Australian Whisky Stones – Scotch Whisky Accessory


Submitted by Phil Adobewan…

Whiskey and Whisky lovers all over the country have been trying to get hold of Traditional Steartite Whiskey Stones for years (I know I am one of them) and they are HARD to find. They are a great thing for Australian drinking conditions, cooling the drink without ice.  They don’t chill like ice, that is actually a very bad thing to do, it dilutes and pollutes!

Whiskey stones gently keep your bevvy at ‘cellar temperature’ and are reusable and will not affect the drink in any other way, they are chemically inert and non-toxic.  (They are made from the same stone that talcum powder is made from.

Search ‘Whiskey Stones’ on ebay australia or:


  1. Vineet says:


    I am interested in your brand for Indian market if you are interested pls send your reply.

  2. Kristen says:

    Yes Whiskey stones have been really hard to find (and hard to keep in stock for those of us who sell them!) Just FYI, they are currently in stock and ready to ship internationally from Kir Devries.

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