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From Richard Paterson, the master blender;


Last night saw us take over the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh to launch this beauty – The Dalmore Mackenzie whisky.

“That’s a pretty picture Richard,” you’re saying but what’s that? You want to know about the actual whisky and how to get some? (if you want to read about last night, The Moodie Report has a nice write-up.)

This has actually been in the making for quite a few years. The first spirit used was distilled in 1992 and held in American white oak casks for 11 years. We then finessed the whisky by re-filling to fresh port pipes from the douro.

It’s a 46% abv with a natural soft amber red hue and hints of vanilla, red fruits, spices and the brand’s classic signature citrus orange – it is a Dalmore after all!

There’s only 3000 bottles of it being released, and the aim is to help raise funds for The Mackenzie Clan and help refurbish and maintain Castle Leod, which is still used by the clan to this day.

The Mackenzie Clan has quite the history with Dalmore. Not only did the clan used to own the Dalmore distillery for nearly 100 years, the clan were also the inspiration for The Dalmore’s iconic stag head logo and its motto “I Shine, Not Burn” as that’s also the clan motto.

And there’s also the fact that Dalmore has a King Alexander III expression – named after the the ancestor of Clan Mackenzie made when saving King Alexander III in 1263 from being gored by a stag.

Now, if you’re quick you can get a freebie of this whisky via Twitter. For everyone else, the marketing types tell me it can be purchased from all good independent whisky specialists for £100  including The Dalmore Distillery Visitor Centre, The Whisky Exchange, Royal Mile Whiskies, The Whisky Shop, Selfridges and Harrods.  It will also be available in good stockists in USA, France, Germany, New Zealand and in Global Travel Retail.

The Moodie Report has some nice pics from last night (the one below of Clan head John Mackenzie and myself is from there) but head over to their link ( ) to hear more about the iconic painting also on show, Fury of the Stag.


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