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Old Pulteney unveils new collection to signal brand evolution – Scotch Whisky News

OP Collection

Old Pulteney unveils new collection to signal brand evolution

New expressions set sail for the maritime malt

14 August 2018 – Distilled and matured by the sea, Old Pulteney single malt Scotch whisky is the true maritime malt and we’re excited to embark on a new voyage with the launch of our new core collection featuring our flagship 12 Years Old, Huddart, 15 and 18 Years Old.   This move marks a reinvigoration of the core range for the award-winning Caithness-based distillery, complemented by distinctive new design and packaging.

This new collection signals an evolution for the brand, with a renewed vigour around the maritime malt yet staying true to Old Pulteney’s rich heritage and traditions.  This introduction supports a wider drive to ensure strong consumer relevance and appeal, with the new whiskies consistent with the renowned house style and provenance; yet bringing some new flavours to the fore.

Defined and shaped by its stunning coastal location, Old Pulteney has a highly distinctive character infused by the unique combination of brisk sea air and meticulous cask selection.   Each of the new whiskies tell their own story and bring their own part of the Old Pulteney legacy to life.

OP Collection 4

Celebrating the birthplace of Old Pulteney, Huddart (ABV 46%) is rich gold in colour. A distinctively smoky take on its signature single malt scotch whiskies, Huddart is richly warming and combines influence from the salt-infused sea air with peat smoke, delivering a mellow and smoky whisky with real character, depth and identity. RRP £45.

A naturally rich, amber-coloured whisky, the 15 Years Old expression (ABV 46%) is Old Pulteney’s most balanced and smoothest single malt whisky yet. Bursting with aromas of rich dried fruit, ripe apples and citrus, with honey sweetness and a generous chord of creamy vanilla, 15 Years Old effortlessly brings together two different sides of the flavour spectrum. RRP £70.

Completing the new portfolio, 18 Years Old (ABV 46%) takes its character and colour entirely from the American oak casks and Spanish sherry butts in which it has been nurtured, delivering a deep amber colour. This indulgent and deeply warming expression features notes of chocolate and spice, but allow for the influence of more vibrant, zesty flavours. RRP £115.

The new collection is complemented with the addition of the repackaged flagship Old Pulteney 12 Years Old.

The golden-coloured 12 Years Old expression (ABV 40%) is the perfect place to start your Old Pulteney journey, with a flavour which is welcoming and effortless. 12 Years Old embodies the maritime malt characteristic that has become synonymous with Old Pulteney whiskies. It has been matured for 12 years in ex-bourbon casks, marrying together the salty flavours of the sea with the influence of American oak, to bring sweetness into play, and create a classic expression. RRP £32.

The collection of four whiskies also has a striking new design, which freshens up the overall look yet created around the existing, highly distinctive Old Pulteney bottle shape.

The collection will be available from 14th August in the UK with our preferred partners The Whisky Exchange, The Whisky Shop, Royal Mile Whiskies, and Sutherland Brothers, thereafter, there will be a phased global roll out.

For further information about Old Pulteney visit https://www.oldpulteney.com/

OP Collection1


Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Defined and shaped by its stunning coastal location, Old Pulteney single malt Scotch whisky owes much to its home town of Wick.  Established in 1826 at a time when the town was home to a thriving fishing port, Old Pulteney has a strong place in the heart and history of this coastal community.

Being distilled and matured by the sea coupled with meticulous cask selection creates a distinctive flavour which sets it apart from other single malt Scotch whiskies. 

With traditional warehouses exposed to the invigorating sea air blowing in off the North Sea, Old Pulteney captures the taste of the sea in every drop of its liquid gold; from subtle coastal chords to more defined salty notes.

Delivering a flavour spectrum from vanilla to spice with an added hint of saltiness, Old Pulteney takes you from vibrancy to indulgence.

OP Collection 2

Old Pulteney Core Collection Tasting Notes 

Old Pulteney 12 Years Old: Wholly matured in air dried, hand selected ex-bourbon casks, mostly second fill American oak.

On the palate, 12 Years Old offers a distinctive salty top note, reminiscent of the Caithness coast, whilst soft citrus pairs with dark caramel and creamy vanilla for sweetness. This is complemented by a firm bodied and smooth flavour where sweet notes of honey and cream develop into ripe, fruity overtones and fresh spice, with a long-lasting subtly salty finish.

Old Pulteney Huddart: This expression takes its name from the street on which Pulteney distillery is located, which in turn is named after Captain Joseph Huddart, a hydrographer who had provided maps and charts for the British Fisheries Society – the builders of Pulteneytown and its harbour.  He was also for a period a Director of the British Fisheries Society.

Matured in second fill American oak, ex bourbon casks then finished in ex-bourbon casks that had previously held heavily peated whisky.

After initial notes of mellow wood smoke, honey and oily leather, Huddart later blooms into crisp green apple, with creamy vanilla and a hint of burnt toffee in the background. Flavours of freshly-ground spices and soft vanilla balance the central notes of smoke and peat fire, supported by richly sweet and distinctly salty coastal flavours in the background, together reminiscent of salted caramel.

Old Pulteney 15 Years Old: Matured in second fill American oak, ex-bourbon casks, followed by a period of further maturation in first fill Spanish oak, ex Oloroso butts.

Uniting spice and sweetness together, its flavour evokes Christmas cake and fragrant spices, with layers of chocolate and a distinct dark toffee sweetness, whilst the finish delivers a hint of salty sea air.

Old Pulteney 18 Years Old: Matured in second fill American oak, ex bourbon casks, followed by a period of further maturation in first fill Spanish, ex-Oloroso sherry butts.

The rich chocolate and creamy vanilla flavour makes 18 Years Old a true indulgence, further enriched by the sweetness of honey tempered by vibrant spices. This is layered with honeyed spices and Christmas cake, whilst floral notes lend a dash of finesse, complemented by zesty hints of citrus and green apple to a lively, long finish.

About International Beverage 

International Beverage Holdings (www.interbevgroup.com) was established in 2005 as the international arm of ThaiBev, one of South East Asia’s leading alcohol beverage companies. With a network of regional offices in Asia, Europe and North America, the company is responsible for the production, sales, marketing and distribution of a portfolio of premium global brands in over 80 countries and territories.

Inver House Distillers (www.inverhouse.com) is globally integrated into International Beverage Holdings and drives the distillation and maturation of Scotch through its five distilleries. The holding was also named ‘Distiller of the Year’ 2017 in the Scotland round of Whisky Magazine’s annual Icons of Whisky Awards.

International Beverage brands include:

  • Chang Beer: Thailand’s iconic beer brand
  • Single Malt Scotch Whiskies: Old Pulteney, Balblair, anCnoc, Speyburn
  • Blended Whiskies: Hankey Bannister
  • Mekhong: ‘The Spirit of Thailand’ since 1941
  • Caorunn – a small batch distilled Scottish Gin infused with 5 Celtic botanicals

The company’s success is built on the combination of a strong understanding of local cultures and markets with the creation of a truly global operational network.  Brand building pays respect to heritage, provenance and craftsmanship whilst delivering innovative and highly effective strategies at global level. A skilled and dedicated team of more than 12 nationalities speaking over 14 languages delivers the highest standards of customer service and attention to detail across all aspects of the business.

All U.S. Penderyn Expressions Have Won Gold Medals! – Welsh Whisky News

The Whole Penderyn Range Took Home The Gold!

The entire U.S. Penderyn lineup has won gold in “The World’s Most Highly Regarded Series of Blind Tasting Competitions”!”

We’ve been picking up gold medals at international whisky shows for a few years now, but were nevertheless absolutely thrilled to discover that we have won no less than 6 Gold medals at the Spirits Business World Whisky Masters 2018.”

‘With this validation, and with exports growing, it’s clear that Penderyn is establishing itself in the whisky world and we’re very excited for the distillery’s prospects in the years ahead’ 
~ Stephen Davies

For the past decade, the Masters has sought to retain its individuality as the only blind spirits tasting competition to use carefully selected and completely independent judges, including experienced bartenders, spirits journalists, and spirits educators..

Entrants can rest assured that their product has been measured constructively and without bias by our panels of trained professionals.

If you’ve made it this far in the email, you might have noticed that there is one expression that hasn’t been available yet, but will be soon – Penderyn Sherrywood!  Stay tuned for this one, as it’s already generating lots of buzz, and will arrive at the beginning of September.

Thanks again for being part of our family and enjoying these fine whiskies with us!

We’ll be in touch about other exciting news as the year drinks on … 

Please feel free to reach out for more details on the bottlings: office@impexbev.com

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BenRiach Single Casks at Loch Fyne Whiskies – Scotch Whisky News

AA LFW Header

BenRiach Batch 15

The BenRiach single cask release is always snapped up by collectors and fans of the Speyside distillery, and this year’s Batch 15 was no different – fortunately we’ve managed to get our hands on some more stock, so you have a rare second chance to grab one of these limited editions.

Next day UK delivery available
We ship all over the world!

BenRiach Batch 15 2007 #3236



BenRiach Batch 15 2007 #3071



BenRiach Batch 15 2008 #2048



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LINKWOOD 25 YEAR OLD 1992 DUN BHEAGAN #14862 #14863 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News

Linkwood 25 Year Old 1992 Dun Bheagan

LINKWOOD 25 YEAR OLD 1992 DUN BHEAGAN #14862 #14863

Linkwood 25 Year Old 1992 vintage Speyside single malt Scotch whisky. Matured in hogsheads #14862 #14863 bottled 2018 by Ian MacLeod for the Dun Bheagan series. 530 bottles. Linkwood Distillery was established in 1821 by Peter Brown in the Speyside whiskey region. This is a malt whiskey distillery equipped with six stills and whilst a large percentage of Linkwood whiskey flows into blends an increasing volume is appearing as single malt whiskey. There are some excellent independent releases including vintages such as Linkwood 1969 and Linkwood 1972 from Gordon & MacPhail.
TWB 337


Mossburn Distillery Tasting The Whisky Shop #SFO August 18th, 2018 – Scotch Whisky News


Saturday,  August 18th, 2:30-5:30PM: 

Single Malt Scotch Tasting: Mossburn Distillery

Expand your whisky knowledge at our expert-presented traditional whisky tasting, featuring Scotland’s Mossburn distillery.

The Mossburn signature line is a masterfully blended whisky, double-matured in three different cask woods to create rich and smokey flavors. In addition to masterful blenders Mossburn is also a discerning bottler of rare and notable whiskies, including limited-edition releases from select Highland and Speyside distilleries like Blair Athol, Ardmore and Craigellachie to name a few

We’ll be pouring a variety of new and rare Mossburn releases, with whisky experts present for all your whisky questions.

More Details & RSVP



Sullivans Cove Distillery to Release Limited Edition American Oak Tawny Cask as part of New Label Series – Tasmanian Whisky News

SC AO Tawny Profile_Natalie Mendham

Sullivans Cove Distillery to Release Limited Edition American Oak Tawny Cask as part of New Label Series

In the ongoing spirit of innovation at Sullivans Cove, several exciting new whisky styles will be released in the coming years. These new styles are the result of years of successful experiments with various ageing techniques, yielding new flavours for whisky lovers to enjoy. The new labels will sit within the Sullivans Cove core range of French Oak Single Cask, American Oak Single Cask, and Double Cask.

The first whisky to be released is a single American oak cask that was previously used to age tawny (Australian port style) fortified wine. This differs from the traditional Sullivans Cove American Oak releases which use ex-bourbon casks. The flavour profile of the cask sits somewhere in between Sullivans Cove French and American Oak styles, combining the malt and vanilla sweetness of American oak with the rich dried fruit character of fortified wine. Both Sullivans Cove French Oak and American Oak have won “World’s Best” titles in recent years, so American Oak Tawny represents the best of both worlds.

According to Sullivans Cove Head Distiller Patrick Maguire, “When we filled these casks about a decade ago, we had already seen good results from American oak bourbon and French oak tawny casks, so we thought it was time to experiment with different kinds of oak. We couldn’t be happier with the results. We’ve laid more down recently but they won’t be ready for at least ten years, so this is a great opportunity to try some of our early successes.”

The first cask, TD0074, was aged for 11 years, bottled at 47.5% ABV and produced only 488 bottles. This whisky has notes of cherry blossom, dried apples, and liquorice for a sweet, aromatic and broad nose. Intense nuttiness with beeswax and musky oak balances the sweet aromas along with vanilla bean, warm citrus and milk chocolate flavours. This cask will be made available to subscribers of the Sullivans Cove mailing list first, with any remaining stock released to the public at a later date.

Managing Director Adam Sable says “transparency is really important to us, so we want people to understand that both the kind of oak itself, as well as what the cask was previously used for, have a major influence on the character of our whiskies. This release has been aged in American Oak, so it’s getting a black label just like our standard release. But because that cask was previously used to age tawny fortified wine instead of bourbon, we’re giving it a blue stripe so people understand there’s a different flavour profile here.”

Expect to see other releases within this series in the future, including other American and French Oak variations, as well as special editions of Double Cask, like the recent collaboration between Sullivans Cove and Melbourne venue Whisky & Alement to create a bespoke vatted expression.

SC AO Tawny Diagonal Tag 2_Natalie Mendham

Technical Notes

Ingredients: 100% Tasmania malted barley and 100% Tasmanian mountain water (no colours, sugars or flavours added)

Cask: TD0074

Type of cask: 300L American Oak Ex-Tawny

Fill Date: 01/02/2006

Bottle Date: 23/05/2017

Age: 11 yo

Alcohol: 47.5% ABV

Volume: 700ml

Sullivans Cove American Oak Tawny single cask single malt whisky price – $400 per bottle.



Mailing List Link



Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada August 2018 Outturn – Scotch Whisky News

SMWS.ca Aug 2018

Leave behind your preconceptions, open your mind and set your compass to intriguing adventure as August Outturn brings new out-of-this-world bottlings that indulge the senses. 


7 years old; 2nd fill barrel; 56.9%; Juicy, oak & vanilla

The aroma of sweet jasmine is followed by chamomile, honey and vanilla tea. Diluted; fresh roses and rice pudding with toasted coconuts.

*A new code for the Society emerges in the form of G15. This single malt, grain whisky is made from 100% malted barley. It’s legally a grain whisky – but using malted barley – as the distillery used non-traditional squat column stills, instead of traditional pot stills, to create this spirit. G15 is the result of distillation in a continuous Coffey still, but instead of running a grain (like wheat or corn) distillate, the stills are fed with 100% malted barley wort.


10 years old; refill barrel; 59.9%; Spicy & sweet

The nose leads to a summer garden – flowers, grass and ice-cream. The lively palate combines sweetness and juicy fruits with spicy, oaky heat.


15 years old; 1st fill barrique; 56.6%; Spicy & dry

The nose is fruity and succulent (orange, pineapple, honey, sultanas). The palate combines rich Eccles cakes and warm, satisfying spice. Previously in an ex-bourbon hogshead.


27 years old; refill barrel; 59.3%; Spicy & sweet

The nose has pineapple and crème brûlée with sawmill sweepings. The palate has intense fruity sweetness and a pulsating spice finish. A black label bottling from our “Premium Collection.”


10 years old; 1st fill PX butt; 61.3%; Deep, rich & dried fruits

Cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, with caramel wafers on warm fudge and dark chocolate-covered figs and dates. Previously in an ex-oloroso butt.


18 years old; 2nd fill hogshead; 59%; Peated

Intense muscovado, heather honey and ice-cream sweetness. But smoke is drifting from the moor and the tide has put out your beach bonfire. Previously in an ex-bourbon hogshead.

SMWS Canada

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada
104-1240 Kensington Road NW, Suite 160
Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 3P7
Email – curious@smws.ca





It’s been a busy year here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and we have some exciting new product releases coming up.  Mark your calendar and plan to visit us at the distillery or pick up a bottle at a retailer near you!

‘Whiskers and Whisky’ Charity Cask Release
Coffee Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky (Batch 2)
Release Date: Saturday, August 18th at our Visitors Center in Lovingston, Virginia

Join Virginia Distillery Company as we celebrate the release of our annual Charity Cask. This year, net proceeds from this cask will benefit Almost Home: Nelson Co SPCA. Help us support the great work this organization does for the animals of Nelson County!

This second batch of Charity Cask is a Coffee Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky made in collaboration with our good friends at Snowing in SpaceMWO Food Truck will be serving up delicious food starting at 11AM and Kiz Carter will be playing tunes from 2 – 5PM. Almost Home will also be on-site with some of their wonderful animals for a Pet Adoption Day.

This is a single cask offering and will sell out quickly, only 250 bottles available at $67.99. This release is only available at the Visitors Center.

A big THANK YOU to Macaran for donating a portion of the beautiful labels to this great cause!

Cider Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky (Batch 3)

Release Date: Saturday, September 1st at our Visitors Center in Lovingston, Virginia

This batch was a collaboration with Buskey Cider & Potter’s Craft Cider and will be available in Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and DC.

Brewers Batch Virginia-Highland Whisky 
Release Date: Saturday, September 29th at our Visitors Center in Lovingston, Virginia

This batch was a collaboration with Three Stars Brewing Co. and will be available in Virginia and Washington, DC.

Stay tuned for details on Journey Cask and our new Trio Gift Packs. They will be available in time for the holidays!


TAMDHU 30 YEAR OLD PLATINUM OLD & RARE at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News


Single Casks: Last Chance!

There is something very special about a single cask whisky. A single moment in time captured, aged lovingly, and bottled only when ready, and by nature limited to just a few hundred bottles. Our range of exclusive single casks from Hunter Laing & Co. can’t be found anywhere else, and the expressions below soon won’t be found anywhere as we’re down to our last remaining bottles. Order yours today before you miss the opportunity forever.

Next day UK delivery available
International shipping

Tamdhu 30 Year Old
Platinum Old & Rare


Distilled at Speyside’s Tamdhu distillery in July 1987, this single cask bottling from Hunter Laing & Co.’s Platinum Old & Rare Selection has been matured in a single sherry butt for three decades. Bottled in July 2017 free from chill-filtration and without artificial colouring, only 533 bottles have been produced at a natural cask strength of 53.9% abv.

The nose has orange marmalade and candied sweetness with a touch of apricot. The palate brings dried fruits with subtle spices and rich smooth toffee alongside massive sherry notes. The finish has more complex fruits and a developing sweet note atop a hint of honey.

£250 Buy Now

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Whisky Wednesday Reviews…….. – Whisky News


We’re waiting on Phil and the team, they’ve had a technical issue…..watch this space!

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