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Whisky’s fragrant bouquet celebrated in wondrously floral limited-edition

— Azuma Makoto reimagines Glenmorangie 18 Years Old through language of flowers —

Dancing with jasmine, geranium and narcissus, Glenmorangie 18 Years Old’s fragrant bouquet has inspired a unique collaboration with botanical sculptor Azuma Makoto. Comparing the rare Highland single malt Scotch whisky’s luscious, floral notes to a flower in bloom, Azuma Makoto celebrates its unfolding radiance in a stunning limited-edition design, showcasing his masterpiece Dancing Flowers of Glenmorangie, premiering at Chelsea’s Saatchi Gallery’s upcoming Late openings, from 6-9pm, on Thursdays September 23 and 30. This moving sculpture, featuring almost 100 different blooms, reimagines the whisky through the language of flowers.

When he first tasted Glenmorangie 18 Years Old, Azuma Makoto was struck by how the whisky’s floral notes danced on the tongue. Delighting in its notes of honeysuckle, sweet pea, jasmine and geranium entwined with dried fruits and honey, he decided to translate the single malt’s flavours into flowers. First sketching his ideas, Azuma Makoto then created a floral artwork in his studio, in Tokyo, Japan. Comprising almost 100 blooms, it includes those he scented in the whisky, Scottish blooms and flowers from the many countries where Glenmorangie is enjoyed. Azuma Makoto then drifted petals, confetti-like, over the work as it was photographed and filmed. His sculpture, Dancing Flowers of Glenmorangie, is showcased on the whisky’s giftbox and labels.



The presentation of Azuma Makoto’s sculpture at the ‘Whisky in Full Bloom‘ Bar at Saatchi Gallery follows the partnership with the leading contemporary art platform and the support of its upcoming major exhibition RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show 2021 opening September 18 – October 3, 2021. Glenmorangie 18 Years Old is one of Glenmorangie’s most delicious single malts, enjoyed by whisky lovers old and new. Dreamed up by its endlessly imaginative whisky creators, Glenmorangie 18 Years Old begins with their delicate, fruity spirit, crafted in stills as tall as a giraffe to allow more space for taste and aroma. Next they age this spirit in bourbon casks for 15 years, then transfer a portion into Oloroso sherry casks for three more years. After 18 years, these casks are reunited to create the single malt whisky’s dazzling, luminous tastes.

Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie’s Director of Whisky Creation, said: “Azuma Makoto’s stunning work deliciously translates the sweet, floral lushness of Glenmorangie 18 Years Old. A mere glimpse of his limited-edition design brings to mind the whisky’s scents of geranium, tuberose and jasmine, and tastes of honeysuckle and sweet pea, figs and nuts. Since it looks as wonderful as it tastes, this limited edition is sure to delight whisky lovers old and new.”

Azuma Makoto said: “When I first tasted Glenmorangie 18 Years Old, each sip of the whisky unfurled as if it was a flower in bloom. I could taste so many blossoms dancing on my tongue, that I was inspired to reimagine the whisky in Dancing Flowers of Glenmorangie. I hope that through this limited-edition design, my work brings as much joy as the delicious tastes which inspired it.”

Glenmorangie 18 Years Old’s limited edition Azuma Makoto design will be available from 1st November at, whisky specialists and Amazon. Register your interest now on, RRP: £100.

Whisky lovers are invited to try the limited-edition Glenmorangie 18 Years Old at the Azuma ‘Whisky in Full Bloom’ Bar at Saatchi Gallery during the upcoming Saatchi Lates on September 23rd and September 30th from 6PM-9PM. Tickets are available on 

Glenmorangie is proud to support this year’s RHS Botanical Art & Photography Show in partnership with Saatchi Gallery, running from mid-September until 3rd October 2021.

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Tasting Notes:

Glenmorangie 18 Years Old is bottled at 43% ABV

Colour: Deep gold. Rich and full.

Nose: Rich, rounded and sweet with dried fruits and a complex floral fragrance. Initially, the aroma has nutty, caramel and vanilla overtones followed by hints of walnuts, honeycomb and dates. Complex floral notes emerge with geranium, jasmine and narcissus. With water, deep oak notes are released, revealing a balsamic character, softened by vanilla. The hallmark Glenmorangie fruity complexity emerges as rich apricots and dates, interwoven with hazelnuts.

Taste: The mouthfeel is silky, smooth and rounded with a full flavour. The taste is beautifully balanced between the flavours of honey, malt and flowery scents, followed by Oloroso nuttiness such as hazelnuts and walnuts. Dates and figs emerge in the background with a hint of wood smoke.

Finish: The finish is long and enticing, with the sweetness of dried fruit and subtle dryness of Oloroso nuttiness.

RRP: £100

Available at:, whisky specialists and Amazon.

Awards: Glenmorangie 18 Years Old has recently been awarded a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021, and a Gold Award at the International Spirits Challenge 2021.

About Glenmorangie:

Glenmorangie’s whisky makers use endless imagination and five key ingredients – wood, water, barley, yeast and time – to dream up delicious single malt whiskies. They’ve been honing their craft for more than 175 years. They create a delicate and fruity spirit in stills as tall as an adult giraffe to allow for more taste and aroma. Led by Director of Whisky Creation Dr Bill Lumsden, this crackerjack crew are on a mission to bring new flavours and possibilities to the world of single malt.

Glenmorangie celebrates the joy of delicious single malt in every part of its universe, from Glenmorangie House to its colourful new brand campaign, shot by famed photographer Miles Aldridge. With its tagline “It’s kind of delicious and wonderful”, Glenmorangie invites whisky lovers old and new to see themselves in Glenmorangie’s world.

About Dr Bill Lumsden:

Dr Bill Lumsden’s favourite phrase is “What if?”. And throughout more than 25 years with Glenmorangie, the Distillery’s Creative Director has challenged himself and his team to take whatever captures their imaginations and turn it into whisky – be that the spirit and flavour of Glenmorangie’s homeland (the Cadboll Estate series), the magic of a cake moment (Glenmorangie A Tale of Cake), a cup of coffee (Glenmorangie Signet), and more. With a PhD in biochemistry and decades of experience, Dr Bill has all the skills needed to bring these ideas to life. Already, he has earned the admiration of his peers many times over. He features in the Icons of Whisky Hall of Fame. He has won the International Whisky Competition’s award for Master Distiller of the Year more times than anyone else. And he was named twice Master Blender/Distiller of the Year by the International Spirits Challenge.

About Azuma Makoto

Azuma Makoto began his floral art after setting up a haute-couture flower shop in 2002. A few years later, he began to explore the world of botanical sculpture – and soon his work began attracting attention from around the world. Starting with a solo exhibition in New York, he has exhibited experimental works in Paris and Dusseldorf, and in 2009 he launched the experimental plant group Toshin, Flower Tree Research Institute (AMKK) in Milan, Belgium and Shanghai. In recent years, he has been pursuing projects that take flowers to locations impossible in the natural world. For instance, he has plunged floral art more than 1,000m deep below the sea and launched it high into the atmosphere. 

About Saatchi Gallery

Since 1985, Saatchi Gallery has provided an innovative platform for contemporary art. Exhibitions have presented works by largely unseen young artists, or by international artists whose work has been rarely or never exhibited in the UK. This approach has made the Gallery one of the most recognised names in contemporary art. Since moving to its current 70,000 square feet space in the Duke of York’s Headquarters in Chelsea, London, the Gallery has welcomed over 10 million visitors. The Gallery hosts over 5,000 schools visits annually and has over 6 million followers on social media. In 2019 Saatchi Gallery became a charity, beginning a new chapter in its history.

About the collaboration:

Glenmorangie’s partnership with Azuma Makoto began after the Japanese botanical sculptor tasted Glenmorangie 18 Years Old with Dr Bill Lumsden and discovered its wondrously floral palate. Inspired to create an artwork from his perception of the whisky, he drew on the whisky’s floral notes, and conducted his own research into flowers native to Scotland, bringing them together with blooms from parts of the world where Glenmorangie is enjoyed. Once Azuma Makoto had created his botanical artwork, he allowed petals to drift over it while it was photographed and filmed, creating the moving sculpture Dancing Flowers of Glenmorangie. The work reflects his delight in finding that the whisky’s floral notes dance on the tongue. The finished work is showcased on the gift box and labels of this limited-edition bottle. A print of the work is included within the gift box.

Responsible Drinking:

The Glenmorangie Company advocates responsible drinking and suggests that drinkers savour Glenmorangie whiskies in moderation and in line with recommended daily guidelines for alcohol consumption.

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