Dalmore Mackenzie 1992/2009 (46%, OB, 3,000 Bts.) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note


Dalmore Mackenzie 1992/2009 (46%, OB, 3,000 Bts.)

Matured in American white oak for 11 years and the transferred to port pipes from Oporto for a further 6 years. The nose very rich with fruit cake, warm marmalade, raisins and cherries (just off the tree, deep red and very sweet).  There are also hints of marzipan, bees wax, crushed pecan shells and clove and nutmeg. Additionally there are traces of fragrant heather and grapefruit rind oil. A lot is going on in the glass! It’s extremely nice to nose. The taste is initially sweet followed by some green notes (cereals, barley, and malt dust etcetera), the port and then a big burst of coffee, cocoa and the crushed walnut shells. This is good whisky. The interplay between the green notes, the coffee cocoa and the port maturation is quite striking but they work well together. The finish is big filled with lots of unsweetened cocoa and the malty notes. It is unwavering and very long. Lots to chew on and dwell about.

Some what unusual however very good.


Score 85 points

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Death of the Stag

Death of the Stag

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