There are plenty of exciting new whiskies this month, one-off whisky bottlings from great distilleries, new expressions and limited editions are fighting for space on our shelves. There is a lot happening for whisky lovers. Furthermore the high quality of the whiskies we’re seeing is leaving us in mouth-watering anticipation. Recently the Kilchoman 100% Islay was the first whisky in over a century to source all its ingredients – from peat to barley – solely from the island; and the Shackleton allowed us to taste what the great explorer had lugged to the Antarctic in 1907. So whatever next could be thrown at us, to make our jaws drop in awe and revel in the malty originality of a new whisky?

Here are some of the crackers we’re expecting shortly, as well as a few whiskies that have already arrived:

Auchentoshan Valinch 57.5% abv
After so many whisky enthusiasts wondered aloud at what Auchentoshan Classic would be like if it were left un-filtered and at cask strength the distillery finally released this small batch. Named the Valinch after the pipette used to draw whisky straight from the cask the Valinch offers delicious crème brulèe and orange zest flavours. Fantastic value!

Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Cask Matured 58.2% abv
This limited edition cask strength Auchentoshan is aged in French barrique. The sweet Auchentoshan marries well, with the piquancy of the French oak.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix 47.6% abv
As promised last month we now have extra stocks of this super cask strength Glenfiddich…
During the winter of 2010 Scotland received an arctic dosage of snowfall. It blanketed the Highlands, covering the landscape in dunes of snow and ice. At Glenfiddich the continued snowfall piled on top of warehouse roofs, becoming heavier and denser by the day. On 7thJanuary, the unthinkable happened and a warehouse roof collapsed under the weight, and the casks below that had been waiting in sombre maturation were covered in snow. What the canny guys at Glenfiddich did was create a new whisky using casks from the affected warehouse, and they named it Snow Phoenix. The casks were ex Bourbon and ex Oloroso and contained whisky that had been aging for between 13 and 30 years. Snow Phoenix packaged in a tin depicting the great collapse. With only 1,600 bottles made this is a surprisingly affordable whisky.

Laphroaig Triple Wood 48% abv
Three types of cask were used to create this new expression. The first maturation is in American Oak ex bourbon barrels, it is then transferred to 19thcentury style Quarter Cask for a second maturation and the final maturation in European oak ex Oloroso Sherry butts, they combine to great effect.


Glendronach Single Cask Whiskies
From one of our favourite distilleries we are delighted to offer six single cask bottlings ranging from 17 to 40 years old, each beautifully sherried. Distillery tasting notes below.
Very limited quantities available so please act quickly.

Glendronach 1971, 40 year old, Pedro Ximenez Puncheon 48.5% abv
Crimson ‘King Maple Leaves’ on an Autumn woodland floor.
Nose Spicy and fully of life. A basket of freshly picked brambles and raspberries. Huge coffee and roasted walnut structure.
Palate Powerful and full flavoured. Nuts, chocolate and dried Mediterranean fruits including figs, dates and sweet raisins.

Glendronach 1972, 39 year old, Oloroso Butt 49.9% abv
Deep rich gold with pronounced red wood appearance.
Nose Beautifully aromatic and intense. Floral qualities, combined with the fabulous classic sherried influence. Apple, plum and damson flavours, ride upon the crest of a wave of sweet raisins.
Palate Bold and invigorating, but still full laden with class and maturity. Red grapes, and dense fruit cake drenched with date syrup and sweet spice reduction.

Glendronach 1989, 21 year old, Pedro Ximenez Puncheon 54.1% abv
Full gold with an amber influence.
Nose Fragrant citrus notes of mandarins and Clementine’s, rounded off with the dessert qualities brought by the Pedro Ximinez casks.
Palate Sticky date traits, partnered together with a liberal helping of star anise and liquorice. A dryish finish develops derived from flavours of roasted cocoa nibs and toasted oak.

Glendronach 1990, 20 year old, Pedro Ximenez Puncheon 50.1% abv
Dense antique redwood with a bright gold edge.
Nose Hints of leather and polished mahogany intermingle with a lively sweet sherry influence partnered with stewed prunes.
Palate Smooth, and well rounded. Sweet and oily. Chocolate sauce with pronounced confectionary elements.

Glendronach 1992, 19 year old, Oloroso Butt 59.2% abv
Rich cherry wood. Almost tawny leading to a yellow edge.
Nose Complex toasted oak aromas with an almost earthy presence. This is pursued with treacle, nuts and wild honey.
Palate A solid platform of sherry, spiced fruit and toasted nuts with a surreal balance of vanilla and honey. Long and well crafted.

Glendronach 1994, 17 year old, Oloroso Butt 60.1% abv
Heavily stewed tea. Dark amber-red.
Nose Dense and very intense aromatics. Rich sherry and bitter chocolate influence. Almost a hint of fine Italian leather.
Palate Liquorice, aniseed and toasted hazelnuts develop around a foundation of chocolate orange sauce and rich old oloroso sherry.

Ardbeg Aligator
Ardbeg Aligator will be with us in September. Get your requests in early to save disappointment!

Finally, for an evening of fun and a bit of learning you just can’t beat a whisky tasting.

Peated Whisky, 20thSeptember 6.30pm – 8.30pm
When tasting that smoky, earthy flavour most people immediately think of Islay whisky, however there are other areas of Scotland and indeed other countries that are now starting to produce excellent peated whiskies. Expect to taste some rare editions of old favourites as well as some quirky alternatives from ‘the rest of the world’ and discover the best peated whisky available today.
£45 per person – Only 10 spaces remaining

To place an order please visit ,
call Lee on 020 7437 2385
or email
3 Greek Street
London, Eng W1D 4NX

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