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Maker’s Mark launch Grow Your Own Garnish Kits

Maker’s Mark has launched its new Grow Your Own Garnish bottle, including mint seeds so you can get growing at home.

The iconic bourbon is now available to purchase for a limited time with a paper envelope tied round the neck of the bottle containing mint seeds, so you can grow your own mint garnish and create the classic Maker’s Mark signature serve – the Mint Julep. Printed on the envelope itself is the Mint Julep recipe, which brings together all of the key ingredients to create a refreshing cocktail at home.

The Maker’s Mark ‘Growing for Good’ mission statement highlights the importance of sustainability within the production of the whisky itself. The distillery is the only one in Kentucky that owns and controls the water source for its whisky, which reflects its commitment to improving plant diversity and providing wildlife habitat. Launching the new Grow Your Own Garnish Kits builds on Maker’s Mark’s passion for conservation and looking after the environment.

Bottles are available to purchase now in-store at Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons for the price of £32.

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