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With the introduction of The Chess Malt Collection ® the Danish whisky importer LAGO-import has now also established the company as bottler of Scotch Malt Whisky. In Denmark LAGO-import is the exclusive distributer of brands like Arran, GlenDronach, Glenglassaugh, Tullibardine, Kilkerran, Hunter Laing and others.

The company that has been in the wine and spirit business since 1989 is owned by Ole Andreasen and Lars Gregersen. The last mentioned is also the co-author of the recognized Danish whisky book about the Scotch whisky industry called; “Skotsk Whisky – uden farve, uden filter”.

 The Chess Malt Collection ®

“The Chess Malt Collection” was introduced just before Christmas and there has only been made two bottlings. The no. 3 is on its way around 1st March 2018.

The bottlings will all be single cask single malts and they will all be selected only by Ole Andreasen and Lars Gregersen.

”You really need a great network in Scotch whisky industry these days to set up at concept like this. The challenge is not only to get your ideas build into labels, tubes and boxes but the real challenge is to get access to the good casks you need” says Lars Gregersen.

The design is developed by the company Scotch company “Black Square” which is situated in Stirling.

The first two bottlings

The first bottling was a Craigellachie, 1995 – 21 Years Old Speyside Single Malt – 52,3% (Sherry Butt). Only 323 bottles The second bottling was a Auchentoshan, 1997 – 20 Years Old Lowland Single Malt – 56,7% (Bourbon Cask) Only 132 bottles.

“Our ambition is not to be a big and important player on this market as an independent bottler. We will never be anyway. Of course its business, but it’s also fun. The whole pleasure is to have the opportunity to select the casks to be bottled instead of “just” to buy what other (of course competent people) has selected” Lars Gregersen says.

Highlander Inn whisky bar

”We have made an agreement with Mr. Tatsuya Minagawa at the fantastic Highlander Inn in Craigellachie. He will run the range in the bar in the future and the first bottling is already in the bar for tasting” says Lars Gregersen.

Ole og Lars

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Ole Andreasen (right) and Lars Gregersen (left)

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The first bottling in The Chess Malt Collection

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