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Treating your loved one to a membership with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is a gift that is sure to delight, long after the tree is tidied away

Being part of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society opens up a new world of adventures for the whisky-lover in your life. Unique experiences are at the heart of this colourful whisky club, and annual membership starts from just £65.

No other club offers the variety and ever-changing range of the Society’s one-off whiskies, released each month in a new selection from across the complete spectrum of flavour profiles.

Every Society single malt whisky is hand-picked by its expert Tasting Panel for its exceptional quality and intriguing character. Distinctive, diverse and strictly limited to the contents of one cask, each bottling is a case study in flavour and a precious opportunity to experience whisky in its purest form.

But being part of the global community of more than 26,000 whisky fans goes way beyond the Society’s outstanding single-cask spirits. Membership provides exclusive access to Members’ Rooms in Edinburgh and London, with a brand-new Glasgow location opening early next year, as well as a calendar of UK-wide tasting events.


The Society’s annual festive market takes the Christmas shopping experience to a whole new level at 28 Queen Street, Edinburgh. Guests can pick up artisan gifts such as local beers, chocolates, charcuterie and trinkets. Attendees can also purchase incredible whiskies, all while enjoying a relaxing dram and escaping the hustle and bustle.

Standard tickets to the Christmas market start at £5 (including a dram) and are available here: https://www.smws.com/qs-xmas-market-2019

The holidays are all about catching up with your nearest and dearest, and the SMWS has a calendar jam-packed with experiences throughout November and December. The SMWS gives festivities a twist with tastings, masterclasses and delicious food pairings: www.smws.com/events 


A year’s membership to the Society costs £65 and provides whisky-lovers with benefits throughout the year, including access to the multi award-winning monthly outturns of around 20 new single cask whiskies; free subscription to Unfiltered, its award-winning members’ magazine; and a calendar of colourful events and intriguing whisky experiences to share alongside other like-minded members.

Tailor your membership with a choice of add-ons available:

  • MEMBERSHIP & BOTTLE OF THE MOMENT (£110): the most popular option – surprise and delight your senses by adding a specially selected bottle of the moment to annual membership.

whisky and discover your favourite flavour by exploring five 25ml single cask Society samples.

  • MEMBERSHIP & TASTING TICKETS (£125): bring a guest to enjoy the good company of fellow members by coming along to a regular whisky tasting event (up to the value of £70). 
  • MEMBERSHIP & THREE DRAM SERVE (£80): perfect for getting to know each other, visit UK Members’ Rooms for a chat and an informal three-dram tasting.
  • PIONEER WELCOME PACK (£130): – annual membership PLUS a beautiful welcome pack containing three 10cl sample bottles, a £5 e-voucher, SMWS journal and club lapel badge.

To buy membership to The Scotch Malt Whisky Society as a gift this Christmas, visit: https://bit.ly/2zofcP4 


The SMWS has its spiritual home at The Vaults in Leith, Edinburgh as well as a Members’ Room at 28 Queen Street in the city centre. Non-members can also experience a range of single cask whiskies and other spirits at the Kaleidoscope Whisky bar, as well as a selection of fantastic food in the renowned Dining Room.

As well as locations in Edinburgh, the SMWS has an exclusive Members’ Room at 19 Greville Street in London’s Farringdon district, and also recently announced plans for a new Members’ Room in Glasgow. It is set to open on Bath Street in early 2020, providing a perfect place for the high number of dedicated members in and around the city to share a dram.

SMWS Partner Bars are every bit as extraordinary as the Society’s malts. With nearly 100 worldwide locations, they’re ideal for experiencing a one-off single malt Scotch whisky.


f: https://www.facebook.com/thesmwsuk

i: https://www.instagram.com/smws_uk/

t: https://twitter.com/SMWSUK

yt: https://www.youtube.com/user/SMWSsilverscreen/videos



About The Scotch Malt Whisky Society 

  • The Scotch Malt Whisky Society was established in Edinburgh in 1983 and now has more than 26,000 members and branches around the world
  • The SMWS bottles rare single cask, single malt whisky, and a range of other spirits
  • The Society bottles single malts, unique single casks and exclusive blends
  • The Society has bottled whisky from more than 138 distilleries from Scotland and beyond
  • The Society offers a new batch of around 20 single cask, single malt whiskies every month
  • The Society offers a variety of membership packages which can be tailored. Please see https://bit.ly/2uqKanT
  • For more information about the Society, visit https://bit.ly/2HHiNyC
  • Twitter: @SMWSUK Facebook: @thesmwsuk Instagram: @smws_uk


Nickolls & Perks Exclusive Single Cask Edradour! – Scotch Whisky News


70CL | 57.4%



Selected exclusively for Nickolls & Perks, this single cask Edradour by Signatory Vintage was distilled in December 2006, and aged for 12 years in a refill sherry hogshead. On November 4th 2019, it was released at natural cask strength with an outturn of only 272 bottles, just in time for Christmas.


Thick cut marmalade and malty brown bread to begin, then some apple strudel with extra clove and nutmeg spice. Packed with sultanas and raisins, some creamy liqueur coffee, dark honey, fig jam and aromatic-nutty sherry wood.

Malt loaf and stewed plums open up to rich sherry oak and honey roasted nuts. Some treacle toffee, mocha and some savoury elements (think treacle baked clove studded Christmas ham). Late caramelised pineapple and well polished/rounded oak.

Brown bread and butter pudding and plum and damson compote. Some anise, dark honey and baked apples stuffed with dried fruit, and lingering autumnal leafy/nutty notes.

We think this takes the ever popular Edradour single malt onto another level, and offers a wonderfully balanced and elegant sherry oak character.


EDRADOUR DISTILLERY Dating back to 1825, Edradour is commonly known for being the smallest traditional distillery in  Scotland. Tucked into the heart of Perthsire, the distillery, known as the ‘little model village’ is one of the most picturesque spots to share a dram.


Scotch Malt Whisky Society “December Outturn alert” – Scotch Whisky News

Enjoy a sleigh-load of festive surprises in our new December Outturn, bringing ideas and inspiration for Christmas gifts, festive flavours for the party season or just a well-earned treat for yourself. Click over to our website now to read the new Outturn and start your Christmas wish list.


The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ

Contact: sales@smws.com or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information

This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video


A Truly Singular Whisky Opportunity — Clynelish 23 Year Old – Scotch Whisky News


A Legendary Single Malt at a Jaw-Dropping Price
Clynelish 23 Year Old “Signatory Vintage Black Label” K&L Exclusive Single 2nd Fill Sherry Butt #11239 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky 

It’s a simple fact that Signatory is responsible for some of the finest Scotches on the market today. Simply put, their access to the world’s finest casks is beyond compare. Such access comes at a price, however, as their finds command a premium. That being said, every once in a blue moon, we find an outstanding value hidden in their impressive portfolio. Such is the case with the breathtaking Clynelish 23 Year Old “Signatory Vintage Black Label.” A profound expression by any measure, it is among the most compelling single malts we’ve encountered this year. Wrapped in a stately black label, it is dressed in a manner befitting its high standing. We’ve sold younger versions of Clynelish for considerably more, so while $250 may seem pricey to some, it is, in fact, an amazing value of the highest order. As the notes below will attest, this a profound expression that will leave those who enjoy sherried casks clamoring for more. Rich, complex, and heady, it operates on a multitude of levels, drawing one back again and again. While we secured as much as we could, there’s simply never enough of a spirit of this caliber to go around. You really don’t want to miss out on this, the most thrilling Scotch find of 2019.

Clynelish 23 Year Old “Signatory Vintage Black Label” K&L Exclusive Single 2nd Fill Sherry Butt #11239 Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky (750ml) ($249.99)

Over the years, Signatory has bottled some of K&L’s most profound casks. We’ve been afforded unprecedented access to some of Scotland’s rarest malts by our friends in Pitlochry. Often, we fall in love with a cask and are willing to pay a premium to work with Signatory Vintage because their offerings are so superlative. That means they might not be able to offer the same outrageous “value” on paper that our other direct bottlings do, but the premium is always worth it. Under rare circumstances, that paradigm is flipped upside down, they’ll offer an unbelievably special malt at below market prices. (Thinking Ladyburn 36?) This Clynelish fits perfectly into that category. Of course, it’s not inexpensive, but considering the rarity and quality of the spirit and what we’ve happily paid for younger Clynelish NOT aged in sherry, this is truly one of the best deals we’ve ever offered. We loved this cask so much we thought it deserved a special label. But it was not by chance that we located this wonderful whisky in the Signatory warehouse. We initially tasted a 20-year-old version at the Highlander Inn in Craigellachie bottled in 2016 by the venerated Japanese Whisky Society “Whisky Hoop.” After falling in love, we ferreted out one of the final casks from this batch at Signatory. As an homage to the venerable society in Japan, we’ve used the same iconic black label we saw that night. The striking package fits this delectable whisky perfectly. A true legend in our midst

David Othenin-Girard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 21, 2019

There’s little dispute that Clynelish is one of Scotland’s best distillers. There’s something ethereal and otherworldly about this spirit, even in its most pedestrian offerings. But unless you’re a real hunter, searching for the great independently bottled casks that dot the shelves of world’s finest bars and retail shops, you’ve likely had limited experience with this amazing malt. We’ve only been offered Clynelish a few times in our history and we’ve never passed up an opportunity to bottle it. It’s hard to remember a cask coming anywhere close to the superlative quality of this second-fill sherry butt. Even the magical 21 year old Sovereign wax top, which perhaps highlights the quality of the spirit more obviously, doesn’t achieve the incredible intensity and depth of this unprecedented butt. Clynelish is a powerful malt. It can sometimes feel overwhelming or too loud, especially when paired with something as overt as a sherry butt. But when we found this barrel, one of the last available in the Signatory warehouses, we were prepared to pay whatever it took to get these bottles here. What’s most incredible about this special whisky is that the distinct distillery character still shines through behind the obvious sherry influence. The butt in question was objectively one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen. Deep dark mahogany, very thick and obviously very, very old. And the whisky is significantly darker in bottle than I’d expected it to be. One tiny whiff and you’re transported directly to the banks of the North Sea, the cold, salty air whipping across your exposed face. Deep and profound like the ocean itself, this whisky exists as a relic of a previous era.

Immediately, we’ve entered the dark, damp warehouse with notes of moss; the finest fresh tobacco leaves; old leather; beeswax; wild honey; whiffs of almond butter; sweet, crunchy caramel tuiles; cinnamon poached pear; roasted herbs; and black tea. On the palate it is rich, almost chewy, in texture. Bold, savory saltiness comes through as well as the ripest orchard fruit. More leather, machined metal, pure dark chocolate, exotic mahogany, and big spices. Something like stepping into a 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom and eating the machine piece by piece from the inside out. With a bit of water, the big, rich stone fruit comes out in front of the savory notes. Still on the palate the saltiness is absolutely unquestionable. Bold spice, rich in weight, and completely overwhelming textually. Only the tiniest bit of water, if any, is really needed. This one loves air. This is the total package here. I don’t expect to see many more whiskies of this caliber in our future. Without a doubt, the single malt of the year for me.

Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 21, 2019

This is the one people will ask about for years to come. It’s bound to enter the rarefied air of “legendary cask.” Frankly, it’s one of the greatest whiskies we’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, let alone choosing to buy. Twenty-three long years in a sherry butt of superlative quality has proved to be exactly the thing Clynelish needs to draw every one of its facets out into the open. The nose is balanced between orange zest, roasted and candied nuts, succulent orchard fruit, a bit of pipe tobacco, a dusting of crushed stone, spice, and everything nice. The palate is dark and chewy, almost brooding. It matches the maple syrup color and sweet profile. There is a savory thread from the tip of the tongue all the way to the back of your throat that adds complexity and a counterpoint to all of the sweet cask and malt notes. The finish is expansive. Every nerve on your palate is alive and buzzing after you finish a sip. It’s simply a perfect whisky. Fortunately, sherry butts are huge and this one provided 516 bottles of liquid gold. Sadly, it won’t be nearly enough. Once you’ve tasted this number and looked at its sexy vintage black label, you will simply need to fill the safe with as many bottles as you can stuff in there, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime dram.

Will Blakely | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 20, 2019

Without question, this is nectar from the gods. For those who do not know, Clynelish is famous among aficionados for a unique waxy character in its distillate. Combined with the sherry in this barrel, it forms a rich, buttery structure on which layers and layers of intense flavor build up and coalesce into a magical elixir. The wood and spice tones remind me in some ways of old, vintage Madeira. Instead of the syrupy sweetness, though, you get juicy golden apple, honeyed biscuits and a heavenly, ethereal malt profile. With just a hint of iodine and that trademark paraffin, it achieves an impossible balance between sweet and savory – power and grace. The flavor seems to last for days, and I want to savor every second of it.

Cameron Hoppas | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 19, 2019

This scotch has gravity. In nosing my glass aromas of burnt sugar, butterscotch and sweet warm cereals. In sipping, the spirit has mouth filling round texture. It’s incredibly smooth, if not a bit powerful and weighty at full strength. With a little drop of water the aromas open up beautifully welcoming you back into the glass. It’s with this little drop of water that the complexity of the spirit comes through. It feels less heavy and reveals the true density and complexity of the spirit itself, even at a lower proof, you taste it more. This is a serious bottle of whiskey.

Tim Telli | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 19, 2019

With the very finest wines and whiskies I find I can almost get as much pleasure from smelling them as opposed to drinking them. This is one of those times. The nose on this old whisky is incredible. It draws you in with hints of toffee and molasses. Despite being bottled at 56% ABV I prefer it neat since there is enough sherry cask richness and complexity to it. An awesome bottle of whisky, plus I love the old school label on it.

Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 19, 2019

There is SOOOO much going on in this Scotch. Looking at the deep mahogany color, I was worried that the sherry barrel would have too much of an effect on the spirit. Luckily, this was a refill sherry butt and my fears were unfounded, because this is a damn beautiful whisky. Dark honey and nougat aromas start the lips smacking in anticipation. Then more austere and savory aromas emerge and meld with the sweeter components. Earl Grey tea, cedar shavings, espresso, and some umami meatiness. There’s nuttiness that combines roasted almonds and pecan pralines. There is also some of the signature spiciness that Clynelish often has with dusty black pepper, cayenne, clove, and some menthol too. This is easily one of the best drams I’ve had all year.

🎄🥃 Rich and decadent whiskies perfect for Christmas Day! – Scotch Whisky News

Fine Whiskies Perfect for Christmas Day

Discover these truly luxurious drams that will make Christmas feel extra special. Rich and decadent whiskies, perfect for the festivities!

Macallan 18 Year Old Sherry Oak 2019

70cl / 43% abv

Buy Now

Ralfy Presents “Three great gift whiskies for winter” – Scotch Whisky News

ralfy.com on gift-whiskies !


Douglas Laing Represents Two Iconic Whisky Regions with New Bottlings Under Super-Premium XOP Black Brand – Scotch Whisky News

Douglas Laing Represents Two Iconic Whisky Regions with New Bottlings

Under Super-Premium XOP Black Brand

Douglas Laing & Co, award-winning independent Scotch Whisky firm, has unveiled two antique Single Cask releases under its Xtra Old Particular Black Series.

The family business, which recently announced its acquisition of Strathearn Distillery in Perthshire, says the two latest XOP Black bottlings “represent perhaps the two most iconic Whisky regions – Islay and Speyside – and are amongst the finest Single Casks bottled in our 71-year history”.

The first, a Single Cask distilled at Islay’s Caol Ila Distillery in 1979, is said to be “exceptionally herbal, pelagic and mouth-puckeringly salted”. The hogshead cask yielded just 160 bottles, at a natural Cask Strength of 51.2%.

Alongside the Caol Ila 40 Years Old offering is a hogshead from the Macallan Distillery, distilled in 1989 and bottled at 30 Years Old. Just 230 bottles of this XOP Black bottling are available, with tasting notes including “muscovado sugar, marzipan and oranges”. Offered at natural Cask Strength of 46% and without colouring or chill-filtration, Douglas Laing & Co proclaim that these new releases are “as close as some will come to experiencing that rarest of pleasures – sampling a dram, straight from its cask, in the hallowed surroundings of a distillery warehouse.”

Chris Leggat, CEO in the family business, remarks:

 “This is an exceptional duo unveiled at an incredibly exciting time for Douglas Laing & Co. From two of Scotland’s best known and loved distilleries, our new XOP Black Series releases represent the absolute pinnacle of antique Scotch Whiskies, from casks selected at their peak of perfection by Fred Laing himself. Only a tiny percentage of the Whisky-loving community will experience the decades of maturation and impact of quality wood on these two rare gems, and we truly hope those individuals savour every last drop”.

The latest XOP Black Series bottlings – Caol Ila Vintage 1979 and Macallan Vintage 1989 – are expected to retail at £1500 and £4000 respectively at specialist spirits retailers globally.



Facebook: www.facebook.com/douglaslaingwhisky

Twitter: @dlaingwhisky

Douglas Laing & Co. is a leading independent Scotch Whisky blender and bottler specialising in the selection and release of Single Cask Single and Small Batch Malt Scotch Whiskies.

 The company was founded by Fred Douglas Laing in 1948 and is still owned and run by the Laing family – Fred Laing Jr and his daughter Cara Laing.

The company philosophy is to bottle the way the distiller intended – at a high strength and without chill filtration to preserve the robust and unique character of the Whisky. Douglas Laing’s industry reputation and many awards is testament to this ethos.

Douglas Laing’s Remarkable Regional Malts, the Ultimate Distillation of Scotland’s Malt Whisky Regions, encompasses The Epicurean Lowland Malt Scotch Whisky, Timorous Beastie (Highlands), Scallywag (Speyside), The Gauldrons (Campbeltown), Rock Island (from the Islands) and Big Peat (Islay). Beyond its Blended Malts expertise, the award-winning Douglas Laing portfolio also includes Provenance, Premier Barrel, Old Particular and XOP, collectively known as the firm’s “Exceptional Single Casks”.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada December 2019 Outturn – Scotch Whisky News

Give the joy of discovery this Christmas: bring happiness and good cheer with our seasonal selection of gift ideas and single cask stocking stuffers.


CASK NO. 112.28

CASK:  1st fill hogshead

AGE:  15 years

FLAVOUR PROFILE:  Sweet, fruity & mellow


CASK NO:  9.145

CASK:  1st fill barrel

AGE:  8 years

FLAVOUR PROFILE:  Sweet & spicy


CASK NO:  35.241

CASK:  Refill barrel

AGE:  13 years

FLAVOUR PROFILE:  Sweet & spicy


CASK NO:  1.210

CASK:  Refill hogshead

AGE:  7 years

FLAVOUR PROFILE:  Juicy, oak & vanilla


CASK NO:  66.138

CASK:  Refill hogshead

AGE: 20 years

FLAVOUR PROFILE:  Lightly peated


CASK NO. 122.26

CASK:  2nd fill hogshead

AGE:  7 years

FLAVOUR PROFILE:  Lightly peated

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada
Suite 160
104 – 1240 Kensington Road NW
Calgary, AB  T2N 3P7

Maker’s Mark 46 K&L Exclusive “Barrel #6” Private Select Kentucky Bourbon – American Whiskey News

A Gloriously Crafted K&L Exclusive Barrel
Maker’s Mark 46 K&L Exclusive “Barrel #6” Private Select Kentucky Bourbon (750ml) ($69.99)

An impressive follow up to the much-adored barrel #5, we have another immaculately crafted Maker’s 46 exclusive. Through an innovative program, our spirits buyers are given the opportunity to blend their own unique K&L bottling based on the addition of different wood stave types to a barrel of Maker’s 46. The barrel is then stored in a specially designed warehouse carved into the side of a hill that allows the perfect aging conditions. The results carry the trademark characteristics of Maker’s Mark yet possess their own distinctive stamps. Barrel #6 is the result of the combined efforts of the Maker’s Mark team and K&L’s very own Neal Fischer. To achieve an extra toasty flavor Neal used a high proportion of seared French cuvée staves and toasted French spice staves. The result is nothing short of transcendent. A mesmerizing blend of baking spice, vanilla, brown sugar, and, of course, toasty oak, it is a phenomenal bourbon that’s big on flavor. Made in the vein of Pappy Van Winkle and Old Fitzgerald, it is destined to become an instant hit with the wheater crowd. $70 is a terrific price for an exclusive bottling of this caliber. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Private Select releases, you simply have to try this singular expression.

Maker’s Mark 46 K&L Exclusive “Barrel #6” Private Select Kentucky Bourbon (750ml) ($69.99)

The unique blending process for the Maker’s Mark Private Select casks offers a seemingly endless array of possibilities (it’s actually 1,001 possible combinations, but it’ll take us a while to do them all). The basic premise of the program is this – Maker’s Mark selects and vats 30 casks of the regular cask strength Maker’s Mark together, they then refill the barrels from that vatting with the now small batch whisky and add in a 10 stave recipe. No more, no less. The “recipe” of which 10 staves are added are selected by the buyer of the barrel and can be in any combination from their 5 unique wood/toasting regimes. The only additional rule is that you cannot do 10 of the same stave. Our 6th Maker’s Private Select cask is hung with one baked American pure 2 stave, four seared French cuvee, two Maker’s 46 (for the Maker’s 46 bottling, they hang 10 of these), and three toasted French spice staves. This recipe was created by Neal Fischer, Redwood City Spirits Liaison. It’s all Maker’s Mark, with a big French oak twist—the higher toned aromatics are clear and the added spice comes through on the palate.

Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: October 12, 2019

Neal and I have a friendly rivalry going since we blended these casks side by side. While I may swear in good fun that “my” cask is better, the truth is they’re both excellent, but very, very different. Slightly darker in color and tone than cask #5, Neal’s cask #6 is more the bass, while #5 occupies an alto range of flavors. Much weightier on the palate, the heavier use of French oak creates a deep and varied array of chocolates, coffee, toffee, and hints of herbs that lay down the funky bass line for a Maker’s walk on the wild side. A perfect cigar bourbon if you will, or just a lovely sweet treat to cap off a glorious night.

Neal Fischer | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: October 12, 2019

Ahhh, the austere and amazing Barrel 6 (a.k.a. The Neal Barrel)! This was such a fun project, and I’m glad that Maker’s Mark invited Andrew and I to blend not just one, but TWO batches of Private Select for K&L. It was amazing how different the bourbon can be with slight changes to the stave additions. So, it isn’t too much of a surprise that my barrel is vastly different from Andrew’s. This blend that I concocted makes use of a high proportion of seared French cuvée staves and toasted French spice staves. The extra toast and focus on French oak more than American gives this bottling a truly robust woody snap and a big, spicy bite. If Andrew’s batch is like classic Maker’s Mark, brilliantly intensified, then the Neal barrel is like Maker’s Mark’s edgier older cousin who got kicked out of school as a teenager. Cinnamon cooked in butter, baked clove, and fresh pepper hit the nose first. The scents get darker and spicier with more nosing with additions of powdered cocoa. On the palate, there’s molasses and burnt sugar, then tannic oak spice. Toward the finish, coffee and more savory elements emerge. This bourbon is bold and beautiful.

Jackson Lee | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: November 08, 2019

Trying our two barrels side by side was a fun experience and clearly highlights the effects different staves can have on the whiskey. While barrel #5 had fruitier esters, #6 has more oak influence and baking spices, raisin box, umeshu, peanut brittle and demerara sugar dominate the nose. The palate is ridiculously soft as notes of brown sugar, orange peel, and rice crispy treats mix with a sweet herbal note and a slow burn building up to the finish.

Jeffrey Jones | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: October 14, 2019

This barrel tastes better with a splash of water, which seems to open it up and to release the flavors and aromas that this barrel has to offer. The nose is sweet with a floral background. In the mouth it is a rich honey sweet with some subtle spice flavors. The finish is long and sweet.

Stefanie Juelsgaard | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: October 08, 2019

While Barrel #5 may play into a more classic, true-to-form style of American bourbon, this Barrel #6 hits you with a lot more exotic spice and lifted character. Pretty, with fewer American oak notes, this is a fun break from the classic Maker’s Mark profile. This is a phenomenal example of how much flavor the combination of staves can add to a whisky. A true one-off, single barrel that won’t be back once it’s gone.

The Whisky Barrel “The Holidays Are Coming…brace your elves! 🎄” – Scotch Whisky News

We Have The Holidays All Wrapped Up!

TWB Top Whisky Picks This Festive Season

With our hand-wrapped festive gift wrapping and a huge selection of whiskies and rums, we have the Holidays all wrapped up!


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