Bournemouth bar, Smokin’ Aces, awarded the Imbibe Whisky List of the Year 2017 – Whisky News


Bournemouth bar, Smokin’ Aces, awarded the Imbibe Whisky List of the Year 2017 

Smokin’ Aces Cocktail Bar & Whiskey Lounge in Bournemouth has beaten some of the best bars from across the UK to be crowned Imbibe Whisky List of The Year 2017 in association with Maxxium.

The menu, including a list of Old Fashioned’s and a breakdown of blends and malts, won for their comprehensive yet carefully edited menu of whisk(e)y’s that’s organised geographically, helping the consumer.

Industry expert, author and judge for the competition, Michael Butt, commented: ‘I don’t know how this could be any better.’

‘It’s pushing forward the relevance to their market and that’s really good’ added fellow judge Joel Harrison. ‘What appeals to me is that it would get people into the category rather than just keep them there, and for whisky I think that’s really important.’

The on-trade competition featured an extraordinary line-up of contenders, and other winners were from bars in Birmingham, Exeter, Sheffield, and London.

Judges for the competition included Michael Butt, Monica Berg, Jared Brown, Anistatia Miller, Neil Ridley, Joel Harrison, Michelle Brachet, Peter Dorelli, Alessando Palazzi and Lyndon Higginson, as well as the award-winning Imbibe editorial team.

The Imbibe Drinks List of the Year 2017 competition opened for entries last year and serves to reward the very best drinks lists from bars across the UK. 


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Imbibe launched Drinks List of the Year in March 2016 as a competition that aims to find and reward the best cocktail and spirits lists in bars across the UK. Judges notes on all winners are available on request.

Launched in March 2007, Imbibe magazine has rapidly become the UK’s leading magazine for on-trade drinks professionals working in premium UK establishments. Imbibe is an ABC-audited magazine, with more than 15,650 drinks buyers and servers in the UK receiving the magazine. Copies are available upon request.

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