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Whisky Vault is a startup, building handcrafted whisky cabinets with luxury safe features. 

I’m (Todd Lawrence) originally from Los Angeles and have been living in Taiwan for the past 23 years working in the manufacturing industry. I designed, developed and built the Whisky Vault initially for my office but started making them for friends when I saw how popular they were among whisky collectors who were looking for a secure place to show their collection without having to worry about bottles going missing or accidentally being opened by drunk friends (which has happened).

Priced at US$6000 we offer custom made whisky cabinets for collectors and whisky enthusiasts.

We are preparing a global December 2018  launch on Indiegogo crowd funding with an amazing 51% discount.  Only 50 units offered at this low price.  

* steel plate construction

* vault door with locking bolts

* machined aluminum tri-spoke handle

* UL certified La Gard electronic lock system

* individually numbered / limited edition / custom built

* solid handcrafted teak cabinet

* design patent / Taiwan, China, Japan, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France


Vault: 77 cm x 40 cm x 62 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.

Cabinet: 77 cm x 40 cm x 64 cm (H) / holds 21 bottles.

Total weight 140 kg / 308 pounds.


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