Old Pulteney 12yo (40%, OB, +/-2008)

From the north east of Scotland facing the Moray Firth is Pulteney Distillery in the town of Wick. The nose is a pleasant mixture of honey, dry dusty malt,varnish, oats, cut grass and pizza dough. In the later stages mild juniper and heather. The taste is immediately sweet and much like toast or twice baked cake (like the dry cake you use to make English triffle) followed by loads of malt and dessert wine. The finish is at first quite sweet and then changes to become much drier with oak tinges and a mild over steeped black tea flavour and then a final crash of malt. After five minutes a wee hint of the green notes; cut grass again.

A good solid single malt from a distillery that deserves to been seen a lot more.

A great value at C$80

Score 87 Points

For further details on Pulteney Distillery visit them at http://www.oldpulteney.com/


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