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Two Rare Old-School Single-Batch Bourbons from a Kentucky Master

Ever since Elijah Craig Barrel Proof won Whiskey of the Year in 2017 from Whisky Advocate it’s been a challenge keeping any of their releases in stock. Thanks to a little year-end love, we were able to secure a sizable portion of Batch B519 and Batch C919. These uncut, unfiltered expressions of Elijah Craig are sublime. Every barrel that goes into Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is twelve years or older and offers a slightly different, yet wholly consistent drinking experience. While each batch possesses its own stamp, they all share a common intensity, a palate-coating delivery, and a satisfying sipability—even at very high proof. The consistent quality of these releases combined with exceptional affordability is unparalleled. The only trick is they never last long, so stock up while you can.

93 points Whisky Advocate: “Keeps true to this award-winning whiskey’s oak-driven style, with aromas of lead pencil, leather, and fresh sawdust, balanced by dense fruitiness and tinged with herbal licorice and eucalyptus. Brawny and tannic on the palate, it’s reminiscent of sucking on a cherry Popsicle stick, balancing sweet caramel, brown sugar, and molasses with persistent oak, cedar shingle, clove, and paprika. A rustic, powerful, and robust bourbon. (JL, Fall 2019)”
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof “Batch B519” Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey (750ml)

K&L Notes: The exceptional full strength version of Elijah Craig has become one of the most well regarded new releases in years. Luckily they’ve been able to offer it at a very reasonable price, and while it continues to be allocated, it is not as elusive as some of the other high-proof, limited releases on the market today. An exceptional bottle that should be on most whiskey lovers’ bucket lists.

Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: January 09, 2020

It’s very rare that we can offer more than one batch of ECBP at a time. Given the immense drinkability of these I always finish my bottle or two before the next batch is released and don’t typically get a shot at purchasing more. I relished the opportunity to do a side by side. While both B519 and C919 scream Elijah Craig, they do offer different experiences. B519 has a punchy nose laden with dark cherry fruit, vanilla, baked apples, and a cool cinnamon and fresh sawn oak note that reminds me of a lumber yard after it’s rained. It smells like it’ll be luscious on the palate. And it is. A buttery texture combines with all the sweetest spices on the tongue. It’s a symphony of wood spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice. A shocking amount of fruit shows up in addition to all the wood influence. The sweeter caramel and fruit notes are balanced out by pepper – particularly with the addition of a few drops of water. It’s a beautiful whisky with poise and a long, long finish.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof “Batch C919” Kentucky Bourbon (750ml) ($59.99)

4.5/5 points, John Dover in thewhiskywash.com: “Stimulating the palate and the mind, Elijah Craig has crafted a spicy sipper that will awaken the drinker to the punchier side of the bourbon spectrum with its Barrel Proof distilling. Go in prepared and you will be rewarded with a refined drinking experience lodged firmly in the traditions that make bourbon the drink of choice for so many.” (12/2019)

Andrew Whiteley | K&L Staff Member | Review Date: January 09, 2020

C919 compared to B519 is an absolute monster. Tipping the scales at 136.8% ABV it’s the highest proof Elijah Craig we’ve seen in over 3 years. The nose is full of spice box, petrichor, savory spices, thyme, fresh sliced green apples, and the sweeter notes of butter, cream and heavy caramel. It shares some aromatics with B519 that remind me of a cooperage – full of toasting oak – rather than a lumber yard of fresh sawn wood. The palate is an absolute beast. Packed with dark cocoa powder and sweeter milk chocolates. When you add in water drop by drop each splash looks like it’s creating an oil slick as the fat texture of the whisky comes crashing out of solution. The wood profile changes into more of a barrel house and a summer farmers market. The finish is essentially endless. If you want to tame this one, add lots of water. If you love your bourbon to be confrontational and maybe bite you back, leave it alone and enjoy the ride.

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