Virtual Whisky Show 2020 Show Bottlings – Whisky Show News


We are pleased to reveal this year’s range of Whisky Show bottlings – An Ever-Changing World of Whisky. Inspired by the constant shifts in whisky making, it celebrates the dual nature of a single cask: every bottle is a one-off, but they are all part of a greater whole. The three whiskies are from Imperial, Ardbeg and Girvan, and full details and tasting notes have been exclusively released on the Whisky Show website. As usual, ticket holders will receive exclusive first access to show bottlings.


Look what’s gone on sale at The Whisky Shop! – Whisky News

All your favourites in one sale

How about that Highland Park 18 Year Old you’ve had your eye on? Or a bottle of Balvenie Caribbean Cask?

We’ve discounted a tonne of your favourite drams – for a limited time only!

Shop the sale before they disappear.

American Whiskey Tasting with Hirsch, Potrero, and JH Cutter at The Whisky Shop #SFO – American Whiskey News 


Saturday October 3rd, 5.30 PM:

 American Whiskey Tasting:

 Hirsch, Potrero, and JH Cutter, 

Explore the world of American whiskey at our free virtual tasting! This expert presented tasting features Indiana distillery Hirsch and San Francisco based distillery Hotaling and Co. We’ll discuss whisky history and distilling secrets through our featured whiskeys, followed by a Q&A with our expert presenter.

Tasting Pourlist:

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Hirsch Bourbon

JH Cutter Whiskey

Old Potrero 18th Century Style Whiskey

 Click Here to RSVP

Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival to return in 2021 – Whisky News

Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival to return in 2021

The whisky event that brought whisky drinkers together during Lockdown is to return in 2021.

The first Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival was the first full-scale whisky event to adapt to the challenging circumstances we currently face, and in the process created a fantastic new event, uniting whisky fans around the UK & Europe to take part in the largest whisky show of the year so far.

The response to the first virtual festival has been so positive that the Summerton Whisky Club have been convinced to hold a second, which will take place March 2021.

This second festival will build on strengths of the first event, creating a day of digital entertainment and most importantly the festival pack for everyone to take part, as well as adding new elements that will see it become a three-day affair.

Speaking of the Virtual Festival, Summerton Whisky Club Founder Dan Humphrey said, “It’s been a very difficult year for the entire whisky industry and wider community, and we have already seen the benefit of having some whisky fun to look forward to.

The response to our first virtual whisky festival was fantastic and it’s wonderful to see the industry and community all coming together to raise our spirits. With the turmoil set to continue this Winter, we wanted to do our bit again.

The Summer Virtual Whisky Festival aims to create not only an event that we can all look forward to, but one in which the attendees can actively participate in, engaging directly with whisky makers whilst still enjoying a dram”.

Due to take place in March 2021, with more details to follow, the Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival main event will once again combine a whole-day live stream with a home-delivered pack (containing drams, mixers and snacks) to create an event which whisky enthusiasts can not only look forward to, but also actively take part in whilst in the comfort of their homes.

In addition to brand presentations, cocktail masterclasses, Q&A sessions and insightful talks from prominent industry insiders are also scheduled to take place during the event. The festival will be supported by live entertainment and a wide variety of well-known industry figures, whisky writers and presenters.

Dan again, “This new format of festival has presented some interesting opportunities, such as every attendee can now visit every brand at the event, attendees can return the festival afterwards by re-watching and we get to talk in-depth to the people who make the whisky, something that doesn’t normally happen. Instead of thinking this as a replacement to our normal activities, I feel that the virtual event is something that we can add to our diary to offer different experiences to drinkers”.


About Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival

Ticket details and brands attending will be released December

Key Stats from Summerton Virtual Whisky Festival 2020:

  • 1,074 viewers on the day
  • 3% Satisfied, 77.7% Very Satsifeid
  • 9% wish to participate in our next event
  • 33% of attendees had not been to a whisky event before
  • Attendees were from:
    UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden

Malt Messenger Bulletin by Andrew Ferguson – The KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar & More – Whisky News

Malt Messenger Bulletin

Announcing the KWM 2020 Whisky Advent Calendar!

A New Virtual Tasting, A Few Great Deals & Much, Much More!

And in case it isn’t clear Alberta Premium Cask Strength is Gone!

Well if you haven’t already heard, “he who shall not be named” announced his “World Whisky of the Year” Wednesday: the Alberta Premium Cask Strength. Before you ask, I’ll tell you the same thing we’ve told the hundreds of people who’ve called or tried to order it online… WE ARE COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!

We have no idea when or if we will see it again, whether it will be the same release, a new batch, or a different price. But for those of you those of you overcome by panic or an intense FOMO, it will likely be back, at some point.

Perhaps this is a classic case of We Told You So… We have been telling the World how great this whisky is since September 17, 2019… we checked! Exactly one year before the man in the Panama hat, declared it “World Whisky of Year”, we were touting how good the stuff was. This was Evan’s comment when he did up a tasting note for the bottle last October just after it was released:

“This is going to win some awards, and rightly so. It has been a long time coming, but it is great to see Alberta Distillers showcase what their 100% Rye is capable of.” It was in the October 31st Malt Messenger No. 104

There is an element of history repeating itself with this lates World Whisky of the Year press release. When the man in the Panama hat crowned Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye his World Whisky of the Year 3-4 years ago, panic buying and hoarding ensued. Our phone rang off the hook and our website nearly melted down. The Canadian media, always hungry for a good news story about something Canadian, trumpeted the honour far and wide as if it was some sort of biblical proclamation. Never mind the fact that the selection is made by one man, whose motives have been called in to question. Nothing sells books like a bit of controversy and buzz… Fast forward a few years and Northern Harvest Rye is gathering dust on liquor store shelves all over Canada!

In all fairness though, the Alberta Premium Cask Strength is superb, hands down one of our favourite Canadian whiskies. It is much better than the Northern Harvest Rye, and it is without question a World Class whisky worthy of praise. We’ve been telling people as much since it first hit store shelves…

Whether it is worthy of the moniker World Whisky of the Year is a subject I won’t waste your time speculating on. But without reservations we congratulate Alberta Distillers on the well-deserved attention they are receiving. I hope it will motivate them (and their parent company Beam Suntory) to continuing releasing more of their excellent whisky, which happens to made right here in Calgary!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets get to pressing business at hand, we have a couple of exciting announcements to make.

First and foremost we are finally ready to start taking pre-orders the KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar. We are a bit behind (6 weeks) on launching the calendar and taking pre-orders this year on account of Covid-19 and the port strike in Montreal, but we are ready to go now and very excited about this year’s edition. In addition to a sharp new look, this year’s edition includes 25 never before featured whiskies. There are more details below on the KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar, including our most generous early-bird offer ever

You might recall from the last Malt Messenger, that we recently received four KWM exclusive single casks from Single Malts of Scotland. Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday September 19) at 4PM Mountain (6PM Central and 3PM Pacific) I will be live on Facebook with Elixir Distiller’s Oliver Chilton to talk Single Malts of Scotland. You can taste along with us (if you have any of the whiskies) and are encouraged to send us your comments and questions. Join us for Single Malts of Scotland on Saturday, live on the KWM Facebook page!

Staying with Elixir Distillers we are thrilled to welcome Julie Hamilton, Brand Ambassador for an Elements of Islay Tasting over Zoom on Saturday October 10, 5PM Mountain. The tasting will consists of five whiskies from the Elements of Islay portfolio, and a surprise sixth Islay single malt!

Circling back on our recent Single Malts of Scotland casks, as expected our Single Malts of Scotland Imperial 29 Year KWM Cask didn’t last long… six days to be exact. We did our best to cool demand by limiting it to one bottle per customer, but even that was not enough. The Single Malts of Scotland Clynelish 24 Year which was limited to 2 bottles per customer, is also on the way out. Nine days after it arrived in-store we have barely more than 1/4 of the bottles left! Stock of the Single Malts of Scotland Glenburgie 21 Year and Caol Ila 8 Year a fair bit healthier! More details below.

We have also received a few new whiskies this week from Kavalan, Bruichladdich and Alberta’s own Eau Claire Distillery. Details on all of these can be found below.

We also have a couple of deals to share with you on the GlenDronach 2009 10 Year bottled for Canada and Millstone 1996.

I hope you enjoy this Malt Messenger Bulletin. As always, please let me know if you have any comments, questions or requests. In the event of a discrepancy in price, the Point of Sale at KWM will be taken as correct.


Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market

In This Edition:

  1. Now Taking Pre-Orders – The KWM 2020 Whisky Advent Calendar!
  2. Talking Single Malts of Scotland on Saturday with Oliver Chilton
  3. New Virtual Tasting – Elements of Islay
  4. Introducing: Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011
  5. New Kavalan Solists – Vinho & Port
  6. Introducing Eau Claire Distillery’s Rupert’s Whisky
  7. SAVE 25% on GlenDronach 2009
  8. SAVE on Millstone 1998
  9. Update: The Single Malts Of Scotland KWM Casks
  10. Compass Box 20th Anniversary Virtual Tasting

Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market

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@scotch_guy, Instagram: @thescotch_guy/

or @kwmwhisky and Facebook:

Now Taking Pre-Orders: The KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar

25 Day of Dram FIne Whisky is Back Baby… With a Sharp New Look!

There have been a number of events this year which have delayed the announcement of our KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar. You can probably guess the first. Covid-19 dramatically altered the way we operate our business over the last six months, and for many of our suppliers it has meant full or partial shut downs. This made the sourcing and selection of products more challenging. The recent Port Strike in Montreal has added another layer of complexity and chaos to all of this, and is still causing delays all over the East Coast. Even as a write I am not 100% sure what the final mix will be in the KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar. Fortunately we always order a few extra products in case something goes missing or arrives late. This year we planned to have an even bigger buffer, so no matter what happens we’ll have an awesome selection!

Covid-19 or not, “25 Days of Dram Fine  Whisky” is back!

The KWM Whisky Calendar, now in its 7th year, has a striking new look and includes 25 never before featured whiskies. Once again we have curated a selection of 24 50ml whiskies, mainly single malt Scotch whiskies. There is also a KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar logo Glencairn glass which you will discover along with your Day 1 whisky. On top of the box as always we have a special treat for Christmas Day, a 100ml Scotch Malt Whisky Society whisky.

We anticipate we will have the Calendars ready for pickup by the start of November.

We are not taking deposits for the KWM 2020 Whisky Calendar this year, instead we have two options for ordering:

  1.  Early Bird Pre-Pay Pricing – $335+gst – SAVE $50 until midnight October 15 by pre-paying in full for the KWM 2020 Whisky Advent Calendar – No further discounts or promotions, but the early bird price in previous years used to only be a $35 savings!
  2.  Pre-Order & Pay Later;- $385+gst – Secure a calendar(s) and you won’t be charged anything until 1 week before it is ready for pickup.

Talking Single Malts of Scotland on Saturday with Oliver Chilton

Tune in on KWM’s Facebook Live Feed Saturday September 19 at 4PM Mountain 

Normally when we launch KWM exclusive single casks we hold a series of sit down tastings, or a cask launch party, and we invite our whisky friends to cram in to the shop. Usually someone from the distillery will do us the honour of appearing to help us lend some weight to the occasion. Unfortunately these are far from usual times, and as yet we can’t pour samples for tastings.

That said we cannot allow an occasion as auspicious as the launch of not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 new KWM exclusive casks. So Oliver Chilton, Business Manager & Whisky Maker for Elixir Distillers–Port Askaig, Elements of Islay and Single Malts of Scotland amongst other things–will be joining me live on Facebook tomorrow at 4PM Mountain (Alberta).

Ollie and I will talk about single casks, the Single Malts of Scotland brand and sample the new KWM Casks. We might even dip in to a couple of other malts at the end of the tasting, just to round things out!

JOIN US LIVE on the Kensington Wine Market Facebook page, tomorrow, Saturday September 19 at 4PM Mountain (Alberta, 6PM Central and 3PM Pacific). If you have any of these lovely new whiskies please feel free to taste along and share with us your thoughts. But whether you have any of them or not we hope you’ll join us. We’ll be monitoring the feed for comments and questions, so pour yourself a dram or two and tune in! 


New Virtual Tasting – Elements of Islay with Julie Hamilton

Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Octomore & More!

Julie Hamilton, Elements of Islay Brand Ambassador will join us live from the UK on Saturday September 10, 2020, at 5PM Mountain Time for an Elements of Islay tasting. We will be sampling 5 whiskies from the Elements range, including the Elements of Islay: Peat, Peat Full Proof, Ar11 (Ardbeg), Lg10 (Lagavulin), Oc6 (Octomore) and one other surprise dram (a 50ml single cask, cask strength Islay single malt whisky). As she is 7 hours ahead of us, we are starting the tasting at 5PM. Tasting samples will be made available for pickup starting Friday, September 18. A zoom code for the tasting will be emailed out 24 hours before the tasting. This event is limited to 35 participants.

Register online, or by phone: 403-283-8000.

Introducing: The Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011

A Mouthfull on This One… And They Don’t Event Tell You How it Tastes… 😉

It could be because it arrived in early May, at the height of Covid-19 confusion, but we almost missed this one… The 2011 edition of the Islay barley is produced from six farms on central and western Islay. Matured in a mix of 75% ex-Bourbon and 25% ex-European oak wine casks, it has been bottled at 50%. 87pts Angus @ Whisky Fun

Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011 – 50% – 75% ex-Bourbon and 25% ex-European oak wine casks – Producer Tasting Note: ” Character: A sweet spot in the maturation of an incredible whisky. A chance to see the elements at work as the young spirit showing green fruits, apple, pear and gooseberry transitions to peach, apricot and mango with the influence of time. The careful selection of casks holds this moment perfectly in balance as their contribution to the ageing of the spirit brings oak depth, vanilla and coconut sweetness and lemon/grapefruit zest without overpowering the sweetness of the malt or the profound cereal notes that come from the Islay grown barley. The structure is firm, the texture luxurious, carrying the DNA of this island. Nose: From the outset this is overtly floral and fruity. Slow distillation yet again brings out the best from the Islay grown Barley, the abundance of soft fruit notes and delicate floral style of this dram is shared with our past Islay grown releases. Typical Bruichladdich style fruit notes of crisp apple and ripe pear along with peach and dried apricot are further enhanced with lemon drops, grapefruit and orange zest. There is a vast array of flavour rising from this whisky as it opens further. The oak and cereal components come through after the fruit, pipe tobacco and vanilla notes mingle with barley sugar and caramel wafers, as ever a distinct marine tang hangs in the air. Finish: The finish is about the fruit, dried apricot from the oak and lemon, kiwi and caramel wafer. A warm sand, marine note lingers as the Islay maturation tells its part of the story. As this whisky lingers on the palate it puts you in mind of the construction and structure to its form. Each element, distillation, time, cask and barley have a clear influence yet not one dominates another as this whisky reaches a crossroads in its development. This vintage is at the perfect stage to appreciate all that it is as it lays bare its DNA, its philosophy and its quality.” – $82

New Kavalan Bottlings: Solists Vinho & Port

Cask Strength Single Malt from Taiwan!

We have just received a couple of new Kavalans, new single casks of the popular Solist Vinho and Solist Port. Best of all, we got them before a scheduled price increase next week which may only add $5-6 a bottle, but hey, that’s a fancy latte!

  1. Kavalan Solist Vinho – 58.6% – Matured in STR Casks (shaved, toasted and recharred) American Oak ex-Wine Barriques – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: A rich fusion of vanilla and caramelized sugars with dark chocolate on top. Ripe melon and mango together with kiwi and a delicate blend of citrus fruits burst. Pepper is also present in the background waiting to be noticed. This bouquet is simply a sensational feast to your olfactory organ… Palate: The taste ends with clean and complex flavours embodying all that is best in the finest malt whiskies enjoying a long aftertaste. – $280
  2. Kavalan Solist Port – 57.1% – Matured in a Port Seasoned Protugese Barrique – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: The rich fruity and nutty flavours combined and enhanced by orange and citrus notes that can be enjoyed together with gentle and elegant wood spices of our American oakiness. Palate: Satisfying fruitiness blended with quality chocolate aromas that melt delicately on your palate. A wonderful and long lasting after taste for your unique sampling pleasure.” – $215

Introducing Eau Claire Distillery’s Rupert’s Whisky

From Turner Valley with Love!

The first permanent whisky release from Eau Claire Distillery, Rupert’s Whisky, is a Blended Canadian Whisky bottled at 40%. A reference to Rupert’s Land, a territory which drained in to Hudson’s Bay operated as a monopoly by the Hudson’s Bay Company for 200 years, which included much of Alberta.

 Eau Claire Rupert’s Whisky– 40% – Producer Description: “Rupert’s Whisky pays homage to the vast swaths of wilderness across Canada and the United States. From this place the finest barley is grown, carefully distilledand blended in to Rupert’s Whisky. Eau Claire distillery celebrates Alberta and the terroir of our home with this exceptional Canadian whisky.”

Evan’s Tasting Note – “Nose: Pine needles, lemongrass, vanilla beans, coffee creamer, plus buttered toast and cinnamon. Also a dash of leather along with lumber racks and oak casks aging away in a quiet warehouse. Palate: Oily with fruit and spice notes – cinnamon, candied ginger, ripe lemon, fresh peaches (pit and all), toasted almond shavings, and a bit of rock candy sweetness. Finish: Zesty lemons stick around along with a touch of spicy ginger and a lingering sweet note to balance it all out. Comment: This is a very well put-together blended Canadian Whisky that showcases a bit of malty weight and a nice touch of citrus and spice to keep things interesting. It is richer than your typical bar well/mixing Canadian whisky, and shows more character as well.”

More about Rupert’s Whisky: “This exceptional Canadian Whisky was made with flavour in mind. On the nose, Rupert’s Whisky starts with a sweetness and a hint of red fruits, chocolate and nutmeg. The whisky then continues to a dried fruit, and slightly nutty finish. Rupert’s Whisky has a similar flavour and style to what you will find in every bottle of Eau Claire Distillery’s award-winning Single Malt Whisky batches.  Rupert’s Whisky is non-chill filtered, has no artificial caramel colouring, and uses some of Eau Claire’s best whisky barrels. The resulting flavour, colour and taste is a rich balance of flavours that form an approachable yet distinctive choice that is perfect for mixing or enjoying on its own, neat or over ice.”

SAVE 25% on the GlenDronach 2009 10 Year For Canada!

But Only While They Last!

Before we go too far on this, let me start by saying don’t shoot the messenger… We know many of you bought this already. We only learned a week ago,  5 weeks after we started selling the product, that the importer was intending to put it on sale. Had we known this special lower price would be now be in effect, we would have not started ordering the product until this week…

Please don’t ask us to retroactively apply the discount to the bottles you’ve bought, even if they are still sitting in the pickup area. Don’t look at this offer with regret, but with opportunity. This 2009 vintage 10 year old GlenDronach is as good or better than the 12 year is has been positioned to replace, and while supplies last you can grab a few bottles, or a few more bottles, at a great price.

The story on this bottling is that GlenDronach is unable to sell some of their core skus in Alberta on account of a dispute between the old importer and the new one. The GlenDronach 12 Year and 18 Year are tied up in a disagreement over compensation, and until that is resolved, you won’t see them in the market. This product was created to bridge the gap, as a substitute for the 12 year, bottled for Canada!

We thought it decent at the original price $96, and it is a steal at $72…

GlenDronach 2009 10 Year for Canada – 43% – Matured at least partly in Sherry Casks… – My Tasting Note: “Nose: nutty with soft leather, raisins, chocolate and syrup; doughy with baking spices, vanilla icing and dry grasses. Palate: rich and nutty its starts slow but builds in to decadent spices, syrup and cooked raisins; sweet and dumpy with black licorice and dark chocolate; candied orange and chewy malt; late vanilla, dunnage warehouses and minty-floral-tones. Finish: medium in length with leather, spices and candied fruit. Comment: released to replace the 12 Year, at least in Alberta; this is quintessentially GlenDronach and a lovely dram; I think it would have been improved at 46%, but I digress; the nose is good and the palate is better; very quaffable stuff!” – Regular $96 – SAVE 25% – SALE $72+gst

SAVE 20% on the Millstone 1996 Virgin Oak Cask 1376

Elegant Single Malt from the Netherlands!

We got a deal, so we are passing on the savings. This Millstone Single cask is an Alberta exclusive bottled by Greg and Jarka Winters of Craftwork Sprits. The whisky is from a single Virgin American oak cask filled in 1996, matured 20 years and bottled at 51.45%. The Dutch are very precise. I was worried that 20 years in a Virgin Oak cask would have left too heavy an oak imprint on the whisky, but far from it, it was a deft touch!

Millstone 1996 Virgin Oak Cask 1376– 51.45% – 20 Year – Virgin American Oak – My Tasting Note: “Nose: bread and butter pudding with canned whip cream; dried apricots and peaches n cream; strawberry puff candies an cooked marshmallow; French bakery notes: fruit flan, croissants and other baked goods. Palate: waxy, tropical and creamy; toasty, oily and coating; more dried apricot, peaches and whip cream from a can; floral and spicy with toasted coconut, marmalade and some orange rind; this is sweet, fruity and waxy, a beautiful malt. Finish: warming, toasty and peppery; the fruits are all on the front end, but traces linger with a waxy oily grip. Comment: this is a lovely, layered and fruity malt; 20 years in virgin oak, has surprisingly not overwhelmed the spirit, but it has had a deft touch; a wonderful concentration of flavours!” – $285 – Save 20% – While Stocks Last – Now $239.49+gst

UPDATE on the KWM Exclusive Single Malts of Scotland Casks 

Caol Ila, Clynelish, Glenburgie & Imperial!

Though these four malts only just arrived at KWM, demand has been brisk. The Imperial would have sold out on the first day had we not restricted sales to one per customer. The Clynelish too would be gone had we let people fill their boots. But it is limited to 2 per customer until October 7th, if it lasts that long. Barely more than a quarter are left. The Caol Ila and Glenburgie have been selling briskly too. Both are excellent quality and value, especially the Glenburgie. But both whisky had bigger outturns, and don’t have quite the FOMO appeal of 29 Year Imperial and 24 Year Clynelish!

  1. SMOS Caol Ila 8 Year KWM Cask – 61.2% – 2011 – Sherry Butt (Presumably Refill) – My Tasting Note: “Nose: smoked haddock chowder, rustic bread and farmhouse butter; I’m in the Old Kiln (I know, I know, this isn’t Ardbeg but never the less I’m transported); coal dust, chewy malt; crisp smoke, firm leather and a dash of lemon and lime. Palate: here we go, warm, earthy and smoky with a base of honey, vanilla and crisp spices: more lemon and lime; the sherry elements grow in prominence over time adding Demerara, some dark fruits and loads of spice: clove, fennel seed and Dutch licorice; more smoked haddock and chewy malt (my hearty bread), dark earthy peat and sea weed; thick, oily and warm but without a sharp or rough edge. Finish: long, thick and coating, the soft peaty oils and spices cling to your palate while crisp smoke, smoked haddock and chewy malt slowly fade away. Comment:  big and bold but balanced for a young malt tipping the scales at well over 60%; lots of layers given its youth, the sherry notes build over time balancing the brash young peat and smoke; the nose transported me to Islay, to one of my favourite places to sit, dine and dram, the Old Kiln Cafe; the palate is layered and satisfying, but also leaves me wanting more; more whisky adventures, more smoked haddock chowder, and a return to my spiritual home!” – $85
  2. SMOS Clynelish 24 Year KWM Cask 10204 – 52.2% – 1995 – Hogshead – My Tasting Note: “Nose: oozing with dripping candle wax and honey; then bright tropical fruits: grilled pineapple, mango dusted in pepper and plantains; very floral, like walking in to a botanical garden on a hot day; then some nutty tones: cashews and macadamia nuts, the latter with white chocolate. Palate: rich, honeyed, waxy and oozing with fruit; quite decadent, creamed and heather honey; the body is thick, creamy and waxy, you could almost spread it with a knife; bags of fruit, starting on the citrus side with Wine Gums and Starburst candies; with each sip the fruits become more exotic, dried apricot, baked apple and poached pears; with patience the tropical fruits emerge: mango, papaya and pineapple. Finish: staying thick and waxy the finish is long, decadent and fruity; loads of honey and bags of fruit ending in toasted oak and spices. Comment: when we first sampled this whisky we were absolutely stunned, and desperate to bottle it; I’ll admit, it came in a little higher priced than we had hoped, but that was wishful thinking; mature Clynelish is becoming increasingly dear, and this bottling is spectacular; it would still be a must have at twice the price!” – $350 – Limit 2/Customer Until October 7! – Almost 3/4 sold! 
  3. SMOS Glenburgie 21 Year KWM Cask – 49.9% – 1999 – First Fill ex-Bourbon – My Tasting Note: “Nose: decadent, honeyed and floral; big citrus tones, mango and cantaloupe; nutty, almond paste filled croissants and polished oak; vanilla extract and rose hips. Palate: soft, creamy and coating with a burst of bright fruits and floral tones; waxy with more polished oak; still nutty, it is thick with lush creamy vanilla, honey, marzipan and warm almond paste filled croissants; juicy orange, ripe mango and cantaloupe; even a bit of Crema di Melone. Finish: very long, thick, waxy and coating; it stays fruity, floral and toasty right to the end. Comment: it’s been almost a year since we selected this cask, and while my memory of its selection is hazy, sampling the finished product is proof positive that we have something very special here; at 21 years of age this malt is lush, floral and very fruity; it is a banger at $175, and very more-ish!- $175
  4. SMOS Imperial 29 Year KWM Cask 4561 – 45.2% – 1990 – ex-Bourbon Barrel – My Tasting Note: “Nose: heavenly… I want to crawl in to the glass; old leather sofas and polished mahogany book shelves filled with dusty old books; this is antique-y, this is tropical, this is right in my wheelhouse; did I mention I want to crawl in to the glass? candy-apple, kiwis and canned pineapple; vanilla bean, Manuka honey and soft floral tones. Palate: yes… yes, yes, yes… this is what we’ve been waiting for since November!!! soft, silky, floral and full of bright, juicy tropical fruits; vanilla bean, Manuka honey and silky toasted oak; quince paste, candied apple and loads of other fruits: kiwi, pineapple, spiced baked apple and persimmons(first ever usage in one of my tasting notes, had to look up the spelling); waxy with soft leather and more polished wood; divine. Finish: delicate, but long, and fruity it clings to the palate with lush velvety oils; the mouth waters while it awaits more, more, more… never enough! Comment: sinful, decadent, sublime, and dangerously drinkable; easily the best Imperial I’ve ever had, and one of the best casks we’ve ever had the good fortune to attach our name to (nearly 100); we’ve been telling people for months that this whisky blows our last cask of Imperial out of the water, and it does that and then some… they also bottled it on my birthday in January, so belated happy birthday to me!” – $400 – SOLD OUT!

Compass Box 20th Anniversary Virtual Tasting

Join John Glaser Sunday September 27th at 1PM Mountain Time!

Our favourite Boutique Blenders, Compass Box are celebrating a milestone this year, their 20th Anniversary. It is hard to believe it all started 20 years ago with the release of their first whisky, Hedonism. To celebrate their 20th Anniversary the distillery has a few bottlings in the pipeline, including Hedonism Felicitas. They will be launching the whisky online at a virtual tasting on Sunday September 27th, with a virtual tasting hosted by John Glaser.

I took part in the Father’s Day tasting, which was built around the Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection gift packs. For this session they will be tasting the Hedonism and Hedonism Felicitas, the latter of which will not arrive in Alberta before the tasting.

From Compass Box

“We want to take you on a journey of exploration through 20 years of one of our signature whiskies. To mark the launch of our latest limited edition, Hedonism Felicitas, we’re holding a live interactive tasting hosted by Compass Box Founder and Whiskymaker John Glaser.

“Hedonism Felicitas has been created to celebrate our 20th anniversary, and we would like to give you an exclusive opportunity to hear how this whisky has evolved from the first Hedonism that launched Compass Box in 2000. We enjoyed hosting our Father’s Day tasting earlier this year so much that we want to invite you back to our virtual table on 27th September for this special event.

“To join us on the day, please register at This is also where you’ll be able to download a digital tasting mat and set up instructions nearer the time. So save the date for 27th September (8pm BST, 3pm EST, 1pm MT and 12pm PT).”

Taste Along with John Glaser

There is no cost to take part in the event, but if you’d like to have a few of the whiskies on hand, we can help you with that. The regular Hedonism is returning to the store on Wednesday, September 16, and we are offering it until the tasting at a special price, 20% off. We are also offeing a he Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection in stock. And we’re putting them on sale…

Compass Box Malt Whisky Collection (3x50ml) – One 50ml bottle each of the Compass Box Spice Tree, Story of the Spaniard and Peat Monster.” – $58 – SAVE 25% – Now $43.49+gst.

Compass Box Hedonism – 43% – Ex-Bourbon – Marriage of Whiskies from North British & Cameronbridge – Producer Tasting Note: “The aromas and flavours hint of vanilla, caramel, a delicate fruitiness, accented by flashes of coconut in the finish.” – $105 – SAVE 20% – Now $84+gst

Free City-Wide Delivery in Calgary & Other Deals! 

Free Delivery in Calgary for Orders Over $50, and Loads of Deals To Be Had!

As with many other small and independent businesses in the city, we are getting creative to continue serving our customers and keeping the business going. We have taken precautions in-store to ensure the health and safety of both our staff and customers. Details on that below! We are also offering options to continue serving those of you in quarantine or who are taking extra precautions with regards to social isolation.


– We are offering free delivery for orders over $50 placed online or over the phone, and will do our best to deliver within 72 hours.


– Place an order, we’ll let you know when it is ready. Call us when you are out front or parked in the back lot and we’ll bring it out. Simple as that!


– Want to send someone a care package? All gifting options are still available. Quarantined parents and closed schools qualify as a “wine emergency”. Gift cards are also available and can be used over the phone.

If you are able, please submit your order online. We will answer any questions you might have before finalizing and processing your order. You are not automatically billed when you submit your order.

We will do our best to answer and process as many phone orders as we can. Call us at 403-283-8000. We are offering some great deals too. More on that below, see the bottom of the Malt Messenger!

Customers are still welcome to come in to the store to pick up orders as well as browse and purchase in-store. We are routinely disinfecting commonly touched surfaces and have hand sanitation stations around the store.

Let us know how we can continue to help and serve you in these challenging times!

Thank You for Reading the Malt Messenger! 

Contact & Disclaimers 

If you have any whisky questions or comments concerning The Malt Messenger please contact me by e-mail, phone, or drop by the store.

All of the products mentioned in THE MALT MESSENGER can be purchased in store, over the phone or from our website at All prices quoted in the Malt Messenger are subject to change and don’t include GST. In the case of discrepancies in pricing, the price in our in store point of sale will be taken as correct.

Thanks for reading the Malt Messenger.


Andrew Ferguson
Owner & Scotchguy
Kensington Wine Market
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Whisky Shop “Big discounts on sherry bombs, island drams and more… 💣” – Whisky news

New additions to our whisky sale!

Sherry bombs. Highland and island gems. The best of the Irish! All new to our whisky sale.

Shop major discounts on Macallan 12 Year Old Sherry Oak, Talisker Port Ruighe, Redbreast 21 Year Old and many more – this week only and while stocks last.

Shop the Sale ›

This Saturday: Free Virtual Scotch Tasting with Isle of Arran + Sale on all whiskies – Scotch Whisky News

Free Virtual Tasting this Saturday!What is a Virtual Tasting?

Virtual tastings are free educational zoom meetings held by whiskey & scotch experts. They typically consist of a presentation followed by question-and-answer, and run about 60-90 minutes. During the virtual tasting, you’ll be able to ask scotch & whiskey related questions to our experts and get a behind-the-scenes look at the scotch & whiskey world! 

Additionally, featured whiskys are always on sale on our website – you can purchase beforehand to drink along with our presenters or shortly afterwards.

September 19th, 5:30PM: 

 Isle of Arran  

The Isle of Arran has soaring hills and rugged coasts, rich farmland and dense forests, all concentrated into a compact parcel described as “Scotland in Miniature.” As such, their single malt shares some of the characteristics of the Highlands and Lowlands, the mainland and the Western Isles, all come together into a pure scotch unlike any other, bottled without chill filtering or caramel coloring.

Tasting Pourlist:

(click to purchase)

Arran 10 Year Old

Arran 14 Year Old

Arran Sauternes Finish

 Click Here to RSVP

10% Off all Arran bottlings

with coupon code ‘VIRTUAL‘ at checkout

Japanese Whisky World – Watch Now – Dekanta TV News

Our new episode of Japanese Whisky World is just minutes away. Tune in now.

Discover the famous whisky from one of Japan’s most renowned distilleries.


2-49-7 Minamiikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo,

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible hails “rampantly beautiful” Canadian champion – Whisky Bible News


…but here comes India’s Dram-A Sutra!

* Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible hails “rampantly beautiful” Canadian champion.

* US knocked off World Whisky of the Year top spot for first time in five years.

* India returns to podium with “near-perfect” offering.

A Canadian rye whisky which draws its water from the Rocky Mountains has been declared the summit of all the world’s whiskies. 

Whisky guru Jim Murray has given “totally world class” status to Alberta Premium Cask Strength in his Whisky Bible 2021, naming it World Whisky of the Year – the first time it has won the coveted top prize. 

Made from a mix of malted and unmalted rye, Alberta Premium Cask Strength weighs in at a massive 65.1% abv and scores 97.5 marks out of 100. 

The last time a Canadian won World Whisky of the Year in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, police in Toronto were called as drinkers fought over the last bottles still on the shelf. 

“It is such an honor to be named World Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray and we are thrilled for our Alberta Distillers team,” said Albert Baladi, President & CEO, Beam Suntory. “To receive this prestigious accolade is a testament to the team’s dedication and passion for crafting a premium spirit of the highest quality, and comes as at a time of Canadian whisky resurgence around the world.” 

“On behalf of the entire Alberta Distillers team, we are honored to have Alberta Premium Cask Strength named ’World Whisky of the Year.’ said George Teichroeb, General Manager, Alberta Distillers Limited. “We are incredibly proud of our Alberta Distillers team for creating such a unique and beautiful world-class whisky, and continually pushing the boundaries of what Canadian whisky can be.” 

After sweeping the board in 2020 with a unique 1-2-3, Kentucky distiller the Sazerac Company has to settle for the runner-up spot in 2021 with the “mind-blowing” Stagg Jr Barrel Proof, another bourbon out of the Buffalo Trace stable, boasting a finish of “cocoa, dark liquorice and so much toastiness”. 

But the most eye-catching podium entry of all is Mithuna, from the Paul John distillery in the tiny Indian state of Goa – the first time a South Asian whisky has taken a top-three gong in more than a decade. 

Jim Murray says sampling its sensational chocolate-and-spices complexity is “like after you have just made love…and you are unable to speak or move while your senses get back into some kind of normality”. 

The renowned and influential whisky writer tasted 1,252 new drams for the 2021 edition of the Whisky Bible. 

Speyside veteran Glen Grant takes Scotch Whisky of the Year for its Aged 15 Years Batch Strength 1st Edition with Jim Murray praising the Moray distillery’s “extraordinary and unique charm”. 

Meanwhile, lowland newbie Annandale – opened only in 2014 – is handed Best 10 Years And Under Single Cask Scotch and hailed as a reason for whisky lovers to not “cling to the lifebuoy of age, tradition and history”. 

Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey is named the inaugural winner of American Blended Whiskey of the Year, but the Kentucky distiller also picks up a further three awards for its bourbon and rye whiskeys. 

Other sectional winners include: Gordon & MacPhail Mr George Centenary Edition Glen Grant 1956 (single cask of the year); Ballantine’s 30 Year Old (Blended Scotch); Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy (Irish); Thomas H Handy Sazerac (American Rye); Nikka Whisky Single Malt Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood Finish (Japanese); PUNI Aura Italian Single Malt (European). 

Editor’s Notes

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2021 contains tasting notes for around 4,500 drams.

Available from 16/9/20 at, priced £14.99.

The Whisky Lounge Update September 2020 – Whisky News

What’s New?…

How are you doing? Need a little whisky in your life? Yes?

Well we are delighted to finally announce our Whisky Lounge Festival in a Box! Below you will find the details of who is involved (so far!), and – most importantly – how you get involved!

Read on!

Game On!

Friday 16th October

4.30pm Festival opening and introduction, with Eddie Ludlow

5pm Scotch Whisky Session 1

7pm World Whisky Tasting

Saturday 17th October

11am Breakfast ‘Malt-Teasers’ Quiz with Inverhouse Distillers

1pm Scotch Whisky Session 2

3pm Asian Whisky Tasting

5pm Indie Bottlers Tasting

7pm Saturday night cocktails

Sunday 18th October

12pm Desert Island Drams, with Eddie Ludlow

2pm English Single Malt Tasting

4pm Peated Whiskies

You can take part in as many, or as few sessions as you like. Each session has its corresponding ‘Whisky Festival in a Box’ which you can purchase  by clicking the button below.

Each £35 Whisky Festival in a Box of your choice also comes with the following goodies…

A Glencairn ‘Whisky Festival in a Box’ Tasting Glass

A TWL Pin Badge

A can of Larkfire spring water

A pipette to add said water to your whisky

Four mystery world whiskies for you to guess the provenance of…

Plus, the first 50 people to purchase a £35 tasting pack can get a £20 quiz pack free! Just enter the code FREEQUIZ at the top of the order page, then select the Quiz Pack, along with the Festival in a Box of your choice.

There are more brands and distilleries confirming everyday so be sure to like our Facebook page to keep yourself bang up to date.

The event will be broadcast via Streamyard onto our Facebook page and YouTube Channel. If you are not able to make the live broadcast, you will be able to watch it later on either platform.

If you have a festival ticket for any of our 2020 festivals, and would like to instead use the value of this towards one or more of the tasting boxes, please click HERE.

Check out the TWL Festival in a Box NOW


Don’t forget to catch up on the latest whisky news from Connas HERE and we look forward to seeing you – on-line – soon!

In the meantime – Stay Safe. Stay in. Have a dram.

Sláinte and best wishes,
Eddie, and the whole Whisky Lounge Team


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