A heartfelt tribute to a meticulous craftsman and the tipple
that’s the life blood of Scotland
David Parkinson, RADIO TIMES

Golden Dram

Directed by Andrew Peat



Scotch: The Golden Dram, a revealing feature documentary on how Scotch whisky became the premiere spirit of choice around the globe, will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on March 8 by Parkland Entertainment and Munro Films. This follows the film’s European premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival on March 1 and Irish premiere at the Dublin International Film Festival on March 2. The film journeys to the stunning Scottish countryside to uncover the history of the craft and to meet some of the biggest names in the industry.

Shot entirely on location in Scotland, Scotch: The Golden Dram tells the story of uisge-beatha, Gaelic for “water of life”, which is enjoyed in more than 200 countries, generating over $6 billion in exports each year. The film charts the Cinderella tale of legendary master distiller Jim McEwan, a veteran with over 50 years standing in the industry, who takes on a dilapidated distillery on his home island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides and turns it into an award-winning blend. Some of the other ardent enthusiasts featured include Richard Paterson, a master blender whose nose was insured for $2.5 million, as well as biochemist whisky-maker Dr Bill Lumsden, and master distiller Ian MacMillan.

The film marks director-producer Andrew Peat’s feature-length documentary debut, a passion project for the American filmmaker who studied at St Andrew’s University in Scotland.

Andrew Peat says, “I am absolutely delighted to bring our film to UK and Irish audiences. The heart of our film is the characters, the men and women who produce Scotch whisky, from the barley farmers to the bottle makers. And you can literally see the passion and joy and pride they have in their work and this world-renowned product. They share their amazing stories, and some very humorous anecdotes. It’s a very educational film (you learn the entire process of whisky making), but at the same time it’s a film of the heart. You will laugh and possibly cry by the time the credits roll.”

Malcolm Roughead, Chief Executive of VisitScotland, adds “Scotch whisky is a culinary and cultural icon and one of Scotland’s most valuable commodities. Visitors from across the globe come to our shores to experience an authentic Scottish dram, with one in five making a trip to a whisky distillery while here. We’re delighted that the love and craft which goes into our national drink forms the basis of Scotch: The Golden Dram. Combine that with the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscapes which shape the ‘water of life’ and you have a film which we hope will leave viewers thirsty for more about Scotland.”

Scotch: The Golden Dram is on general release from March 8 and will be screening at Glasgow Film Festival on March 1, which includes a Q&A and whisky tasting session. The film’s Irish premiere with Q&A takes place at the Dublin International Film Festival on March 2,

For further information about the film, visit the film’s Facebook page at scotchthegoldendram and Twitter @TheGoldenDram


Scotch: The Golden Dram features: Jim McEwan, Richard Paterson, Dr Bill Lumsden, Ian MacMillan, Charles MacLean, Lynne McEwan, Brodie Nairn, Georgie Bell, Robbie Hughes.

Distilleries featured: BRUICHLADDICH (Islay), LAPHROAIG (Islay), GLENMORANGIE (Tain, Ross-shire), TOMATIN (near Inverness), LAGAVULIN (Islay), ARDBEG (Islay).About director-producer Andrew Peat

A graduate of the USC film school (MFA), Andrew grew up in northern California, spent a year studying at St. Andrews University, Scotland, and has lived most his adult life in Taiwan and China. At age 11, he declared he would be a storyteller, and has steadily pursued that interest. He now splits his time between making films for Island Productions (Taiwan) and teaching as an associate professor in the film department at United International College, Zhuhai, China.


  • VisitScotland is Scotland’s national tourism organisation. Its core purpose is to maximise the economic benefit of tourism to Scotland.
  • Scotland has 5 distinct whisky regions – Highlands & Islands, Speyside, Lowlands, Islay, and Campbeltown – which all have unique characteristics and flavours that differentiate them.
  • 20% of research participants of the Scotland Visitor Survey stated they visited a whisky distillery on their holiday, making it one of the top activities for overnight tourists on their trip to Scotland.
  • For more on whisky tourism: https://www.visitscotland.org/research-insights/about-our-visitors/interests-activities/food-drink

About Parkland Pictures/Parkland Entertainment

Parkland Pictures is a UK based all-rights independent entertainment company that produces films, TV dramas, factual series and documentaries, as well as acquiring independently produced content for worldwide film sales representation and fully international distribution. Established in 1998, by founder and CEO, John Cairns, Parkland Pictures is dedicated to developing a slate of high-quality films and TV programmes for a highly targeted and defined audience, building a legacy across all channels and platforms, including frontline theatrical releasing.

At the Toronto Film Festival Sept 2018, Parkland launched its UK distribution arm, Parkland Entertainment, the company’s distribution arm, which was established in partnership with 30-industry veteran Tom Stewart, formerly of Arrow Films and Metrodome Distribution. Parkland Entertainment’s mantra is ‘films for a targeted audience’, which effectively means identifying a genuinely engaged consumer base across all platforms, with theatrical releasing firmly in the driving seat. This could mean strength within a region, talent attached with a loyal fan-base, or simply content with a proven appeal to multi-platform and format purchasing audiences.

About Munro Films

Launched in 2011, Munro Films brings award-winning and highly-acclaimed independent British and international films to UK and Irish cinema screens. This includes The Receptionist, Brawl in Cell Block 99, Bruce Parry’s Tawai – A Voice from the Forest, Q Magazine’s Best Film 2017 Bunch of Kunst (A Film about Sleaford Mods), Cobain: Montage of Heck, the BAFTA-nominated Northern Soul, Liv Ullmann’s Miss Julie, McLaren and the Academy-Award shortlisted The Fencer.

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