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Glenmorangie 19 Years Old brings a rare elegance exclusively to Travel Retail – Scotch Whisky News


Glenmorangie 19 Years Old brings a rare elegance exclusively to Travel Retail

Highland single malt’s signature style is amplified as never before

For 19 years, its rare and elegant spirit has lain undisturbed in the deep peace of a warehouse at Glenmorangie’s Highland Distillery. This September, released exclusively in Travel Retail, Glenmorangie 19 Years Old single malt whisky brings new levels of intensity to the Distillery’s signature style.

Matured only in the finest ex-bourbon casks, Glenmorangie 19 Years Old showcases the mastery and vision with which the award-winning Distillery has approached its whisky creation since 1843. Crafted from the most delicate aged parcel of single malt whisky, the expression augments Glenmorangie’s soft and smooth character with a deep complexity, extraordinary smoothness and surprising zestiness.

Glenmorangie 19 Years Old was created by Brendan McCarron, Glenmorangie’s Head of Maturing Whisky Stocks, under the watchful eye of Dr Bill Lumsden, the Distillery’s acclaimed Director of Distilling, Whisky Creation & Whisky Stocks. The pair were intrigued to see how they could magnify the vibrant citrus notes and creamy style for which Glenmorangie is renowned. In pursuit of the expression they had in mind, Brendan selected a parcel of whisky which had been allowed to mature undisturbed in slow-growth American white oak ex-bourbon casks, for almost two decades. From these casks, he chose only the spirit which still retained the utmost finesse, to form the delicate character of Glenmorangie 19 Years Old.

Brendan said: “Often, a longer maturation will tone down a spirit’s more perfumed notes. But Glenmorangie 19 Years Old retains a wonderful vibrancy and zest. Unusually for a whisky of such age, perfumed aromas of rose, lilac, carnation and mint emerge in abundance. Its long maturation in the finest-quality casks, brings the expression a smooth, buttery mouthfeel. Connoisseurs will be mesmerized by its tastes of apple, apricot, tangy oranges, toffee, menthol and butter candy – and the finish filled with oak tannins and lingering citrus fruit. For travellers who love Glenmorangie, this whisky wonderfully amplifies the character of the spirit they know and adore.”

Five Questions with David Stewart – Malt Master, The Balvenie – Scotch Whisky News

David Stewart MBE (5)

Five Questions with David Stewart – Malt Master, The Balvenie

David Stewart is malt master at The Balvenie, and has worked in the Scotch whisky industry for more than 50 years. We spoke to him about his career and his latest whisky, Balvenie 2002 Peat Week 14 Year Old.

David Stewart joined William Grant & Sons in 1962 as a whisky stocks clerk

1. How did Balvenie Peat Week come about?

We started some trials with peat in 2001 and did a small run of peated whisky for just one week a year. Peat Week is peated to 30ppm, which comes out at about 5-6ppm in the finished spirit. I didn’t want the peat to dominate, just give a soft, subtle smokiness in the background. It’s Highland peat, too, not from Islay, so it’s less seaweedy and more grassy and herbal. It will appeal to people who drink smoky whisky, and those who like Balvenie will try it and not be disappointed – it’s still got the DNA of Balvenie: honey, citrus and vanilla.

2. How long have you been working at The Balvenie?

I started off as a whisky stocks clerk in 1962 – I didn’t even know what a master blender was. I was brought in to do clerical work: stock ledgers, passing invoices, that sort of thing. Then they brought me into the sample room and I got more involved in the business. When I joined, there was no single malt whisky; it was all blended. I’ve seen how Glenfiddich has grown. The industry has contracted but at the same time, there’s a lot more interest. Twenty years ago, people didn’t really care what their whisky tasted like – they just bought a bottle and drank it.


Balvenie’s latest release: Peat Week 2002 14 Year Old, peated to 30ppm

3. Who do you admire in the whisky industry?

All the other blenders! Richard Paterson, Bill Lumsden, Colin Scott, Rachel Barrie, Jim Beveridge – I know them all. And the thing is, we all know what each other’s challenges are and we depend on each other. For example, we use 40 different malts in our blends; Diageo takes our grain which goes into Johnnie Walker, and we send tankers into their distilleries and take their new-make spirit away!


4. What does a typical day for you involve?

Well, I live in Glasgow; I’m not based at Balvenie, which shocks and disappoints a few visitors! I go up to the distillery two to three times a month and when I’m there, I’ll meet visitors or nose a whole vatting of whiskies. But normally, I go to our head office at Strathclyde Business Park and head for the sample room. And then there’s the travelling round the world whenever we do a launch.

5. What do you drink when you’re not drinking whisky, and what hobbies do you have?

I enjoy white wine, particularly from France or South Africa. I also like Guinness, and I really like golden rum, which is probably the closest thing to whisky. I’m a big Ayr United fan, too. I’m a season-ticket holder and I take one of my sons down to watch them. The only problem is they don’t serve Balvenie in the bar…

Balvenie 2002 Peat Week 14 Year Old is available to buy now from The Whisky Exchange.

In-Store Whisky Tasting @ Hard To Find Whisky September 28th, 2017 – Scotch Whisky News


Whisky Hammer September 2017 Auction Now Live – Whisky Auction News

AA Whisky Hammer


SEPTEMBER AUCTION NOW LIVE (ends Sunday 24th September)

…place your bids at http://www.whiskyhammer.co.uk/

With an incredible selection of whiskies and other fine spirits there is certainly something for everyone – whether you are looking to collect, invest, enjoy!


Whisky Wednesday reviews Pappy van Winkle 20yo – American Whiskey News



How often do you hear me talking about twenty-year old Bourbon? Never? Yeah, I thought so as well. I’m honestly perplexed that this product can actually exist, let alone having the ability to try and review it. 

At this point in the PVW range, we’re seeing and tasting things that are so unlikely to be released from any distiller. Not only do you have to consider the evaporation per year (8-12%) but also sitting in virgin oak for a minimum of two decades. Thankfully, utilizing a wheated mash bill has helped massively, although I would probably consider this the driest of the range so far but it also has some wonderful exotic elements of watermelon and clean citrus notes. A Masterclass in how to manage old bourbon of there ever was one. Cheers!

Whisky Reviews every Wednesday



Bike Shot 2


In honour of the wood which matures The Original, Glenmorangie has formed an innovative collaboration with bicycle pioneer Renovo, to create a ground-breaking limited edition of bicycles from the whisky’s casks.

It takes a decade of patient maturation in the finest casks – only ever used twice – to create the smoother, rounder taste of Glenmorangie’s signature single malt, The Original. Inspired by the character that the ex-bourbon casks bring to the whisky, the award-winning Highland distillery brings new life to their staves, in the world’s first bicycles made from whisky casks.

Renovo shares Glenmorangie’s passion for wood – its founder was so inspired by the material’s superior abilities to create a smoother ride, that he designed the first engineered wooden bicycle more than a decade ago.  When the casks’ work at the distillery is done, their staves are shipped from Scotland to Renovo’s workshop in Oregon, in the U.S.  There, with a meticulous precision which echoes Glenmorangie’s uncompromising dedication to whisky creation, they are crafted into Glenmorangie Original bicycles. Each contains about 15 staves in a frame which reflects the curvature of the casks.

Since 1843, Glenmorangie has been renowned for its innovative whisky creation and expertise in wood.  While many distilleries may fill casks up to five or six times, the casks of The Original are used only twice – ensuring they always remain full of flavour, to enrich the spirit within. From first-fill casks, the whisky gains wonderful wood notes of vanilla, almond, coconut and honey.  The second-fill casks invite the citrus tones of Glenmorangie’s spirit to shine through.  Together, they create The Original’s soft and smooth style.

Dr Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s Director of Distilling & Whisky Creation, said: “Glenmorangie is renowned for using the finest casks just twice, to create the smoother, rounder profile of The Original – a whisky which beautifully balances hints of ripening peaches and citrus fruits with creamy, vanilla notes, to delight malt connoisseurs and amateurs alike. This pioneering collaboration with Renovo brings new life to the casks which inspire our whisky. Each one of these limited-edition bicycles is a fitting celebration of our expertise in wood and shared passion for creativity.”

Renovo’s founder Ken Wheeler, said: “We are so excited to be working with Glenmorangie, a distillery with which we feel such affinity.  Renovo is dedicated to honouring wood in the creation of our bicycles, engineered to perfection for a smoother ride.  And these beautiful machines, uniquely fashioned from Glenmorangie’s staves, will inspire anyone with a taste for innovation.” 



Follow Glenmorangie on: Facebook ¦ Twitter ¦ Instagram  


About Glenmorangie:

Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky originates in the Scottish Highlands where, at

the Glenmorangie Distillery, it is distilled in the tallest malt whisky stills in Scotland for a purer spirit, expertly matured in the finest oak casks for great depth, and perfected by the Men of Tain.  The Distillery was founded in 1843 and is renowned as a pioneer in its field, uniting tradition with innovation.

Glenmorangie Original bicycles:

Inspired by a shared passion for innovation with wood, Glenmorangie’s collaboration with Renovo celebrates the casks of Glenmorangie Original – the signature expression of Glenmorangie’s spirit. The hollow frame of each Glenmorangie Original bicycle is created from about 15 staves, taken from the casks in which Glenmorangie Original was matured.  Each is uniquely designed to embrace the trapezoidal shape of each stave, as well as the curve of the barrel in the frame’s down tube – the largest tube on the frame.  When shipped to Portland, the staves were first kiln dried to ensure their suitability for Renovo’s purposes.  Then the staves’ charred surfaces were smoothed away, before they were handcrafted into frames by Renovo’s select craftsmen – each taking more than 20 hours to create.  The frames, which vary in size to accommodate different riders (from 52-61cm), incorporate the American oak of Glenmorangie’s staves, alongside a small proportion of darker sapele wood, which brings an intriguing colour contrast to the wood of the staves. Given a durable coating, decorated with Glenmorangie’s Signet icon and individually numbered, these bicycles, which weigh around 18lb, (8.1kg) form a beautiful and functional tribute to the character of Glenmorangie Original. RRP: £5,400 

List of participating outlets: 

On Premise

  • Boisdale Canary Wharf (Bicycle Display & Cocktail Fair)
  • Boisdale of Bishopsgate (Cocktail Fair)
  • Boisdale of Mayfair (Cocktail Fair)
  • Boisdale Belgravia (Cocktail Fair)

Off Premise:

  • The Whisky Shop Piccadilly (Bicycle Display and Whisky Tasting with UK Brand Ambassador Max Helms)
  • Soho Wine Supply (Bicycle Display and Whisky Tastings with UK Brand Ambassador Max Helms)
  • Luvians Bottle Shop @ St Andrews (Bicycle Display and Whisky Tastings with UK Brand Ambassador Max Helms)

Beyond the Cask:

Glenmorangie’s collaboration with Renovo is the second partnership in the Distillery’s Beyond the Cask series, which celebrates the casks in which Glenmorangie Original is matured, by repurposing their staves in innovative ways.  Last year, Glenmorangie created an exquisite limited edition of the world’s first Scotch whisky sunglasses, with renowned British eyewear designer Finlay & Co.

About Renovo:

Founded in 2007 by Ken Wheeler, Renovo pioneered the first engineered wooden bicycles.  Ken, an avid touring cyclist, has a background in aircraft design, and was inspired to create bicycles out of wood because of the material’s superior engineering properties: it shows less fatigue than other materials and excels at absorbing vibration – ensuring a smoother ride.  Committed to creating fine quality bicycles, Renovo feels a strong affinity with Glenmorangie. Like the distillery, Renovo combines traditional materials and innovative thinking, for inspirational results.

Responsible Drinking:

The Glenmorangie Company advocates responsible drinking and suggests that drinkers savour Glenmorangie whiskies in moderation and in line with recommended daily guidelines for alcohol consumption.

Collectivum XXVIII at The Whisky Shop – Scotch Whisky News


Collectivum XXVIII

This unique release is a master blend of malt whiskies from all 28 of Diageo’s operational single malt distilleries. With a limited availability worldwide, this blended malt with whisky from five of Scotland’s regions is presented at a strength of 57.3% abv.

The nose is spicy-sweet and fruity with green leaves and rich vanilla, before herbal notes, mint toffee and candied fruits. The palate balances sweetness and acidity, with nuts and spice leading, followed by a building candy and barley sugar influence. Almonds and citrus develop and are joined by rich dark chocolate. The finish is warming and buttery, with a touch of sharp fruit.

£150 Pre-Order Now

AA Whisky Shop Header

K&L California “Collabor&tion Bourbons – A New Project You Don’t Want To Miss” – American Whiskey News


“I’ll give you my honest opinion: they’re both very, very good and completely different than anything else in the market right now.” David Driscoll, K&L Assistant Head Buyer

For those on the hunt for the next big thing out of Bourbon County, we have precisely the bottles you are looking for. Our old friends at Copper & Kings have joined forces with Bardstown Bourbon Company (BBCo for short) to craft a pair of Bourbons that offer equal parts pure deliciousness and intellectual engagement. The skinny is this, BBCo took two ten year old MGP-distilled whiskies and finished them for eighteen months – one in a brandy barrel and the other in a Mistelle cask – both of which were provided by Copper & Kings. We’ll cut to the quick and simply say the results are nothing short of ethereal.

Each are endowed with a classic bourbon core of figs, caramel, and raisins but are also wonderfully accented by the Copper & King casks. As our Spirits Buyer, David Driscoll notes, there’s simply nothing in the market quite like them. Copper & Kings has a proven track record of crafting some truly amazing spirits and given what we’ve seen from BBCo in this project, we expect many more good things from them in the future. Given the unique nature of these bottlings, we’ve decided to offer them on a pre-arrival basis. If you want to be the first kid on the block with one of the most exciting spirits we’ve seen this year, then order-up and lock-in your bottles now. Only 200 bottles of each are available.

Check out David Driscoll’s blog post for the full story on these amazing Bourbons.


Bardstown Bourbon Company “Collabor&tion – Brandy Barrel Finish” Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) (Pre-Arrival) ($124.99)

The Collaboration series is the first release of whiskey from Kentucky’s soon-to-be star Bardstown Bourbon Company, a project done in “collaboration” with Louisville brandy specialists Copper & Kings. Using 10 year old stocks of Bourbon distilled at MGP in Indiana, BBCo finished each of the whiskies for an additional 18 months in two different types of casks: American brandy and Muscat Mistelle. Made from 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley, the Collabor&tion expression aged in Copper & Kings American brandy barrels is bottled at cask strength of 113 proof and offers classic, yet bold Bourbon flavor with vanilla, oak spices, and a concentrated richness that speaks to the age of the whiskey. We tasted this on our initial visit to the distillery this past summer and instantly fell in love with the additional fruit and subtle sweetness added from the brandy barrel finishing. It has all the classic flavors of great Bourbon but with extra lift and roundness on the finish. In the spirit of collaboration, the teams at BBCo and Copper & Kings really knocked this one out of the park. NOTE: Due to the shape of the Collabor&ation bottle it cannot be consolidated with other bottles shipping and must ship in its own individual package.

Bardstown Bourbon Company “Collabor&tion – Mistelle Barrel Finish” Cask Strength Bourbon Whiskey (750ml) (Pre-Arrival) ($124.99)

Made from 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley, the Collabor&tion expression aged in Mistelle barrels has an incredible viscosity and chewiness to its texture from the time spent in the used casks. Mistelle is unfermented grape juice (in this case Muscat) fortified with un-aged brandy (Muscat eau-de-vie) and then aged in bourbon barrels for 18 months. The empty barrels are deeply and highly caramelized with the grape sugars and fruit essences and the Collabor&tion whiskey aged in these barrels is pure joy. It’s a completely novel sensory experience; deeply concentrated, rich whiskey that has a supple, fruity, and absolutely delicious finish. It’s both an incredibly unique and divine tasting experience. Bottled at 47% cask strength ABV. NOTE: Due to the shape of the Collabor&ation bottle it cannot be consolidated with other bottles shipping and must ship in its own individual package.

These products are expected to arrive for shipment or pickup by October, 2017.


The Kitchen at St. Georges Distillery is Now Open – English Whisky News



We are thrilled to announce the opening of The Kitchen, our new restaurant set in the grounds of St Georges Distillery, home to The English Whisky Co. We’ve created a relaxing and comfortable environment for you to enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch or simply coffee or cake. In addition to our restaurant, we also have  outside seating on the terrace to enjoy those warm summer days. We are open 9am – 4.15pm seven days a week.




If you’re visiting ‘The Kitchen’ why not make time to take a tour at the distillery or take a  walk down to the river and see more of what St. George’s has to offer.



Ralfy Publishes Ralfy Review #684 – Scotch Whisky News


Ralfy explores a peaty mid-highlander with Ralfy Review 684 - Ballechin 10yo @ 46%vol


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