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We pride ourselves in treading the balance between rich tradition and daring innovation, and we’ve decided to take this ideology to the next level. 

Please join us in welcoming to America the Ohishi Japanese Whiskies! 

Ohishi Brandy Cask Whisky is a marriage of just a few casks of whisky that have been matured in ex-brandy barrels. The brandy casks give an elegance of soft oak, vanilla, pineapple and a touch of oxidation and rancio that compliments the silkiness of the rice in a very complex manner.

Ohishi Single Sherry Cask Whisky distilled from rice and is matured fully in fresh Sherry Casks. Each cask is hand selected by the master distiller Oishi-san and represents the beauty of light and dark juxtaposition that is the soft silky texture of rice whisky synchronized with the massive sherry influence of the cask. Big raisins, figs, and oak spice cover the nose and palate. Like sherry cask scotch whisky, but uniquely its own in mouth feel and aroma.

Ohishi is the closest distillery to the Kuma River, one of the three fastest flowing in Japan, renowned for its superb water quality. The Distillery is blessed with fertile soil and clear underground water, elements of an environment in which it upholds tradition but is always open to experimenting with new approaches. In addition to mochi rice from Kumamoto, they also use gohyakumanishi which is grown with an organic farming method that involves koi carp to control weeds in paddy fields.

With about 1200 Sherry and Brandy casks, Ohishi diligently matures its products over a long stretch of time until the whisky has reached a proper balance of oak and sherry influence. 

We are very proud of representing these two whiskies and hope you are just as excited as we are! Feel free to reach out for more information and to get your hands on this stunning new arrival. 

RRP $74.99

Sam & the GRC Imports Team




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