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The Macallan has introduced Double Cask 30 Years Old into the coveted Double Cask range.

The new aged single malt whisky in the distinctive Double Cask flavour profile exhibits a rich depth of flavour and a complex character and tells the story of a journey which brings together two different worlds.

The Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old has matured for 30 years in a harmonious union of sherry seasoned American and European oak casks, to create a sweeter, warmer taste and character. The sherry seasoned American oak imparts delicate, sweet flavours, while the European oak delivers the subtle and classic style of The Macallan.

The Macallan has collaborated with acclaimed American artist and photographer, Erik Madigan Heck to showcase the signature tastes and unique and distinctive flavour profile of Double Cask 30 Years Old. Heck shares many of The Macallan’s values including Nature, Legacy, Artistry, Creativity and Craftsmanship. Taking his inspiration from the natural landscape on The Macallan Estate and the complex flavours and natural colour of the whisky, he captured powerful imagery evoking the single malt’s character, depicting its flavours, textures and colour in a unique and contemporary way.

Heck’s incredible photography set features three striking compositions: a collection of ‘abstract leaves’ from an oak tree which like the whisky itself strikes the perfect balance of modesty and complexity; an image of a ‘blue tree’ representing Double Cask 30 Years Old’s simple yet rich and complex character; and a remarkable still life, reminiscent of the great Flemish still life paintings from the 17th century which depicts the vibrant colours and varying textures of the flavours in the whisky.

Displaying a natural golden acorn hue, The Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old imparts aromas of fresh honeycomb, sweet toffee, red apple, fig and vanilla pod. On the palate there is a smooth melody of cinnamon, ginger, Madagascan vanilla, dried fruits and oak flavours, while the finish delivers sweet oak, soft spice and toffee.

The Double Cask journey begins in the vast green forests of northern Spain and southern France, where The Macallan sources its European oak. New oak from the lush forests of Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky in America is also transported to Spain. Both types are hand crafted into casks and toasted over an open-air fire in the cooperages of Jerez before being filled with the finest sherry wine and left to season for up to 18 months.

Once seasoned, the casks travel to The Macallan Estate in Speyside where they are filled with new-make spirit. Following years of slumber, The Macallan’s Whisky Mastery Team use their skill and expertise to select the best balance of spirit from both the American and European oak casks to create Double Cask.

Kirsteen Campbell, Master Whisky Maker, The Macallan, said: “The Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old is a modern take on our classic 30-year-old and is an exceptional aged single malt. With a rich combination and depth of flavour and a complex character, it is a whisky to be savoured, exhibiting notes of cinder toffee, fresh honeycomb, rich vanilla and red apples.

“The Macallan Double Cask brings together sherry seasoned American and European oak casks to create the perfect balance of flavours. It is the oak that gives the whisky its natural colour and is the single greatest contributor to the quality, distinctive aromas and flavours.”

Erik Madigan Heck said: “Nature lies at the heart of my work, and I was greatly inspired by the breath-taking natural landscape on The Macallan Estate. I was drawn to an oak tree and its leaves which provided the perfect subjects to evoke the seemingly simply, yet rich and complex character of Double Cask 30 Years Old and to depict the natural colour of the whisky.

“I also created a still life image featuring vibrant colours and varying textures to portray the whisky’s luscious flavours while natural light captures its depth of character. The whisky’s golden acorn natural colour provides the focal point of the shot, and its rich tone and translucent glow influenced the colour palette of the piece as a whole.”

The Macallan Double Cask 30 Years Old is encased in a luxurious solid oak presentation box and has an RRSP of US$4,000. It will be available at The Macallan Boutiques, premium bars and restaurants and premium specialist retailers globally from September 2021. For further information visit

Whisky Maker’s Notes:

ABV: 43%

Colour: Golden acorn

Aroma: Fresh honeycomb, sweet toffee, red apple, fig and vanilla pod.
Palate: A smooth melody of cinnamon, ginger, Madagascan vanilla, dried fruits and oak.
Finish: Sweet oak, soft spice and toffee.

About The Macallan

Founded in 1824, The Macallan is renowned worldwide for its extraordinary single malt whiskies. Their outstanding quality and distinctive character reveal the uncompromised excellence pursued by The Macallan since it was established by Alexander Reid, on a plateau above the River Spey in north-east Scotland.

In 2018, The Macallan opened a new chapter in its history with the launch of its award-winning Speyside distillery. Designed by internationally acclaimed architects to promote sustainability, the building takes inspiration from the surrounding ancient Scottish hills. It stands nearby Easter Elchies House, the Highland Manor built in 1700 which is The Macallan’s spiritual home and remains the heartbeat of The Macallan’s beautiful 485-acre Estate.

Crafted without compromise. Please savour The Macallan responsibly.




The Speyside distillery, led by iconic Master Distiller Billy Walker, releases

Pedro Ximénez, Ruby Port and Madeira wood finished whiskies 

The GlenAllachie Distillery, which won World’s Best Single Malt (World Whiskies Awards, 2021), today launches three single malts which form Batch 3 of its coveted Wood Finish range.

The new limited release Speyside Scotch whiskies include an 11-year-old Pedro Ximénez Wood Finish (UK RRSP £59.99, 48% ABV), a 12-year-old Ruby Port Wood Finish (UK RRSP £62.99, 48% ABV) and a 13-year-old Madeira Wood Finish (UK RRSP £67.99, 48% ABV). As with all GlenAllachie whiskies, each is presented at natural colour and non chill filtered.

The 11-year-old Pedro Ximénez Wood Finish was initially matured in American oak barrels for over nine years. The additional period of maturation in richly seasoned dessert sherry puncheons results in a sweeter, fruitier flavour experience.

After over ten years in American oak, the 12-year-old Ruby Port Wood Finish enjoyed secondary maturation in pipe casks which were previously used to age young, vibrant fortified wine from Portugal. As well as bestowing a vibrant ruby red colour on the spirit, the wood has added a depth of spicy ginger, damson jam and grape must.

The 13-year-old Madeira Wood Finish was re-racked from American oak barrels into casks that previously held wine made from Malvasia grapes – a richer Madeira style. This additional aging period has imparted tones of juicy pineapple, sugared almonds and stone fruits.

Each whisky was curated by distinguished Master Distiller Billy Walker, who next year celebrates his 50th year in the industry. Walker is renowned for his unparalleled approach to wood management, seeking out the world’s finest casks and carefully monitoring the spirit development within each cask housed at the distillery’s 16 on-site warehouses.

Commenting on the trio of bottlings, Walker revealed:

“From the very outset of my days at GlenAllachie, I aimed to build a deep-rooted understanding of the spirit and how it interfaces with different wood types. This knowledge has allowed for increasing levels of innovation as the months and years have passed.

“The third batch of Wood Finishes are a fantastic representation of this innovation. We are delighted with the three very special single malts we have created, each bringing its own unique flavour experience.”

These new bottlings follow in the footsteps of other recent innovative releases from The GlenAllachie, including the first tranche of expressions in the Wine Cask Series. The range showcased three unique whiskies finished in unusual wine barriques – Grattamacco, Sauternes and Rioja.

Batch 3 of The GlenAllachie Wood Finish range is available from global specialist retailers, with UK RRSPs starting at £59.99.


One of Scotland’s few independently owned and managed distilleries, The GlenAllachie is led by industry veteran, Billy Walker, who boasts an almost 50-year tenure in whisky. With an emphasis on wood policy, The GlenAllachie’s cask budget for 2021 stands at an eye-watering £1m/$1.2m. With 16 on-site warehouses holding over 50,000 casks, we have complete control of the end-to-end maturation process.

The GlenAllachie focusses on quality over quantity, which is why we chose to reduce our production capacity from 4m to 500,000 Litres of Alcohol, and increase our fermentation period to 160 hours for an ester rich, fruity spirit.

We believe age and integrity matter, which is why all our whiskies carry an age statement, and are bottled at a minimum of 46% ABV, natural colour and non-chill filtered for maximum flavour experience.

Our other brands are MacNair’s Boutique House of Spirits, encompassing Lum Reek Blended Malt Scotch Whisky and White Heather Blended Scotch Whisky.

Further information on the distillery and company can be found at

Facebook – @TheGlenAllachie

Twitter – @TheGlenAllachie

Instagram – @theglenallachie_


The GlenAllachie 11-year-old Pedro Ximénez Wood Finish – 48% ABV

  • Colour: Rich Mahogany.
  • Nose: Waves of dark chocolate, plantains and sultanas, with pineapple and nutmeg.
  • Taste: Dark chocolate, treacle and heather honey, fused with sultanas, pineapple, orange peel and cinnamon.

The GlenAllachie 12-year-old Ruby Port Wood Finish – 48% ABV

  • Colour: Ruby Blush.
  • Nose: Lashings of heather honey, grape must, treacle, bananas and ginger.
  • Taste: Heather honey, toffee, damsons and grape must, fused with orange peel and ginger.

The GlenAllachie 13-year-old Madeira Wood Finish – 48% ABV

  • Colour: Orange Gold.
  • Nose: Waves of vanilla, apricots and plantains, with almonds, peaches and pineapple.
  • Taste: Vanilla, treacle, apricots and peaches, fused with almonds, grapefruit and pineapple.



September 2021: The Whisky Exchange invites whisky-lovers to embark on an adventure of flavour with the launch of a series of single cask bottlings for Whisky Show 2021. Each label design tells a three-dimensional story with superhero characters symbolising the flavour compounds in whisky production.

The theme of this year’s Whisky Show 2021, A Journey Through Flavour, inspired the designs created by Elixir Distillers creative director, Raj ‘MrC’ Chavda exclusively for The Whisky Exchange. He said: “When considering the show theme, I started to think about what makes up flavours and imagined these compounds as the heroes of whisky.”

Raj wanted to experiment with different dimensions using anaglyphs to try and convey depth of flavour. The anaglyph technique uses layered images of contrasting colours – typically red and cyan – that when viewed through 3D glasses trick the eye into perceiving three-dimensional shapes. Just as red and green lines can create an image that appears to leap off the page, so can flavour compounds evoke a favourite fruit, a piece of patisserie, or even a time or place. This illusory quality is a big part of what makes distilled spirits, and whisky in particular, so compelling – these artworks interpret the experience of drinking whisky.

Raj drew inspiration from the so-called silver age of comic books, as he explains: “Once we had the selection of whiskies we tasted them to pair each one with the artwork I’d created. For example, Ardbeg ‘The Phenolic Phantom,’ was easy because it was so distinctive with those smoky phenols – the chemical compounds within the peat smoke that are responsible for the distinctive smoky aromas and flavours.”

Ticket holders for both the physical and virtual Whisky Show 2021 will receive exclusive first access to the whiskies, which will be available via the on-site Whisky Show shop and from 1 October 2021.

For further details:

Captain Congener

A Speyside Distillery – 20 Years Old

57.6% | 70cl | £135

Congener is the blanket term given to the flavour compounds that characterise our favourite drams. They are the chemicals that bring to mind tropical fruit or salt sprayed beaches and smoky hearths. This Speyside malt has a secret identity, though its particular combination of congeners might be familiar to keen-nosed whisky fans.

Nose: A balance of raisin fruitiness and savoury leafy bracken notes. Fruity cherries, and buttery an almondy Cherry Bakewells build. Green and leafy notes hide beneath, joined by runny caramel, stewed apple and white-wine-poached pears.

Palate: Buttered sponge cake, candied orange, butter cream and baking spice. Rich and creamy notes build, followed by sweet apple and pear jam, a touch of blackcurrant and some barrel char. Buttered malt loaf, mincemeat and more spice bring up the rear.

Finish: Blackcurrant on spiced fruit loaf. Damp oak and lingering leafiness.

Ester Elektron

Bunnahabhain Distillery – 19 Years Old

54.3% | 70cl | £150

What we might perceive in our glasses as pineapple or almond pastries is actually nothing of the sort – they’re merely chemicals that trigger memories. This label references esterification, the process by which flavour molecules are created during fermentation, distillation, and ageing. This particular bottling shows lots of white fruit, courtesy of molecules formed in the washbacks at Bunnahabhain.

Nose: Rich fruit and damp leaves – forest floors covered in rogue raisins. Toffee apples and toffee sauce build with apple crumble and a dollop of rich vanilla custard. Raisin jam, malt loaf and butter cookies fill in the gaps.

Palate: Thick on the palate and very rich. A touch of forest pond and bracken-covered earth is overtaken by dark chocolate sauce and heavily spiced fruit cake – buttery nutmeg and hot cinnamon. Cake-batter notes develop, sweet and creamy.

Finish: Spiced apple purée, toasted rye bread and a drizzle of custard on bread-and-butter pudding.

Aurora Aldehyde      

Blended Scotch Whisky – 41 Years Old

46.2% | 70cl | £240

The first of our four bottlings for the Whisky Show 2021 comes from an exceptionally long-aged parcel of blended Scotch. Filled in 1980, these casks represents a historic style of whisky making, full of eccentricity and character.

Nose: Fruit cake with lots of fruit: glacé cherries, sultanas, plump raisins and juicy dates, all topped with fruity caramel. Ginger cake develops, as well as leafy notes and damp earth. Polished oak, candied orange peel and spiced dark chocolate build.

Palate: Fruit loaf studded with singed raisins and spread with raisin jam is joined by charred staves, baked apples and woody spice with notes of candied pear developing. Riverbank loam and damp bark emerge, balanced by spiced toffee, dark chocolate, and black cherries and their stones.

Finish: Damp oak, cherry stones, char, lingering dark chocolate and singed orange.

The Phenolic Phantom                           

Ardbeg Distillery – 20 Years Old

51.4% | 70cl | £450

This Ardbeg – a distillery whose whiskies are rarely offered by independent bottlers – is an excellent example of well-aged peated malt, full of tarry phenols and unmistakable Islay character.

Nose: Sea spray and oily smoke. Darker notes of tarry ropes are balanced by singed citrus and buttery lemon shortbread. Orchard fruit – sharp apples and sweet apple purée – are dusted with icing sugar. Mulchy grass and fallen leaves roll in around the edges.

Palate: Sweet and smoky, with apple-and-cinnamon syrup poured over warm croissants, all topped with baked apples and pears. Mintiness builds through the middle followed by green leaves and driftwood. Seaside smokiness and salty sea air surrounds everything.

Finish: Singed oak, sweet apple and soft spice fade to leave barbecued fruit.

The Whisky Lounge “What’s New?” – Whisky Lounge News

I hope this email finds you well and looking forward to a relaxing weekend with your friends and family.

If you didn’t already know, we hosted our first physical event, since March 2020, last weekend – The Liverpool Whisky Festival.
We want to thank everyone who turned out for what was a fantastic event. We were so touched by the positivity and good will from those of you who, in many cases, have been holding onto tickets since 2019!

So, following on from this, we are very excited to tell you that we are also going to be running our Manchester and York Festivals this autumn/winter! And tickets are now available to buy!

Read on…

29th-30th October 2021

We are excited (and unapologetic for the overuse of the word) to be coming back to Manchester after so long. We really hope you will join us as we have missed you as much as you (hopefully!) have missed us.

We are also ecstatic that we are back at the Manchester Cathedral, which is one of our favourite venues.

Those of you who bought tickets for the original 2020 event will automatically have their tickets carried over to this event, for the same session. We only have a limited amount of ‘new’ tickets we can sell, due to fact so many bought tickets in 2019 for the 2020 event, which we had to postpone.

As for Liverpool, we will have exhibitors, old and new, desperate to show you, and have you taste, their wares. Plenty of familiar faces and lots of new whiskies to go at!

The Covid bit

Everyone attending will need to have a vaccine ‘passport’ or proof of a lateral flow test done on the day of the event.

This is not only to ensure your safety, but also that of our exhibitors and team, plus it is a requirement of the venue itself, in order to protect their staff too.

Mask-wearing will not be mandatory, but you may well see exhibitors and team members wearing them. We would encourage you to wear one when you’re not tasting or chatting.

There will be plenty of hand sanitiser available to everyone throughout the venue, and we would encourage you to use it.

The capacity of the event has been reduced dramatically. A maximum of 350 people per session has been put into place.

Hopefully all of this will help to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

Obviously we have to caveat that, in the event of the current government rules surrounding the pandemic changing, we may have to alter or cancel the event. However, we are hopeful that this won’t happen this time!


So, on to the tickets themselves. Due to the venue capacity being dramatically reduced and the devastating impact of the pandemic on our business, we cannot afford to run any ‘early-bird’ promotions, and we hope you understand this. However, we have kept the price to the previous full price of £50 per ticket, which we hope you’ll agree is still very reasonable for what you get;

– Entry to one session of the event
– A Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glass
– Access to dozens of whiskies from all over the world, with nothing more to pay
– Chat with whisky industry folk about their product at their stands

There will be THREE sessions;

Friday 29th October

Saturday 30th October
12pm – 4pm
5.30pm – 9.30pm

You can choose which session you’d like to attend.

Once again we are directing to you straight to Eventbrite for tickets, due to our new website not being quite ready, and our old one is….we don’t want to talk about it!

BUY NOW – Manchester Festival 2021 Tickets

Saturday 27th November 2021

What do they say about what happens when you’ve been waiting for one event…? Two turn up at once!

Yes, we are excited for this ‘home’ event obviously, but we will give it its moment in the sun in future mail-outs.

Suffice it to say, it is a fantastic event in its own right and, if you’re able, you should definitely come!

There will be 2 sessions for this one;

Early Session – 12pm-4pm
Late Session – 5pm-9pm


Same deal for 2020 ticket holders – your current tickets will be valid for the rearranged event, so we hope to see you there!

BUY NOW – York Festival 2021 Tickets

If you already have a ticket carried over (for either event) and need to change sessions or can’t make it for any reason, please email with as much detail as possible.

Also, if you have a ticket for a different postponed event and would like to come to either of these, please let us know, as we can almost certainly arrange this.

We are planning on further live event announcements, so please do watch this space and our Facebook Page.

Please bear in mind that there is currently one person working one day a week in the business, so it WILL take a little while (two weeks plus) to get back to you.

That’s it for now but don’t forget to read The Gateshead Whisky News for all the latest industry buzz, from our very own Connas!

Thanks for listening and for your ongoing patience and understanding.

Have a great weekend!

Best Wishes,
The Whisky Lounge


Scotch Whisky Auctions ‘Still 0% selling commission & free UK Collections’ – Auction Whisky News

Scotch Whisky Auctions are on the road again!

Please see below for our October 2021 schedule. To register your interest in a collection please complete the form which can be found here. Please note home collections are available to those customers sending 10+ bottles or bottles to the value of £1000 and above. Please get in touch if your area is not listed below but you would like a home collection. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

Location Date Request Deadline
Inverness Tuesday 5th October – from 11am by appointment only Monday 4th October 2021 at 12 noon
Elgin Tuesday 5th October – from 11am by appointment only Monday 4th October 2021 at 12 noon
Aberdeen Tuesday 5th October – from 11am by appointment only Monday 4th October 2021 at 12 noon
Home Collections
Monday 11th October – Home Collections Monday 4th October 2021 at 12 noon
Home Collections
Monday 11th October – Home Collections Monday 4th October 2021 at 12 noon
Islay Thursday 14th October 2021
From 6.30pm by appointment only
Tuesday 12th October 2021 at 12 noon
Home Collections
Monday 18th October 2021 Tuesday 12th October 2021 at 12 noon
Home Collections
Wednesday 20th October 2021 Monday 18th October 2021 at 12 noon
Home Collections
Wednesday 20th October 2021 Monday 18th October 2021 at 12 noon
Home Collections
Friday 8th October 2021 – Tuesday 11th October 2021 Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 12 noon
London E16 Sunday 10th October 2021- from 10am by appointment only Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 12 noon
London SW16 Sunday 10th October 2021- from 10am by appointment only Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 12 noon
London NW2 Sunday 10th October 2021- from 10am by appointment only Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 12 noon
London W14 Sunday 10th October 2021 – from 6pm by appointment only Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 12 noon
Manchester Monday 11th October 2021 – from 6.30pm by appointment only Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 12 noon

Collections are limited and by appointment only. If you would like to attend please complete the form which can be found here. Please note dead lines apply for collection requests. In a bid to adhere to social distancing guidelines it would be appreciated if bottles could be packed for uplift with the submission form and label completed. A winner in our auction? We are now offering a delivery (to collection point) service to customers who are dropping bottles off for a future auction. This service is charged at £12 (inc VAT), optional loss and breakage cover is available.

Submission Form & Label


New Release – Deanston Oloroso Cask Matured Single Malt at Hard To Find Whisky – Scotch Whisky News


 12 YEAR OLD | 70cl | 57.2% ABV


A richly sherried, cask strength, Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky from the Deanston Distillery.  Casks that once held dry, nutty Sherry combined with sweet, honeyed smooth Deanston Single Malt… a match made in heaven? The Whisky Makers at Deanston seem to think so, and we can’t help but agree. After spending twelve years maturing in Oloroso Sherry casks, this special Limited Edition Whisky is jam packed with sweet fruit and spicy flavours. Think black forest gateaux, treacle toffee, festive spice, gingerbread and just a touch of pine.

£79.95 Add To Basket

Located in the Scottish Highlands, Deanston distillery consistently produces excellent and affordable single malts that are occasionally overlooked. Founded in 1964, the site is a former cotton mill built in the late 1700’s. Ahead of the game in terms of sustainability, Deanston distillery is one of the greenest in the industry, and is entirely powered by water turbines. They are also one of the few Scottish distilleries to have experimented with Organic Scotch Malt Whisky production.

Deanston spirit is unpeated, sweet, and waxy. The core range is predominantly matured in ex-Bourbon casks, resulting in a sweet, creamy single malt with flavours of vanilla and citrus fruits. Limited Edition bottlings are often matured in wine or Sherry casks. Now a rising star, Deanston boasts an enviable portfolio of core range and limited release whiskies.

Shop Deanston

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Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 405: Dalmunach 6 Year Old 2015 The Octave for Saint Macg – Scotch Whisky News

Mark’s Whisky Ramblings 405: Dalmunach 6 Year Old 2015 The Octave for Saint Mac

Mark Dermul, Belgian whisky blogger, tastes a young malt from a new distillery! Dalmunach is a new distillery, operational since 2014. It was built on the site of the old Imperial distillery. Our friends at Saint Mac, a Belgian whisky shop, selected this octave – a small cask of sherrywood – from Duncan Taylor. It contains a 6 year old Dalmunach at cask strength. Only 65 bottles were available and they sold out in a flash.

Apollo Trilogy of Single Cask Scotch Whiskies – Whisky Barrel News

Apollo Trilogy
of Single Cask Whiskies

Apollo Trilogy of Single Cask Whiskies

Thursday the 30th of September, 2021, Fife, Scotland

Specialist online Scotch whisky merchant and bottler, is proud to expand its whisky series commemorating the Apollo Missions with a new trilogy of single cask Scotch whiskies featuring illustrated labels depicting some of the most famous moments of the Apollo missions.

Tomatin, Highland Park & Glenrothes Single Casks

Three new bottlings have been released today, each has matured in a first fill sherry hogshead and represents an event that took place on the Apollo Missions. Each has been illustrated by celebrated London based artist Jamie Coe.

APOLLO 12 Lightning Strikes Twice

Tomatin 10 Year Old 2011 Vintage “SCE to AUX”

Just after lift-off the Saturn V rocket was twice struck by lightning affecting telemetry measurements on the spacecraft. To avoid a potential disaster, EECOM engineer John Aaron in Mission Control suggested the pilot switch the Signal Conditioning Electronics to auxiliary.

Selected from a first fill Oloroso sherry Hogshead cask distilled at the Highland distillery, Tomatin. 271 numbered bottles at cask strength 56.4% abv.

APOLLO 14 Golf on the Moon

St Ola® 15 Year Old 2006 Vintage “Miles and Miles and Miles”

Landing in the lunar Highlands, the third mission to land on the Moon. Commander Alan Shepard, using a makeshift fold up club, struck two golf balls which remain on the lunar surface to this day and proclaimed that the second Moon shot went “miles and miles and miles”. The 6-iron resides at the USGA Museum in New Jersey, planet Earth.

Selected from a first fill Pedro Ximenez sherry Hogshead cask at the Orcadian distillery, Highland Park. 316 numbered bottles at cask strength 61.8% abv.

APOLLO 15 The Genesis Rock

Glenrothes 12 Year Old 2009 Vintage “Get that Unusual One”

Astronauts David Scott and James Irwin travelled to the Spur crater designated Geology Station 7 using the lunar rover vehicle. On the rim of the crater the Astronauts collected the Genesis Rock sample amongst 77kg of lunar samples returned to Earth.

Selected from a first fill Oloroso sherry Hogshead cask distilled at the Speyside distillery, Glenrothes. 312 numbered bottles at cask strength 61.1% abv.

About The Whisky Barrel Apollo Series

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing in 2019 released a single cask bottling from the Deanston distillery, which promptly sold out. Subsequent releases commemorating the Apollo Missions now achieve over £1k at specialist auctions as collectors bid to accumulate the complete series.

Available exclusively from, shipping to customers Worldwide including the North America, Europe and Asia.


Each bottle retails at: £90 GBP inc. VAT / €88 EUR / $100 USD / c$130 (+ P&P) *


Q) What is the product called?
– Tomatin 10 Year Old 2011 “SCE to AUX”
– St Ola® 15 Year Old 2006 “Miles and Miles and Miles”
–  Glenrothes 12 Year Old 2009 “Get that Unusual One”

Q) When will this product be released/was it released?
A) Thursday 30th of September, 2021.

Q) Where is it available?
A) Scotland, off-trade,

Q) Is this product already available in other markets?
A) Scotland only, ships worldwide.

Q) How much is it?
A) Each bottle retails at £90 GBP inc. VAT / €88 EUR / $100 USD / c$130 (+ P&P)

Q) Who handles the product’s distribution?
A) In-house at

Q) How many bottles are there?
A) 899 bottles across three single casks.

Q) What is the ABV of this product?
A) Natural cask strength.

Q) Why has this product been launched?
A) Limited Edition single cask exclusives for online whisky shop.


The Whisky Barrel is a specialist online whisky and spirits merchant based in Fife, Scotland and was established in 2007. In 2019 The Whisky Barrel won The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade. The Whisky Barrel is also a winner of the Whisky Magazine Online Retailer 2018 and was International Wine & Spirits Competition runner-up in 2016.

*N.B. Prices correct at the time of publishing and are subject to currency fluctuation.

The Whisky Barrel    E:
T: +44 (0)1334 655 499




Redbreast Pedro Ximénez Edition revealed as first new release to celebrate Redbreast’s deep ties to the peninsula’s finest cooperages and wine makers

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, produced by Irish Distillers at Midleton Distillery, has unveiled a new collection of whiskeys. The Iberian Series celebrates the brand’s long-standing connection to some of the Iberian Peninsula’s most celebrated cooperages and winemakers.

Redbreast Pedro Ximénez Edition will join the award-winning Lustau Edition[1] in the inaugural Redbreast Iberian Series line up in yet another stunning example from Midleton’s skilled whiskey makers of how Ireland and Iberia’s rich heritages, as the purveyors of some the world’s finest spirits and wines, can combine to create whiskeys that are truly extraordinary.

The first limited edition release to join the series, Redbreast Pedro Ximénez Edition is a single pot still Irish whiskey, triple distilled and initially matured in ex-bourbon and oloroso sherry casks before being re-casked into delectable Pedro Ximénez hogsheads from the southern tip of Spain for a minimum of 12 months. Just half the size of a standard sherry butt, the increased surface area of the hogshead intensifies the flavour contribution from the Pedro Ximénez-soaked wood, imparting notes of treacle, raisins and orange zest thanks to the sweeter grape variety used in the world renowned sherry.

Redbreast Lustau Edition – launched in 2016 to critical acclaim around the globe – will remain the anchor expression in the Redbreast Iberian Series and will be joined by a new Limited Edition release from time to time.

Master Blender Billy Leighton comments: “Iberia has been central to the history of Redbreast, and my colleagues and I have been visiting the peninsula since the 1980s. The close relationships fostered there over decades have led to many delightful discoveries that take the region’s influence on our whiskey to another level, while sitting comfortably within the Redbreast family. It gives me great pleasure that the new Iberian Series gives us an outlet to bring our best discoveries to consumers around the world. The collection will add new and exciting chapters to the Redbreast Family story with whiskeys finished in casks sourced from the sun-drenched bodegas of Spain and Portugal, suffused with the natural warmth and sweetness of the Iberian Peninsula.”

Dave McCabe, Blender at Irish Distillers adds, “The creation of the Redbreast Pedro Ximénez Edition came about thanks to strong relationships and good fortune. A number of years ago, our friends in Antonio Páez Lobato Cooperage in Jerez presented us with an exceptional opportunity to trial casks which had been pre-seasoned with Pedro Ximénez sherry for two years. Finding that the wood contributed a very different flavour profile to the traditional Spanish sherry cask, we finished our Redbreast whiskey in these hogsheads for between 12 and 22 months, adding a distinctive twist to the signature Redbreast character.

“Underpinned by the much loved Redbreast Lustau Edition, each subsequent expression in this series will represent a new chapter in exploring the casks, flavours and aromas from this region.”

Crafted to the exacting standards of Irish Distillers Master Blender Billy Leighton and Blender Dave McCabe, Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Pedro Ximénez Edition is bottled at 46% ABV and without chill-filtration. It will be available in Ireland from 27th September, in the UK, Finland and Global Travel Retail from late September, and in the US from November at RRP of €80, £72, $86.

Tasting notes for Redbreast Pedro Ximénez Edition:

Nose: Hints of fruit, spices and toasted nuts combine with the subtly sweet aroma of Pedro Ximénez sherry seasoned casks.

Taste: A zesty, syrupy mouthful with the perfect balance of fruit, spice and toasted notes.

Finish: Satisfyingly rich and long, sweet flavours linger on the palate.

Tasting notes by Redbreast Lustau Edition:

Nose: Rich infusion of dark fruits, prunes, dates and figs with liquorice, marzipan, toasted oak and Redbreast spices

Taste: Creamy pot still with Redbreast spices balanced with richness of sherry finish and contribution of fresh Spanish oak

Finish: Endless. Sweetness and Pot Still spices endure while Oloroso Sherry and Spanish Oak have the last word 

[1] In 2021, Redbreast Lustau Edition was awarded a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Gold medal by the International Spirits Challenge and Beverage Testing Institute.

Pernod Ricard to acquire leading online spirits retailer The Whisky Exchange – Whisky News

Pernod Ricard to acquire leading online spirits retailer The Whisky Exchange

Pernod Ricard is delighted to announce the signing of an agreement for the acquisition of The Whisky Exchange, a leading spirits online and physical retailer and a reference for global whisky and fine spirits lovers.

Since its creation by Sukhinder and Rajbir Singh in 1999, The Whisky Exchange, based in the UK, has become one of the biggest, most successful online drinks retailers, with a catalogue of circa 10,000 products. The Whisky Exchange has been a pioneer in many innovative services and has become a truly omnichannel player, expanding its activities to on-trade supply and physical stores in the UK, with several award-winning shops in London. It is also active in private sales and online auctions of rare spirits, two fast-expanding activities on which The Whisky Exchange will also develop innovative synergies with Pernod Ricard.

This acquisition is in line with Pernod Ricard’s consumer centric strategy of meeting new consumer needs and expectations, in a context of solid e-commerce growth and strong demand for premiumisation. Pernod Ricard will leverage synergies between The Whisky Exchange’s expertise and its in-house platforms such as Drinks&Co and Bodeboca.

Sukhinder and Rajbir Singh, founders of The Whisky Exchange, declared:

“After more than 20 years building The Whisky Exchange, we are delighted to be joining the Pernod Ricard family and working with them to take the business to the next level. The Whisky Exchange and our customers have always felt like a family, and we are looking forward to maintaining this ethos with a partner that shares our values. Our mission remains the same: to offer the finest range of whiskies and spirits from the best producers around the world, educate and engage with consumers, and support the top on-trade establishments around the UK”.

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, stated:

“E-commerce is a key channel in our long term strategy. We are thrilled to work with Industry pioneers such as Sukhinder, Rajbir and the whole team to bring The Whisky Exchange to a new step of its development“.

The Whisky Exchange will continue to operate with its current team and structure, with Sukhinder and Rajbir Singh managing the business as joint Managing Directors. The closing of the transaction is subject to customary conditions.

About Pernod Ricard 
Pernod Ricard is the world’s No 2 in wines and spirits with consolidated sales of €8,824 million in FY21. Created in 1975 by the merger of Ricard and Pernod, the Group has undergone sustained development, based on both organic growth and acquisitions: Seagram (2001), Allied Domecq (2005) and Vin&Sprit (2008). Pernod Ricard, which owns 16 of the Top 100 Spirits Brands, holds one of the most prestigious and comprehensive brand portfolios in the industry, including: Absolut Vodka, Ricard pastis, Ballantine’s, Chivas Regal, Royal Salute, and The Glenlivet Scotch whiskies, Jameson Irish whiskey, Martell cognac, Havana Club rum, Beefeater gin, Malibu liqueur, Mumm and Perrier-Jouët champagnes, as well Jacob’s Creek, Brancott Estate, Campo Viejo, and Kenwood wines. Pernod Ricard’s brands are distributed across 160+ markets and by its own salesforce in 73 markets. The Group’s decentralised organisation empowers its 18,500 employees to be true on-the-ground ambassadors of its vision of “Créateurs de Convivialité.” As reaffirmed by the Group’s strategic plan, “Transform and Accelerate,” deployed in 2018, Pernod Ricard’s strategy focuses on investing in long-term, profitable growth for all stakeholders. The Group remains true to its three founding values: entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust, and a strong sense of ethics, as illustrated by the 2030 Sustainability and Responsibility roadmap supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “Good times from a good place.” In recognition of Pernod Ricard’s strong commitment to sustainable development and responsible consumption, it has received a Gold rating from Ecovadis. Pernod Ricard is also a United Nations’ Global Compact LEAD company. Pernod Ricard is listed on Euronext (Ticker: RI; ISIN Code: FR0000120693) and is part of the CAC 40 and Eurostoxx 50 indices. 

About The Whisky Exchange ( 
Founded in 1999, The Whisky Exchange is the leading global retailer of whiskies and fine spirits, with an award-winning online shop and three shops located in the heart of London at Covent Garden, Great Portland Street and London Bridge. As a family company, The Whisky Exchange believes in exceptional service and offering excellent products at competitive prices. The company’s philosophy is simple – never rest on your laurels. The team, led by founders and brothers Sukhinder and Rajbir Singh and buyer Dawn Davies MW, is constantly trying to find new products with genuine heritage and quality in all drinks categories, while continuing to innovate and ensure its website and shop are the best in the business. The Whisky Exchange in numbers: 4,000 whiskies including 3,000 single malt Scotch whiskies; 400 Champagnes, 800 Cognacs and Armagnacs; 700 rums; 600 gins; 300 aperitifs; 400 Tequilas and mezcal; three shops. 

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