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Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky and premium gin business of Pernod Ricard, is launching a series of stylish limited edition gift sets in time for the lucrative festive period. Luxury gift packaging for its award-winning, premium brands including  The Glenlivet, Ballantine’s and Chivas Regal, is set to attract new and existing customers by maximising on-shelf prominence across international markets.

Chivas Regal, Europe’s leading super-premium Scotch whisky, is launching a stunning gift set designed by prolific artist Alex Trochut in key markets globally. Inspired by Chivas Regal heraldry, the design incorporates a contemporary, bold monogram based on the twists and movements of a steel ribbon. The striking tin, which has a dramatic metallic finish, combines the simplicity, elegance and masculinity of the Chivas Regal brand, in a contemporary presentation.

Ballantine’s Finest, the leading Scotch whisky brand in Europe, will celebrate 100 years of the expression’s iconic square shouldered bottle with the launch of a premium gift tin. Adorned with the brand’s centenary logo, the sleek navy blue and silver case tells the story of how George Ballantine left an impression a century ago when he introduced the distinctive bottle and logo, which remains synonymous with Ballantine’s Finest today. The pack also includes a silicon ice cube tray to encourage off-trade consumers to enjoy their Ballantine’s over iconic ‘B’ embossed ice cubes.

Ballantine’s 12 Year Old is extending its ‘Beyond’ activity with the introduction of gift packaging which invites consumers to look beyond the ordinary, to discover the extraordinary. The striking packaging will engage consumers through its intriguing use of design and print which creates the illusion that the pack is wrapped in a tartan ribbon and secured with a metal seal. The 3D effect is achieved by multiple embossing which lifts the ribbon off the tin and creates a weave detail. The effect continues inside the pack with Ballantine’s 12 Year Old tasting notes embossed on the inside of the lid.

The Glenlivet, the single malt that started it all, is introducing three luxury gift sets for its 12, 15 and 18 Year Old expressions. The 70cl bottles will be housed in a premium dark green, red and blue box respectively which boldly features the brand’s crest and age statement. The elegant gift packaging flips open to reveal the bottle encased by premium red inner packaging. Offering on-shelf stand-out during the significant sales period, The Glenlivet packaging will reinforce the quality credentials of the world’s No 2 single malt whisky.

Eric Benoist, International Marketing Director, Chivas Brothers says, “We recognise the importance of providing our customers with specialist gift offerings during this key sales period. These creative, contemporary gift sets will ensure maximum shelf stand-out enticing both new and existing customers, while driving the growth of our global brands and their respective categories.”



Chivas Brothers is the Scotch whisky of PernodRicard – the world’s co-leader in wine and spirits.  Chivas Brothers is the global leader in luxury Scotch whisky. Its portfolio includes Chivas Regal, Ballantine’s, The Glenlivet, Royal Salute, Aberlour, Longmorn, Scapa, 100 Pipers, Clan Campbell, Something Special and Passport.

In July 2010 Chivas Brothers launched The Age Matters campaign to help consumers understand the importance of Scotch whisky age statements.

Kavalan NAS Solist ex-Sherry (58.5%,OB, C#So60703013, 592 Bts., B’ 15/09/2009) – Taiwanese Whisky Tasting Note


Part II of “No Age Statement Week”

Kavalan NAS Solist ex-Sherry (58.5%,OB, C#So60703013, 592 Bts., B’ 15/0/2009)

From the newest distillery on Taiwan The King Car I-Lan Distillery (The King Car Food Industrial Company Ltd). A single cask bottling. Taiwan has a very high average temperature so the maturation and evaporation rates are similar to what Amrut experiences.

The color is very dark with red highlights. The nose is mildly sour and very rich, sour plums and a hint of NutraSweet (artificial sweetener, aspartame) and the obligatory Christmas cake however this is some what muted behind the other two descriptors. With the addition of a little water it drops off the edge of a cliff leaving behind the NutraSweet. The taste on the undiluted sample is quite gentle for 58.5% but it does grow, the Christmas cake is still very present along with some slight hints of marmite. Definitely more one dimensional when compared to the ex-bourbon cask which is significantly more complex. The diluted sample is creamy and very, very sherried and hold together very, very and is really very good. The finish is VERY long, very dry with loads of oak spice, some malt, fruit, Christmas cake but quite dry. Later moments of diesel. Excellent!

Nose this sample neat and drink with a few drops of water (but not too much) and it you love sherried whiskies this is for you. Very much like Aberlour a’bunadh in some regards.


Score 88 points

Many thanks to Thomas C for arranging for this sample. Visit Kavalan Distillery at


Glenglassaugh ‘A Wonderful New Dram and More’ – Scotch Whisky News


A Wonderful New Dram and More
A Veritable Cornucopia

An interesting description but I tasted an absolutely stunning whisky the other night, overflowing with fruit aromas and flavours and fully reminding me of my childhood when my mother used to make many different jams each from a different fruit.  The complexity, sweetness and balance of this whisky are a real joy and I said a silent toast to the people who produced the spirit and looked after the cask in the warehouse. So what is this whisky and where can it be purchased? Well the good news is that it is a Glenglassaugh but the not so good news is that it is a single-cask from 1972 which was selected by Andrea Caminneci and the bottles are only available through Andrea in Germany.

We are though discussing single cask releases with our other importers and so hopefully there will be other similar bottle releases in future.

The Manager’s Legacy

Well the first two releases from the series, a 1974 re-fill hogs head and a 1986 re-fill butt are almost sold out and the feedback is that they are well liked.

In January we will release the third in the series, which will be older and consequently more expensive than we originally planned, but at 42 years old from a 1968 refill butt the whisky is amazing and at £440.00 per bottle is good value. There will be only 300 bottles available.

I took a sample to Örebro Beer and Whisky Festival last weekend and used it in 2 master-classes, not surprisingly it was considered outstanding, with no-one leaving so much as a drop at the bottom of the glass.

The final release in the series is a 1967 re-fill hogshead of which there are only 200 bottles and this will be available from March 2011.

November Whisky Events

The first event was in Leuven Belgium and went well with a tasting class on the first day, which had been delayed due to a delay in my luggage arriving from Schiphol.


The second event was the following weekend in Leiden in the Netherlands in what is a beautiful old church making a fantastic setting. No master-class here but a great event and many new converts to Glenglassaugh.


Weekend number 3 and a trip to Örebro in Sweden and a 2 day extravaganza with master-classes on both days and a chance to let those attending the classes try the forthcoming Manager’s Legacy Bert Forsyth release. A stunning 42 year old dram with no-one leaving so much as a drop at the bottom of their glass.


Weekend number 4 and a trip to Frankfurt for Interwhisky and 2 master-classes with an opportunity to introduce the Limited Release German bottling. First tasting is past and the reaction was fantastic, all the bottles brought to the fair for sale at the event have gone and now we are having to “borrow” stock from a local retailer. Sunday tasting and fair is due to start in a few hours and who knows how well it will go today.

At least 2 more Octaves sold and many more converts to the amazing whiskies of Glenglassaugh.


November is our busiest month and while I have been away every weekend the distillery has still been producing and Peter has been organising the bottling and shipping of the highest number of cases from the distillery for any month so far.

If there has been one downside then it is the travelling, there has not been one trip that has not involved either luggage arriving late or flight delays with yesterdays trip from Aberdeen arriving 5 hours late with a 3 hour wait on the runway at Aberdeen while we waited for the snow to stop. Ah well it is the start of winter.



Visit Glenglassaugh Distillery at

Jim Murray To Visit Gauntleys of Nottingham November 30th, 2010 – Scotch Whisky News


Dear Whisky Customers
Sorry for the late notice but I’ve just found out that Jim Murray will be appearing on Radio Nottingham today (30th November) and is planning to pop into the shop around 4.30pm to do a small book signing of the 2011 Whisky Bible (priced at £12.99)
So if you are in the vicinity, drop in and say hi to the great man himself.
Chris Goodrum 


Bruichladdich Black Art At The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News


Bruichladdich Black Art
2nd Release 49.7%

21 Year Old 1989 vintage.Traditional lightly peated Bruichladdich.

Spellbinging Laddie’ matured in a selection of 5 different cask types.

£82.99 (£70.63 ex VAT)

Visit the Whisky Barrel at Scotland’s Online Whisky Shop


anCnoc Single Malt is Festival Favourite – Scotch Whisky News


anCnoc Single Malt is Festival Favourite

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky have celebrated their third successful year as lead sponsors of the renowned Leeds International Film Festival,which kicked off with the anCnoc Opening Gala ‘The Kings Speech’ featuring Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter.

anCnoc, who have an extensive year-round arts programme, helped showcase a selection of the best new and unseen films from across the globe, which were featured in the festival’s groundbreaking eighteen day calendar.  Cinemagoers were able to sample the light and refreshing anCnoc 12 year old malt prior to select screenings at eclectic festival venues including Leeds Town Hall and the Hyde Park Picturehouse.  

anCnoc Brand Manager Gillian Gibson commented “It’s been wonderful to support such a dynamic selection of films at this year’s Leeds International Film Festival, as part of anCnoc’s overall arts programme. Our team have seen a great response from sampling wee drams across the city – with the enthusiastic reception at the anCnoc Single Malt Opening Gala and Film Festival Favourites a particular highlight.”  

The Leeds International Film Festival included a selection of world and UK premieres, gripping dramas, new world cinema, animation and hit comedies.  The programme culminated in the anCnoc Single Malt Film Festival Favourites event, which screened the most popular movies from the festival as voted by audiences at the Hyde Park Picturehouse. 

anCnoc, meaning “hill” in Gaelic, and pronounced “a-nock”, is carefully crafted at Knockdhu distillery in the Scottish Highlands. The malt whisky has a distinctive, fresh and contemporary identity and since its re-launch has also made a name for itself sponsoring contemporary arts venues and events across the UK and internationally.

It is a very well balanced dram; with a round and mellow nose and a sensational tasting experience that starts with a pleasant sweetness and culminates in an incredible fruitiness followed by a long smooth finish. Fully matured in a combination of American Bourbon and Spanish Sherry casks, anCnoc’s is a light yet challenging malt for every occasion.



For further information about anCnoc, please visit

International Beverage Holdings ( was established in 2005 as the international arm of ThaiBev, one of South East Asia’s leading alcohol beverage companies. With a network of regional offices in Asia, Europe and North America, the company is responsible for the production, sales, marketing and distribution of a portfolio of premium global brands in over 80 countries and territories.

Inver House Distillers ( is globally integrated into International Beverage Holdings and drives the distillation and maturation of Scotch through its five distilleries.

International Beverage brands include:

Ø  Chang Beer: Thailand’s iconic beer brand

Ø  Single Malt Scotch Whiskies: Old Pulteney, Balblair, anCnoc, Speyburn

Ø  Blended Whiskies: Hankey Bannister

Ø  Mekhong: ‘The Spirit of Thailand’ since 1941

Ø  Caorunn – a small batch distilled Scottish Gin infused with 5 Celtic botanicals

The company’s success is built on the combination of a strong understanding of local cultures and markets with the creation of a truly global operational network.  Brand building pays respect to heritage, provenance and craftsmanship whilst delivering innovative and highly effective strategies at global level. A skilled and dedicated team of more than 12 nationalities speaking over 14 languages delivers the highest standards of customer service and attention to detail across all aspects of the business.

Kavalan NAS Solist ex-Bourbon (58.8%, OB, C#B070611009, 196 Bts., B’ 19/08/2009) – Taiwanese Whisky Tasting Note


Part I of “No Age Statement Week”

Kavalan NAS Solist ex-Bourbon (58.8%, OB, C#B070611009, 196 Bts., B’ 19/08/2009)

From the newest distillery on Taiwan The King Car I-Lan Distillery (The King Car Food Industrial Company Ltd). A single cask bottling. Taiwan has a very high average temperature so the maturation and evaporation rates are similar to what Amrut experiences.

The nose (undiluted) is of barley sugar, pears, tinned fruit cocktail and some dusty malt. A very good collection of aromas and yes, it does smell of whisky and very much in the Scottish style. With water it opens up to reveal more of the dusty malt and is very reminiscent of an Cnoc or BenRiach from ex-bourbon casks. The after a moment or two barley sugar emerges. The diluted taste is an immediate departure from Scotland but is still very good, after a moment it returns to form with some tobacco and the malt. The barley sugar is muted. The undiluted taste is strong with loads of black pepper and ginger and the fruit cocktail form the aroma. The finish is mouth smacking good with the malt and fruit tumbling over each other; it’s very long and at the tail end a little chocolate emerges but it’s quite slight. The malt emerges after some time and some what later  very dry notes emerge.

What a great dram, aggressive and vibrant with loads of flavour. Better with a few drops of water; it opens up.


Score 85 points

Many thanks to Thomas C for arranging for this sample. Visit Kavalan Distillery at





SAVE £5 a bottle
Was £32.99 Now £27.99

Tasting Notes:

Colour: Full Amber

Nose: Robust, chunky aromas. Chocolate, toffee,  sherry, vanilla and lemon sherbet.

Flavour: Smooth, mellow, and rounded. Milk chocolate, treacle toffee, pears, green apples and lots of sweet vanilla.

Finish: Some heavy fruity notes emerge, and lots of creamy notes coming through.

Overall:  A very creamy whisky with a lot of fruity toffee.



Miner’s Delight Inn “2nd Annual December Single Malt Scotch Whisky Sale” – Scotch Whisky News







Aberlour 12 years old



Ardbeg Supernova 2010



Ardbeg 10 years old



Ardmore Traditional Cask



Arran 10 years old



Balblair 1997



Ballechin #4 Oloroso Cask Matured



BenRiach Limited Release 1994, 12 years old



Benromach 10 years old



Bunnahabhain 12 years old



Cragganmore 12 years old



Dalmore 12 years old



Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition 1992



Deanston 12 years old (un-chill filtered)



Glenfarclas 21 years old



Glenkinchie 12 years old



Glenlivet 16 years old Nadurra



Glenlivet 18 years old



Glenrothes Select Reserve



Glenrothes 1985



Highland Park 12 years old



Isle of Jura Prophecy



Isle of Jura Superstition



Isle of Jura 10 years old



Kilchoman Summer 2010 Release



Kilkerran “Work in Progress” 2009



Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition 1991



Laphroaig 18 years old



Ledaig 10 years old



Macallan 18 years old (1989)



Oban 14 years old



Old Pulteney 12 years old



Singleton of Glendullan 12 years old



Springbank 15 years old

The sale starts in December and is limited to the stock on hand.

Miner’s Delight Inn Bed & Breakfast
(307) 332-0248
290 Atlantic City Road
Atlantic City, Wyo. 82520

WhiskyCast Publishes Episode #291 – Scotch Whisky News


The last time we heard from Jim McEwan, he was leading a toast at the end of his master class at Bruichladdich during Feis Ile in May. Jim’s been a busy man since then, but he agreed to sit down for a few minutes and discuss his dalliance with distilling gin, the future of Bruichladdich as the 10th anniversay of its reopening nears, and his own approaching retirement to spend time with his grandchildren. In the news, repair work is underway at Springbank, auction results from Glasgow and Hong Kong, and the debut of the WhiskyCast Glencairn nosing glass! 

Visit WhiskyCast at

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