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A quick update from Richard Paterson, the Master Blender.

29 Dec 2009

New Year is a great time for going out with whisky – it’s one of the traditional drinks used for first footing – and it’s also the time of year when you can jump out in the car and before you know it, someone’s invited you out for a drink. It’s easy done, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to do – drinking and driving is the one cocktail you should never try.

Now, by way of a late Christmas present (or one for your whisky friends) we’ve recorded a Scottish voice for TomTom SatNav devices – mine – so now you can enjoy a whisky master blender telling you where to go and how to get there (it also has a couple of reminders about not drinking and driving).

I’m all for people enjoying whisky, but regardless of where you live you can’t deny that alcohol does affect driving so you shouldn’t mix the two. Enjoy the SatNav voice but remember:

If drinking, leave the car at your destination – stay over or get a cab
Always drink responsibly
Drinking and driving is one cocktail that never works.

To download and install the voice head over to Scottish Whisky Master Blender Richard Paterson on your TomTom SatNav page.

To say the least Whisky Intelligence has raised a questioning eyebrow at this latest Scotch whisky development and cannot help but wonder about the potential for a ‘Double Marriage’ Blend of the voices of both Richard Paterson and Jim Murray on the Tom Tom…..


Tom Tom hard at work

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