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The Russell Family Cask – exquisite and extremely rare 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Russell Family Single Cask. Matured in a hand-selected refill sherry butt for thirty-six long, character-building years.

Personally selected by three generations of the Russell family, Peter, Leonard and Tom Russell, who after sampling cask 1549 were unanimous in their decision. This is the first time the Russell’s have chosen to bottle a single cask to celebrate working together in the business.

This exquisite and extremely rare 36 Year Old single cask embodies the Russell family legacy, who continue to honour and respect Glengoyne’s unhurried approach to whisky making and world-class wood policy.

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A single cask at its peak

At 36 years, this classic Glengoyne single malt is at its peak, taking time to develop colour and deep oak richness without overpowering Glengoyne’s glorious, sweet, fruity spirit. This silky rich and creamy, balanced malt gives way to tropical fruits, dried banana chips and chocolate cherry with a long, rich finish of sherry and spices.

Bottles of the Russell Family Cask will be available from our online and distillery shop and specialist retailers in the UK, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Taiwan, and China.



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