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Diageo celebrates 20 year anniversary – Scotch Whisky News

Diageo 20 years

Diageo celebrates 20 year anniversary 

This weekend, Diageo plc, the maker of some of the world’s most iconic drinks including Johnnie Walker scotch, Smirnoff vodka, Tanqueray gin and Guinness stout is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Created on 17 December 1997, through the merger of Grand Metropolitan plc and Guinness plc, Diageo has become a global leader in beverage alcohol, with its products being sold in 180 countries.

Over the past 20 years Diageo’s share price has increased by 340%1, market capital has grown 440%1 and earnings per share (pre-exceptional items) are 220%2 higher.

The milestone is being celebrated around the world by the company’s 30,400 employees. From a time capsule ceremony at Cardhu distillery in Scotland, the home of Johnnie Walker, to employees in Lagos, Nigeria and Sydney, Australia toasting the occasion with a dram of Johnnie Walker Black Label.

In London, to mark the celebration, Diageo’s Chief Executive, Ivan Menezes, along with the company’s talented team of Scotch Whisky Blenders and fellow members of the senior leadership team opened the market at the London Stock Exchange.

Ivan Menezes, Diageo Chief Executive said: 

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the past 20 years, which is testament to the commitment of our talented employees past and present.  Diageo is a young company created from the incredible entrepreneurial legacy of John Walker, Pierre Smirnoff, Charles Tanqueray, Arthur Guinness and many more – and this spirit continues today. 

“Our brands are part of celebrations globally every day, as we mark this milestone, it is not only the growth of our brands and business that I will be toasting, but the way we do business. We have made great strides in diversity and inclusion, minimising our environmental impact, our contribution to the communities where we operate and in our aim to reduce the harmful use of alcohol around the world.” 

E1Percentages calculated comparing number from 17 December 1997 and 4 December 2017.

2EPS calculated using numbers from 30 June 1998 and 30 June 2017.

LSE_Diageo_20 years

Key milestones  

  • Diageo plc is created through the merger of Grand Metropolitan and Guinness. The company is listed on the London and New York stock exchanges in December 1997.
  • In 2001, Diageo and Pernod Ricard acquired Canadian alcoholic beverages business Seagram’s. The acquisition brought Crown Royal Canadian whiskey and Captain Morgan rum into the Diageo brand family.
  • Our Water of Life programme was launched in 2007, to provide safe drinking water and sanitation to people across Africa. Since launch, the programme has reached more than 10 million people in 21 countries.
  • The Nolet Family and Diageo formed a new 50/50 company in 2008 to sell, market and distribute Ketel One vodka.
  • In 2008, Diageo launched DRINKiQ, an online resource to arm consumers with the tools needed to make informed choices about drinking, including the decision not to drink.
  • Diageo launches the Learning for Life skills programme in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2008. The programme now runs in more than 40 countries, and has reached more than 120,000 people.
  • In 2011, Diageo became the first global company to own a majority stake in the fast growing Chinese White Spirits category through the acquisition of a controlling share of Shui Jing Fang.
  • Diageo also acquired Mey Içki, the leading spirits company in Turkey in 2011.
  • Diageo acquired Meta Abo Brewery in Ethiopia and Ypióca Cachaça in Brazil in 2012.
  • In 2013, Diageo began its acquisition of United Spirits Limited in India.
  • Diageo became the first alcohol beverage company to sign up to the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles in 2013.
  • Diageo gained full control of Don Julio tequila in 2015.
  • Diageo was named as one of the top 25 most diverse and inclusive companies in the 2016 Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion index.
  • In 2017, Diageo acquired the fast growing tequila Casamigos.
  • Diageo announced its investment to bring back two lost distilleries, Port Ellen and Brora in October 2017.
  • Diageo celebrated training 1 million responsible drinking ambassadors in 2017 and launched its Drink Positive campaign aimed at promoting moderation and tackling misuse. 

About Diageo 

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, JεB, Buchanan’s and Windsor whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Don Julio, Tanqueray and Guinness.

Diageo is a global company, and our products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO). For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us at http://www.diageo.com/. Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource, www.DRINKiQ.com, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice.


Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.


Join The Pact - London, Palace of Westminster


14 December 2017: Diageo has secured over 5 million pledges never to drink and drive through its global programme Johnnie Walker #JoinThePact, beating its target a year ahead of its goal. Diageo also announces a tenfold increase in its next target, aiming to secure 50 million pledges by 2025 – with 2 million pledges already secured towards this goal thanks to recent activity in India.                                                             

Over 7 million adults have now signed the declaration never to drink and drive, which is supported by Johnnie Walker’s sponsorship of Formula 1 partnerships and fronted by former and current F1 drivers including Mika Häkkinen, Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso.

Diageo started the #JoinThePact campaign in 2008 as part of its efforts to tackle drink driving around the world. The target of 5 million pledges has been reached early thanks to a global effort to secure pledges, with the #JoinThePact campaign already activated in over forty countries across five continents. From the heights of Nepal to the streets of Sao Paulo, the campaign has travelled the world raising awareness among consumers and encouraging millions to make a commitment never to drink and drive.

Mika Häkkinen, Johnnie Walker’s Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador, will visit London this week to celebrate reaching the target and kick off a festive push for pledges in the UK, including visiting the Houses of Parliament today to encourage MPs to sign up. Over the Christmas period, Diageo GB is partnering with Ei Group, a leading UK pub company, to encourage customers to make a pledge to never drink and drive and provide safe rides home over the festive period*. The activity is timed to support the Department for Transport’s annual THINK! road safety campaign.

Charles Ireland, General Manager, Diageo Great Britain, Ireland and France, said: “This is a busy time of year for our business and for the pubs that we work with across the country – however responsibility remains our number one priority. Our partnership with Ei Group will ensure the message to never drink and drive is seen by people as they are celebrating, and potentially deciding how to get home. We’re proud of our track record in tackling drink driving in the UK and around the world, but we are not complacent and are determined to do more.”

Paul Harbottle, Commercial Director, Ei Group, said: “We are dedicated to taking care of customers through responsible retailing and playing a positive role in the many communities where our publicans operate. Giving people a positive action they can take, like making a pledge never to drink and drive through #JoinThePact in return for a safe ride home, is a great way to engage people on an important issue like drink driving at this time of year. We’re delighted to be partnering with Diageo to share this important message.”

Earlier this month, #JoinThePact was launched in India, with activity taking place in Mumbai and Delhi. The Caparo T1, a two-seater supercar with Johnnie Walker responsible drinking branding, was driven by Mika Häkkinen in the streets of Delhi, to raise awareness for the campaign and promote responsible drinking – engaging the public, media and fans alike.

In Mexico, a #JoinThePact TV commercial was launched in October this year – the first time a branded responsible drinking advertisement has run on national television in the country. The Johnnie Walker film ‘Glass Car’, featuring Fernando Alonso, aired nationwide and throughout the Mexican Grand Prix.

Mika Häkkinen said: “It’s truly incredible that we have reached our target over a year early. I have been working on this campaign from the very beginning and it’s fantastic to see how we have reached people around the world, and I believe as a result made our roads safer. This is not the end, this job continues and we push forward to collect more pledges to never drink and drive and take #JoinThePact to new parts of the world.”

Carolyn Panzer, Director of Alcohol in Society at Diageo, commented: “Our ambitious new target of collecting 50 million pledges never to drink and drive through #JoinThePact shows our tireless determination to make progress on reducing drinking and driving. We believe that a single death caused by drinking and driving is one too many and each one can be prevented.”

Diageo has a long history of working to reduce alcohol-related fatalities and crashes and supports numerous drink drive prevention programmes around the world. These range from supporting high visibility enforcement through random breath tests to funding safe rides and free public transportation, and supporting laws to establish maximum blood alcohol concentration levels in countries where none exist.

In 2016, Diageo and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) signed a two-year partnership agreement to collaborate on the Sustainable Development goal of halving road traffic deaths. Together they have committed to reach approximately 6,000 government officials, young people, and other relevant stakeholders, through training workshops to improve road safety.

JW_public signing the wall


*terms and conditions apply

About Diageo

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands including Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, JεB, Buchanan’s and Windsor whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Don Julio, Tanqueray and Guinness.

Diageo is a global company, and our products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world. The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO). For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us at www.diageo.com. Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource, www.DRINKiQ.com, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice.

Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.

About Ei Group plc

Ei Group plc is the UK’s leading pub company, with over 4,600 pubs across England and Wales. Founded in 1991, Ei Group plc’s purpose is to use its scale and expertise to help great pubs prosper at the heart of local communities.

We have a proud heritage in leased and tenanted pubs which is being strengthened by a flexible new strategy. The reinvigoration of the leased and tenanted estate will go hand in hand with the rollout of enhanced managed and commercial divisions to ensure that each Ei Group plc will continue to thrive at the heart of its local community. We are embracing change to help our Publicans run great British pubs and deliver shared success for all those associated with Ei Group plc.

Canadian Whisky News ~ “Canadian Whisky Awards Banquet, Taxes, and My Book Tour” – Canadian Whisky News


Mark Your Calendars

8th Annual 

Canadian Whisky Awards Banquet

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hotel Grand Pacific

Victoria, British Columbia


It’s that time of year again. Join your hosts, Heather Leary and I in Victoria B.C. to celebrate the best Canadian whiskies in the world. We would love to have you with us as we announce the top winning whiskies of the year. Tickets for the gala banquet and awards presentation may be purchased for $65 from James Burrough at the Hotel Grand Pacific. Your ticket includes music, entertainment, a gala awards ceremony and a full hot and cold buffet.

Reach James by e-mail at


The Canadian Whisky Awards help keep the world talking about the very best Canadian whiskies.

Winners will be announced at the ceremony and through major press across Canada and the U.S.

We hope to see you in Victoria.


CTV Montreal’s Mutsumi Takahashi talks Canadian whisky.

Warm Welcome for Canadian Whisky

Second edition 

A whirlwind tour from Montreal to Vancouver to promote the second edition of Canadian whisky: The New Portable Expert made no fewer than 44 stops. Strong attendance at tastings, dinners, media events, a non-fiction literature festival, book stores and book signings confirm what we already know: Canadian whisky is having its moment.

Massive thanks to the whisky brands that made sure we had plenty to pour and talk about at each stop, to all who came out to chat and sip, and to Penguin Random House for ensuring every detail was taken care of.


Redblacks star Henry Burris quarterbacks a CTV session about Canadian whisky.

Escalator Tax Encourages Bootlegging



Anecdotal evidence suggests moonshine is making a a comeback in Canada. And it’s not the fun and often tasty white spirit some of Canada’s microdistillers are bottling to help keep the cashflow positive.

My experiences this year point to more and more off-the-grid distillers converting potatoes, apples, even deer feed into alcohol which they share with friends and sell surreptitiously. It’s profitable, and becoming more so as taxes drive the price of legally made spirits ever higher.

In my travels across Canada this fall I have been offered boot-leg spirit in four provinces. Occasional encounters in the past have become a deluge this year.

While I agree that as a luxury, alcoholic beverages should contribute more to the treasury than necessities, research shows that alcohol consumption is not “elastic.” As prices go up, consumption does not decrease, people just seek less expensive alcohol.

This unintended outcome is something legislators should keep in mind when determining how much to tax alcohol. Declining legal sales should not warm the hearts of health authorities or anti-alcohol advocates. They just as likely mean that more people are turning to illegal and unregulated sources. This not only reduces tax revenues, but puts people’s health at risk.

Automatic tax increases are not like automatic pay raises. At some point people are going to find ways to stop paying them.


Strong range of fall releases

Canadian whisky has been attracting a lot of notice this year with Canada 150 special releases. While the scrumptiously flavourful Canadian Club 40 year old and the Northern Border Collection Rare Releases got most of the attention, there have been some stellar new whiskies from other producers as well.

Forty Creek Heritage, the latest in Forty Creek’s tradition of special fall releases is a dazzling throwback to the long-lost and much-lamented Forty Creek Three Grain. It’s rich silky texture brings a broad and carefully balanced range of fruits, flowers, nuts & grains and barrel notes to the long and lusty palate. A must have.

For Crown Royal lovers in Ontario (and collectors around the globe) the world’s best selling Canadian whisky has a special new bottling called Blender’s Select. Well worth a trip to the LCBO, or of you live outside the province, a road trip.

Sour mash just leaps out of the bottle when you open another Ontario exclusive – Collingwood Double Barreled. Breaking the Canadian whisky mould, Double Barreled is made using a typical bourbon mash bill, with all the grains blended and then fermented together. It takes Canadian whisky flavours in a welcome new direction.  Highly recommended.

Wiser’s brilliant master blender, Dr. Don Livermore continues to stand Canadian whisky on its ear with his latest, Wiser’s 15. According to Dr. Don, this whisky reminds him of Wiser’s Deluxe 10 year old, another whisky we’ve long wanted to see revived. Good work, Doc!

And Canada’s microdistillers have joined the ranks of noteworthy new releases with Lohin McKinnon’s Wine Barrel Finished Single Malt, distilled and matured in Vancouver. Add to this Shelter Point Double Barreled Single Malt whisky and it has been a fall of spectacular new Canadian whiskies.


And speaking of whisky books…

The updated Canadian Whisky: The New Portable Expert is now in stores and with on-line sellers. This new, updated edition includes a visitor’s map showing every whisky distillery in Canada (over 40  of them!), over 100 new tasting notes with a birdwatchers’ checklist so you can tick them off as you sample them, coverage of Canada’s burgeoning microdistillery sector, new chapters on whisky flavours and how to taste them, and numerous updates throughout.

Limited Edition Single Barrel Rye Whistle Pig 10 Year Old “K&L Exclusive” Single Barrel Cask Strength – Whisky News


An Attention Grabbing, Limited Edition Single Barrel Rye Whistle Pig 10 Year Old “K&L Exclusive” Single Barrel Cask Strength (115.8 proof) Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml) ($89.99)

While I continue to field questions about the Whistle Pig “Boss Hog” 14 year old limited edition—the $500 bottle of rye that has everyone asking “is it really that good?”—I’ve found a few alternatives (four of them, actually) for those of you who like to keep your whiskey indulgences under $100. I’ve got four new single casks of 10 year old Whistle Pig that, in my opinion, are the most exciting single barrels of (North) American whiskey we’ve locked down this year. Hence, I’ve saved the best for last.

Here’s how it’s going to work. I’m only going to release a new cask once the previous one has sold through, so there will never be multiple barrels available at the same time. Each cask is very, very small. For example, the current barrel pictured above yielded less than 140 total bottles. Perhaps that explains the beautiful concentration of flavor in this 115.8 proof cask strength expression. The nose smells like classic rye, but it’s the initial sip that really stands out in this particular whiskey. It’s seductively sweet, not in a supple or viscous way, but rather the same way that a graham cracker is sweet. The sugar excites your tastes buds and perks up your palate, but it’s really just a side show for the wood, oak spices, and peppery rye character to work their collaborative magic. The mid-palate then gives way to Bourbon-like richness, maple notes, and burnt vanilla before finishing quite dry and spicy. If you’ve been jonesing for a new bottle of high proof rye, or a Handy/Kentucky Owl substitute, this will definitely do the trick. It’s a fantastic bottle of whiskey from front to back, destined to impress any serious fanatic, and we’re only on the first cask!

- David Driscoll, K&L Assistant Head Buyer

Whistle Pig 10 Year Old “K&L Exclusive” Single Barrel Cask Strength (115.8 proof) Straight Rye Whiskey (750ml) ($89.99)

David Driscoll | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: December 13, 2017

I think I’m going to look back at this string of Whistle Pig barrels years from now as some of the finest procurements of my spirits buying career. I remember being very excited when first tasting through a number of 10 year selections, but tasting this 115.8 proof barrel again I’m overwhelmed by the concentration of flavor. It’s simply delightful whiskey, in the way that I remember rye and Bourbon tasting ten years ago when I first started: full of sweet oak flavor, nuanced and distinct, of a quality that clearly stands above the standard $20 bottle of Bulleit or Rittenhouse. In a world where Thomas Handy rye is considered the best whiskey in the world by some, I’d make a case for these Whistle Pig cask strength editions. They are older, equally as potent, and simply gorgeous from front to back. This will be the first of four barrels I’ve locked down and once people try this cask I’m expecting all of them to come back for each subsequent release. It’s that good.


KWM Whisky Advent 2017 Day 17 – Bunnahabhain 12 Year – Scotch Whisky News


KWM Whisky Advent 2017 Day 17 – Bunnahabhain 12 Year 

Words by Evan Eckersley

Bunnahabhain Distillery is the northernmost distillery on Islay – it lays off the beaten path and is somewhat remote even when compared to the rest of the island. Until the 1960s when they finally built a road to the distillery it was only reachable by boat. Bunnahabhain is one of a trio of Scottish Single Malt Distilleries owned by Burn Stewart (Distell Group), who also own Tobermory Distillery on the Isle of Mull and Deanston Distillery in Perthshire. Like it’s siblings, most of the flagship single malts from Bunnahabhain are bottled unchill-filtered and with no added colouring at the the curious but commendable strength of 46.3% ABV.

This Islay distillery was founded in 1881 and started its life making the heavily peated whisky that the region is famous for. For most of its history its whisky was exclusively used in blends, and even today only a fraction of its production is bottled as a single malt. In 1963 production was increased and at the same time the distillery’s style was changed to the lighter, unpeated single malt whisky it is known for today. Since 1997 there have been small amounts heavily peated (35 PPM malt spec) single malt made each year but it is not what the distillery is known for.

The core of Bunnahabhain’s production and lineup is still not all that peaty as they use a malt spec with a maximum phenolic level of 2ppm. This makes it one of the more gently peated Islay single malts available. The distillery and its whisky are sometimes referred to as the “Gentle Giant of Islay!” What it lacks in smoke and peat it typically makes up for in nuanced and complex character and plenty of sherry cask influence. Older Bunnahabhain tends to be a treat if you can track it down but today let’s partake an introduction to the distillery’s finesse with the Bunnahabhain 12 year old. Bottled at 46.3% ABV.

Bunnahabhain 12 Year – 46.3% – Evan’s Tasting Note: “Nose: Christmas cake. Big sherry cask with dried fruits, salted caramels, and new leather coming through. Black pepper, raisins, dates, dark, dark italian panforte with plenty nuts and fruit in the mix, dark chocolate, well-stocked humidor and even hints of coffee grounds and liquorice. Palate: Rich and mouth coating with some spices and saltiness. Dried blueberries, fruit leather, christmas cake, chocolate covered berries and raisins, hints of nutmeg, salty black liquorice, ground black pepper, heavily steeped black tea, and hints of bitter coffee. Finish: It ends how it begins – with christmas cake, black liquorice, salt and mild spice notes. Comment: It has been a while since I have sampled the Bunna 12 year. I love the 18 year but it is good to be reminded of how well put-together this 12 year is – especially given the price.” - $75 for a 700ml – or – $10 for a 50ml





Little Rock, AR – (December 7, 2017) – Rock Town Distillery is pleased to announce it’s Sorghum Whiskey has been named one of the top 100 spirits of 2017 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine. The full list can be found on Wine Enthusiast’s website by clicking this link:


Rock Town’s Sorghum Whiskey was distilled from a mash of 91% Arkansas grown red sorghum grain and 9% malted barley in summer of 2015. It was aged in new charred 15 gallon white oak barrels for 17 months.

“This is quite an honor”, said Phil Brandon Rock Town’s founder and head distiller. “The sorghum whiskey received a 93/100 rating, but it’s even more exciting to be named to the top 100 list”.

From Wine Enthusiast, the list is “reflective of what’s going on in the spirits industry, where innovation is shaking things up. A banner number of small and craft distilleries were purchased by larger entities over the course of 2017—arguably, a nod toward the innovation and nimbleness these smaller players bring to the market, as well as the increasing demand and appreciation for such products.

Going forward, all these new entrants may represent a thorn in the side to legacy spirits producers. But for consumers, it means that we will likely have even more varied and exciting options to choose from than ever before. That’s a prospect worth celebrating. So raise your glass, filled with any of these finest spirits reviewed this year.”

Rock Town Distillery produces the award winning Arkansas Bourbon, Arkansas Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Arkansas Hickory Smoked Whiskey, Arkansas Rye Whiskey, Arkansas Lightning, and Rock Town Vodka which are distributed to 15 states and the United Kingdom, Canada and Taiwan. Winner of the 2015 US Micro Whisky of the Year Award in the 2015 edition of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible.

Rock Town Distillery, Arkansas’ first legal distillery since prohibition, is located in downtown Little Rock at 1216 E 6th Street, Little Rock, AR 72202. The distillery is open for tours 7 days a week. To find out more please visit www.rocktowndistillery.com

About Wine Enthusiast Magazine
Wine Enthusiast’s approach to wine and spirits is accessible and unpretentious, and enjoyed by novices and experts alike. Published 13 times per year, the magazine’s audience is at nearly one million strong. The magazine and its Buying Guide with more than 300,000 ratings and reviews make up the most comprehensive database in the industry available for free online at www.WineMag.com.

Rock Town Distillery
1216 E. Sixth Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202




Project #1, Batch #1 – ‘Tyger’

Rare Cask Society is proud to announce our First Whisky Art Project:  “Tyger”

“Tyger is hidden in the long grass, laying low, paws tighten the earth, his crimson eyes are on his prey, he will not miss.

You can sense it, but you can’t tell what it is, something is hidden, in the air.  Is it fear?

You hear a sound, nothing.  Must be just a silly rabbit, lots of them around.  No, it can’t be, and suddenly your eyes meet, how long has he been waiting, watching, those eyes tell a story, a message, that I will not escape the one and only Tyger”

About the Art

We are very proud to have Datsun Tran (see his Biography below) partner with us at Rare Cask Society. His original painting ‘Tyger’ was painted exclusively for the RCS Whisky Art Project #1, based on his tasting and imagination of the Whisky as ‘dark and dangerous’ given the high alcohol content.  His painting ‘Tyger’ is the first Whisky Art Project, and portrayed on each of the limited 100 bottle release. As a fellow and avid single malt whisky lover, his appreciation for our first release is evident in the expression of this original artwork on each bottle.

About the Artist:

Datsun Tran is a South Australian multidisciplinary visual artist who has worked in radio, theatre, comics and animation.

Tran’s work has varied in style and subject matter over the past 15 years, and while it has primarily featured the natural world, the work is about us, the human story.  His work has explored themes of conflict, utopia and personal identity.

Tran has exhibited all over Australia, North America, Asia and Europe.  He has had over 25 solo and group shows, exhibited in over 30 art fairs and has been a finalist in over 20 art prizes.

Follow Datsun for his latest artwork on Instagram:  datsuntran

About the Whisky

Very Limited production of 100 bottles at 66% ABV cask strength.  Single Cask.  Non-chill filtered Single Malt Whisky.  We have purchased the last remaining cask from a closed distillery in South Australia, aged 5 years in American Oak Port Casks.

Tasting notes:

Colour: Enticing dark sticky caramel laced with honey.

Nose:  Maple syrup with candied pecans. Oak, subtle spices and dried orange peel.  Delicate, sweet Christmas pudding.

Palate:  Butterscotch, cognac soaked raisins and a touch of marzipan.  Soft syrupy and luxurious mouthfeel that starts dangerously warm but is soon comforting.

Finish: Very long and lingering finish.  Perfect with a cuban cigar.

Release date: 1 December 2017, 5:00pm AEST.

Bottles are selling out quickly: We are excited to advise that all 100 bottles from this closed Distillery are now held in Melbourne, hand-numbered and ready for despatch before Christmas. Each bottle comes in its own custom-made, velvet lined RCS gift box.

For all enquiries: whisky@rarecasksociety.com

Blair Athol 22yo 1995 at The Whisky Barrel – Scotch Whisky News


Blair Athol 22 Year Old 1995

Single sherry cask bottled November 2017 by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Old Malt Cask. Sweet sherry notes, oranges, shortbread and caramel notes. Blair Athol 22 Year Old 1995 vintage Highland single malt Scotch whisky. Single cask sherry butt #14455 bottled November 2017 by Hunter Laing & Co. for the Old Malt Cask series. 328 bottles.N. Oranges, green herbs and buer shortbread. P. Caramel, fresh tea and liquorice. F. Long with caramel and a hint of pepper. Blair Athol Distillery was established in 1798 in Pitlochry and with footprints in four centuries it is one of oldest working malt whisky distilleries in Scotland. Purchased by Arthur Bell & Sons in1933 it is the spiritual ‘home’ of Arthur Bell’s range of blended scotch whisky complete with distillery visitor centre and Blair Athol Distillery tours. Although a large proportion of Blair Athol’s malt whisky cascades into blends, Bell’s to be precise, independent bottlings of Blair Athol single malts feature in the popular Connoisseurs Choice and Signatory Vintage ranges

Buy – £84.10


Ralfy Publishes Whisky Review #705 – Scotch Whisky News


Ralfy tries out a new camera with . ralfy review 705Glen Marnoch 29yo single malt @ 40%vol:


KWM Whisky Advent 2017 Day 16 – The Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask – Scotch Whisky News


KWM Whisky Advent 2017 Day 16 – The Balvenie 14 Year Caribbean Cask 

Evan is taking a spin at the Advent Blog today, in his words: 

Balvenie is one of the two major Speyside distilleries owned by William Grant & Sons. It is typically one of the top 10 best selling Scottish Single Malt Brands worldwide – but the distillery’s production and sales are dwarfed by another William Grant & Sons operation that goes by the name Glenfiddich. You could say that Balvenie gets overshadowed by the giant that is its neighbouring sister distillery Glenfiddich, but then again which distilleries in Scotland aren’t?

The Balvenie distillery still operates its own floor maltings on site – though it is only responsible for up to 15% of the malt needed for its own production. The house whisky profile is typically well-rounded and honeyed in style. Hints of peat can sometimes be found, but typically not in amounts great enough to keep it from being a crowd-pleaser.

Both as a distillery and as a brand, Balvenie has enjoyed a great deal of success over the past half century – due in no small part to a gentleman named David Stewart. David is the Malt Master at Balvenie who has played a large role in making this single malt as sought after as it is to this day. He was one of the first to experiment with cask finishing with the introduction of the venerable Balvenie 12 Year Old Doublewood in 1993. In 2017 David marked his 55th year of service in the whisky industry with William Grants.

Cask finishing plays a role in much of the of the current lineup for Balvenie including today’s Advent Whisky – the Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask. Originally matured in ‘traditional oak casks’ before being transferred to barrels that previously held Caribbean Rum. Bottled at 43% ABV. 

Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask – 43% – Evan’s Tasting Note: “Nose: Fruity and floral with honey drizzled on top. Peaches and cream, oatmeal with brown sugar, baked apples, pears and even cherries, vanilla, honey roasted almonds and light wood spices. Palate: Smooth and rich. Honey roasted almonds again, apple turnover, poached pears, preserved peaches in syrup, milk chocolate, angel food cake and a gentle, warming spice. Finish: Tangy rum notes, oak and honey on the fade. Comments: Big, rich, and round but so very, very approachable. No real rough edges on this one, just smooth to the point that you wonder where all of the liquid in the bottle went…” - $107 for 700ml – or – $10 for 50ml


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