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Early September 2014 Outturn Offerings 

Cask No. 9.76                                 $195 

Out of Africa 

Speyside, Spey 

Some of us were transported back in time into an African hunting lodge of the 19th century filled with mahogany furniture, a collection of trophies, antique rifles and their fine leather scabbards hanging on the walls and an overall scent of freshly polished wooden floor boards. In the taste sweet dried tropical fruits, fresh strawberries covered in icing sugar and madeleine cakes prepared with finely ground almonds and lemon zest. With the slightest drop of water initially a smell of cleaning the silver cutlery is soon replaced by brown sugar caramelized pecan and cashew nuts. In the taste the overall impression is fruity like a pear juice or a succulent honey sweet flavoured Medjool date. 

Drinking tip: Be very careful with how much water you add 

Colour: Polished brass door knob

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 25 years

Date Distilled: April 1988

Alcohol: 56.1%

USA allocation: 150 bottles

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Cask No. 4.190                               $175 

Big boys smoking in the sauna 

Highland, Island 

A boys night out of a dram packing a punch of cigar smoke, scented candles and heavy polished wood. One panel member was reminded of a stag weekend eating Mediterranean tapas and another of Moroccan spices on Arbroath smokies. Pickled onions on the side! Heather and sandalwood smouldering on a wood stove with a mug of Mexican hot chocolate. After water was thrown on the coals a puff of hot sauna wood and more heather with tobacco leaf unfurling. Cured hams with mango chutney, then dried apricots and apple rings. Round the world in a glass! 

Drinking tip: With big boots on 

Colour: Needs a polish

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 22 years

Date Distilled: May 1991

Alcohol: 53.9%

USA allocation: 118 bottles 

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Cask No. 10.77                               $85 

Beware of the monster 


A fruity and meaty nose initially with wine gums and honey glazed ham. Earthy notes are found alongside aniseed, fried mackerel skins, fabric elastoplast and germolene. Smoke is present but be prepared as something much bigger than anticipated is lurking… As you take your first sip the full wrath of this peat monster is unleashed, singeing the tongue with hot charcoal and lavender ash. This adolescent beast can be tamed by adding water, bringing out heather, gorse and a light soapiness but the meaty notes – now mussels and spare ribs are long-lasting. Salty and ashy with soy sauce on the palate from this usually mild Islay malt. 

Drinking tip: Dare to be different, the monster won’t bite 

Colour: White gold

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 6 years

Date Distilled: October 2007

Alcohol: 61.4%

USA allocation: 72 bottles 

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Cask No. 46.23                                           $120 

A sweetie shop in a park 

Speyside, Lossie 

A gentle, unassuming nose – slight suggestions of scorched wood and small insinuations of acidity – but mainly a sweetie shop (vanilla, Turkish Delight, strawberry fondant) in a park (meadowsweet, laurel, gorse, wood sap, flowers). The palate held a happy balance of sweet (chocolate-coated raisins, iced vanilla sponge-cake) and bitter (lemon, lime, pear, damson); pleasant pepper, wood and salty liquorice warmed the mouth. The reduced nose was fresher and fruitier – sherbet lemons, elderflower and lime cordial, cranberries, pineapple and pine. The palate became easy-drinking, lip-smacking and moreish – apple chews, refreshers and lime zest; ginger snaps and liquorice to finish. Named after the Lossie. 

Drinking tip: Any time whisky – better with a splash of water – refreshing and up-lifting 

Colour: Moonlight in Lothlorien

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 12 years

Date distilled: July 2001

Alcohol: 52.6%

USA allocation: 114 bottles

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Cask No. 127.39                            $110 

Intensely Tasty 


Nose: It reminds you of tobacco leaves and fish drying on wooden racks by the shore. Imagine Germolene, First Aid boxes and soap in a coal scuttle in a fisherman’s boot, you find salt and smoke. If you’re hungry; seafood platters, dark honey, bacon and rye bread with caraway, sausage with fennel. Palate: Taste sea shells on a salty jetty. Treacle and spicy liquorice Tabasco and Scotch Bonnet.Toasted caraway and sesame seeds drizzled with honeyTantalising seafood cocktail and oily mackerel Tempted by deep-fried Mars Bars? Cooked in the same oil as the fish? Imagine This Initial distillation Two-thousand-and-one 

Drinking tip: Imagine this – under the stars, with jolly Jack tars 

Colour: Golden marigold

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 11 years

Date Distilled: June 2002

Alcohol: 66.7%

USA allocation: 102 bottles 

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