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Single Cask Nation Joins the ImpEx Family!

ImpEx Beverages is proud to announce that it will be representing Single Cask Nation .. Nationwide!

ImpEx has a proven track record of supporting great independent bottlers such as Chapter 7, Port Askaig and Exclusive Malts, and now Single Cask Nation joins our family of exquisite single cask picks for you to savor.

“I’m delighted that I get to work with Joshua Hatton and Jason Johnstone-Yellin.  These guys not only make excellent cask selections and are passionate about all things whisky, as evidenced in their podcast – One Nation Under Whisky.  In addition, they’re both amazing people with great heart, honesty and honor, and with their help I’m looking forward to bringing top-tier spirits to our fans for years.”  ~ Sam Filmus, President of ImpEx Beverages

“As you can imagine, we’re incredibly excited by this latest development and there will be plenty more single cask offerings in 2019!” writes Joshua Hatton, President and CEO of Single Cask Nation.

In the meantime, check out the first three expressions:


Craigellachie 10 Year – 67.3%

Color: White tea

Nose: Opens with a pungent thick peat reek but in time a sweetness develops with candy necklaces and pear drop hard candies, then a brininess that also includes ground grey pepper (unmistakable cask presence)

Palate: Meaty and juicy upon entry with warm malted barley, powdered confectioner’s sugar, a burst of ground clove, Garibaldi biscuits, and distinct barrel char!

Finish: Long and warming with lingering barrel char, dark chocolate with sea salt, more confectioner’s sugar, and damp oak

On the label: Known for it’s typically heavy style of whisky, this Craigellachie falls right into line. Its departure, however, is in the heavily peated character of this spirit. Dank and pungent with earthy smoke, however, don’t fret, rich fruits, an oily mouthfeel, and a bread-like malty backbone remain.


Macduff 13 Year – 57.2%

Color: Bronze

Nose: Big funky sherry at first blush but opens to reveal frozen chocolate covered bananas to the fore, brown Licorice All-Sorts, grilled apricots, angel food cake in the background, sticky sweet molasses, sherry spice

Palate: That delicious sherry funk returns but now with clean dishwashing gloves ultimately giving way to coffee ice cream with chocolate covered almonds, hints of sweet BBQ sauce

Finish: Sassafras leaves and cold coffee with dark chocolate nibs

On the label: A bit of old sherry cask funk upon opening but quickly gets chocolatey. Nutty, and fruity. Notes of sticky molasses, coffee ice cream, and sweet barbecue sauce help make this cask a beguiling one, to be sure!


Stones Of Stenness 18 Year Old – 54.8%

Color: White Tea

Nose: Pleasing light peat to open followed by a slight medicinal note, linen closets, honey drizzled over fresh cantaloupe, roasted hazelnuts, and lit tinder sticks

Palate: Floral smoke with hints of grass and cereal with a building vegetal quality, dried mangoes and melons, cask char mid palate, beach stones, pleasantly salty

Finish: White chocolate, sea salt, ground grey pepper

On the label: A perfect balance between lightly peated malt and a rich melon-like fruitiness. Quite different from the distillery’s offering of the same age. The ex-bourbon maturation allows a different side of the distillery’s house style to shine through.

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