing.

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A Pair of Cask Strength Exclusives from Wathen’s at K&L California – American Whiskey News


Hand-Selected Exclusives from the Inimitable Charles Medley

NOTE: Our walk-in retail locations are currently closed. We have curbside pickup and low cost (often free) delivery options available in ZIP codes where we can ship lawfully, including anywhere in California. We can also include any new or existing will call orders in your delivery batch. Choose local delivery at checkout to learn if you qualify.

If you’ve enjoyed our past offerings from Wathen’s then you must give these two new exclusive barrels a spin. Charles Medley—the man behind the Wathen’s label—is one of the most respected names in Kentucky bourbon. His long-standing relationships in the business allow him access to some of the best barrels in all of Kentucky, only he won’t tell you where they are from. It matters little who is making the juice, as what’s in the bottle is proof enough of its excellent pedigree. We’ve been asking for barrels at cask strength and, at long last, Medley has obliged. This pair is a bourbon lover’s dream come true. Done in a full, rich, and potent style, they count among the better barrel proof bottlings we’ve encountered this year. That we are offering them for only $80 per bottle is almost unheard of nowadays. Cask strength exclusives are never around for long and that certainly holds true for ones this affordably priced. We are proud to be the sole representatives of these remarkable casks.

Wathen’s Barrel Proof “Barrel #89 NorCal Barrel” K&L Exclusive Cask Strength Single Barrel Straight Kentucky Bourbon (750ml) ) ($79.99)

Wathen’s is one of those interesting brands filled with mystery yet offering awesome products. Charles Medley has decades of experience distilling in Kentucky. He was for many years the Master Distiller at a plant in Owensboro and when that plant was closed, Charles was able to acquire some of the stocks and the old facility he ran. He never got the old plant up and running, but had success selling those casks with his son Sam under various labels. His good standing in the bourbon community has afforded Charles the ability to contract still time at an unnamed plant elsewhere in Kentucky and he distills to his own specifications a small run (presumably several hundred casks), each year. Those are marketed under the Medley and Wathen’s names, but it’s always been their single barrels that most interest us. After many years, Sam has finally agreed to bottle some of his excellent whiskey at full cask strength for us. While we don’t have an age, it’s safe to assume this is upwards of 8-10 years old. If we sold cask strength 10-year-old from any of Kentucky’s major distilleries for $80, it would be sold out in a day. So few of Kentucky’s producers are willing to bottle at cask strength that these barrels are a coup by any measure. Yet since we have little information about the source, these excellent barrels are often overlooked. We have two available now, and they’re both exceptional by any measure. Rich and full of sweet dried fruit and spice, few barrels available beat these excellent bourbons.

David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: September 15, 2020

The delicious Wathen’s single barrels are the ultimate under-the-radar bourbon brand. It’s literally a two man team, father and son, Charles and Sam Medley. Charles has decades of experience distilling and thanks to his connections gets to take over an unnamed distillery for a tiny run of barrels for his brands every year. Sam sells us the bourbon his dad distills. They have extremely limited stocks, but a couple of years ago they finally agreed to bottle these up at cask strength for us. The tiny brand is one of the few truly hidden distillery brands that is actually responsible for the creation of their juice and if this bottle were in the distillery label it would have likely sold out months ago for twice the price. But here we are. We get two barrels of the cask strength a year, one for each the north and south, and they’re distinct in flavor profile. The NorCal barrel opens with dark black fruit and that lovely forest floor savoriness that bourbon can sometimes have. A twinge of pepper and sweet maple syrup complete the picture. On the palate this one is more focused on the caramel and bold cinnamon than the fruity aromatics on the palate. A tiny hint of dried grass and old wood round off the finish. A totally delectable little bourbon that, considering the hyper-intense interest in this bourbon market, should be at the top of many people’s to-try list. The simple fact that many haven’t heard of the brand is the only reason it’s still in stock.

David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: September 15, 2020

The exceptional Wathen’s brand suffers from not having a team of marketing and sales people pushing it all over the place. But those who know understand that they’re offering some of the best stuff out there. It’s not sourced bourbon or contract distilled, but distilled by the owner Charles Wathen Medley at an undisclosed facility. They finally agreed to offer some single barrel selections at cask strength three years ago and if they’d put the age on these bottles they would have certainly sold out months ago. We can guess it’s between 8 and 10 years old from one of KY’s big distillers to Charles’ specifications. If you tried the Medley cask strength and loved it, this is the same stuff more or less for $20 less. Let’s taste: the nose starts with syrupy corn oil, vanilla bean, black tea, cinnamon and dried stone fruits. This is WAY less grassy than last years’, which were total grass bombs and much more in line with the traditional Wathen’s profile, which is to say sweet and spicy. On the palate: great balance, with the deep sweet oak coming through over the background baking spices. Lots of fuel in the tank here, richly textured and a long soft finish. There aren’t many sleeper bourbon brands left, but this here is easily one of the coolest KY bourbons that’s not on most bourbon nerds’ radar. But what counts here is just how damned good it tastes, inviting and familiar yet unique in character.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society “SCENT WITH LOVE” – Scotch Whisky News

Prepare your taste buds for a party as we continue to celebrate our members with six new flavoursome whiskies, available online today. ‘Scent with love’, from us to you.


*Please be aware, our queue system will be in place for the sale of these bottles. Members on the bottle pages or the Latest Outturn page of the website will be randomly placed in a queue five minutes before the sale starts at 1.55pm

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ

Contact: or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information

This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video


Caol Ila Oh Man That’s Great! – Apollo Moon Exclusive 🚀 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

Exclusive Apollo 8

‘Oh Man, That’s Great!’ Caol Ila 10 Year Old 2010

Fifty-two years ago Apollo 8 became the first crewed voyage to reach the moon, orbit the moon and return home.

Pilot William Anders photographed Earthrise. Regarded as the most influential environmental photograph ever taken.

To mark this occasion, has bottled a single first fill Oloroso hogshead distilled in 2010 at the Caol Ila distillery on Islay. Just 294 numbered bottles at cask strength 56.4%.

In the interest of fairness ‘Oh Man, That’s Great!’ Caol Ila 10 Year Old is limited to 2 bottles per customer (but you don’t have to be an astronaut to buy it!)

Shop – Caol Ila Oh Man, That’s Great! – £120 / €131.08 / $129.36

Loch Fyne Whiskies “Golden Cask whiskies + FREE Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2020!” – Scotch Whisky News

New from the Golden Cask range + FREE Jim Murray 2020 Whisky Bible!

From the House of MacDuff comes the impressive range of single cask whiskies: the Golden Cask series. Each whisky in the range is specially selected and curated to represent the region and distillery of its origin. All bottlings are free from chill filtration and additional colouring – no two casks taste the same! What’s more, for a limited time only, we’re adding in a free Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2020 with every Golden Cask purchase. Not to mention, we’re still offering free UK delivery on orders over £50. Result!

Have a scroll down to catch a sneak peak of the new collection.👇

See all new Golden Cask whiskies ›



Introducing The Dalmore Distillery Exclusives

Vintage 2003 And 2006 

London, September 2020: For the first time ever, The Dalmore Highland Single Malt is releasing two extremely rare limited edition Distillery Exclusives, outside of the distillery, in partnership with Harrods. To date, the Single Malt maker has released prized Scotch whiskies once a year direct from its distillery to those in the know. However, in response to the shifting landscape, The Dalmore will join forces with the leading luxury emporium to bring not one, but two new cask releases, usually reserved only for those who visit The Dalmore in Scotland, to audiences worldwide. But you’ll have to act fast – only 100 bottles of the 2003 Vintage and 450 of the 2006 Vintage will be made available and collectors are sure to be eager to acquire the latest Distillery Exclusives from the Highland distillery.

A sweet richness is to be discovered in both Vintages, due to the finishing in magnificent Premier Grand Cru Bordeaux wine barriques for the 2003 Vintage, and the finest Marsala Casks for the 2006 Vintage. From the enticing aromas to the delicious toffee and coffee finishes, these whiskies speak to all the senses and are an exceptional gift from The Dalmore distillery.

2003 Vintage

A magnificent whisky matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks finished in sumptuous Premier Grand Cru Bordeaux wine barriques. Natural colour and offered at cask strength.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Creamy caramel, sweet figs, Bakewell tart and banana bread

Palate: Sanguinello blood oranges, heather honey and vanilla panna cotta

Finishing Notes: Raspberry coulis, roasted coffee and glaced black cherries

RRP £1,500  ABV 55.2%  70cl  100 Available

2006 Vintage

Matured in American white oak ex-bourbon casks and the finest Marsala casks available. Natural colour, non-chill filtered and offered at cask strength.

Tasting Notes 

Aroma: Tangerine, cotton candy, honey-suckle and demerara sugar

Palate: Vanilla pod, toffee and soft liquorice

Finishing Notes: Ginger spice, sticky toffee pudding and Swiss white chocolate

RRP £200  ABV 55.8%  70cl  450 Available

Richard Paterson, Master Blender, The Dalmore commented: “I cherish my visits to our magical distillery in the Scottish Highlands. For 50 years I’ve been keeping a watchful eye over the alchemy of our whiskies as they mature and harmonise in the finest casks from around the world. Each one carries the spirit of the relentless creators of The Dalmore before me, bowing to nature and always striving to create the best. These whiskies are offered at cask strength – they are our gift to you and I hope you choose to enjoy them with those who matter most – time with loved ones has never been so important.”

Both Distillery Exclusive releases will be available to purchase online and in-store from Monday 14th September, until stocks last. For more information, please visit

About The Dalmore Distillery Exclusive Series

Since 2012, The Dalmore has released an annual Distillery Exclusive from its Highland boutique,  situated on a beautiful stretch of the Scottish coastline. Eagerly anticipated, the extremely limited edition releases sell out quickly as visitors to The Dalmore’s home are keen to add exceptional Single Malts to their collections.

About The Dalmore

For 180 years The Dalmore has been a masterpiece in the making. A Single Malt Whisky like no other, overseen by an unbroken chain of visionary whisky makers whose entrepreneurial spirit and restless pursuit of the perfect whisky endures today. Current Master Distiller, Mr. Richard Paterson, celebrates his sixth decade at The Dalmore in 2020. Richard Paterson continues to hand-select rare casks from the world’s finest bodega and wineries in which to mature the carefully composed sprit. This commitment is at the heart of our exceptional whiskies.

When asked what the greatest Dalmore he has ever made is; our Master Distiller, Richard Paterson responded: “We haven’t made it yet”.

The Dalmore Single Malt Whisky is available worldwide in the finest outlets, from Harrods, London, Galleries La Fayette of Paris, Beverly Wilshire of Los Angeles, and Shangri-La, Shanghai. For those that enjoy fine travel, The Dalmore is now available at 40,000 feet with Emirates First Class, and onboard Queen Mary II of Cunard.

Worldwide demand for The Dalmore by consumers and collectors alike has continued to grow. The Dalmore is now the fastest growing single malt whisky worldwide and a Top Three Whisky Investment.*

(*Citation 1: IWSR 2011-17, Cohort: 20 single malts CAGR 11-17 26% or % change 11-17 304%. Citation 2: Rare Whisky 101: The 2016 Collectors and Investors Single Enjoy responsibly, Malt Scotch Review).


Harrods began as a wholesale grocer and tea merchant in east London, first opening its doors in 1834. Since then, it has grown to become the world’s most famous department store, known for its unrivalled range of luxury merchandise. As well as exclusive brands and myriad departments, one of Harrods’ most renowned attributes is its unparalleled service. Harrods continues to be guided by its philosophy of “anything is possible”, and, to this day, our customers remain at the heart of everything we do.




Whisky Distiller, Douglas Laing & Co, today launches the Big Peat Christmas 2020 bottling, a punchy Cask Strength Limited Edition release that joins the award-winning Islay Malt Scotch Whisky range.

The Glasgow-based family business, released Big Peat’s first Christmas bottling in 2011. Since then, the iconic Ileach fisherman has enjoyed exponential growth the world over, with a number of market-exclusive bottlings, aged limited releases, innovative cask finishes and a cult following on social media contributing to his success.

This 10th annual festive bottling, depicts Big Peat sporting a Santa Claus hat reflected in a bauble nestled deep within the Christmas tree. As is tradition for the Christmas Edition, “he” is bottled at a winter-warming Cask Strength of 53.1% and happily offered without colouring or chill-filtration.

Fred Laing, Chairman of his family’s firm, comments:

“Established, indeed “born”, in 2009, my boy Big Peat is a unique marriage of 100% Single Malts from our preferred Islay distilleries. Accordingly “he” has many loyal fans of the phenol around the world. In the cask strength Christmas Limited Edition we certainly get to see his more robust and intense side. This year, using our regularly selected Single Cask Single Malts but always in different percentages, expect an amplification of peat-smoke, dried seaweed and coal dust with an underlying sweetness to his feisty spirit. Big Peat’s Christmas bottling has become synonymous with the festive season and I always look forward to enjoying a dram with him over the holidays.”

Big Peat Christmas 2020 will be available from September from specialist Scotch Whisky retailers in key markets globally, including Europe, North America and Asia. It is expected to retail at €57.00 / £52.99 / $69.00.

Berry Bros Caol Ila 2009 Batch 1 at Tyndrum Whisky – Scotch Whisky News

Brings you

Berry Bros Caol Ila 2009 Batch 1

Berry Bro’s new Small Batch whiskies are a perfect way to begin exploring the unique character and style of some of Scotland’s most iconic distilleries. While most distilleries maintain a broadly consistent style and flavour, individual casks can vary significantly in taste and quality. The casks selected for this Small Batch release by whisky specialist, Doug McIvor, capture a distinctive interpretation of the distillery’s style, exceptional quality and character that is unique to this limited-edition bottling.

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