2015 International Whisky Competition Official Results – Whisky Award News


2015 International Whisky Competition Official Results

Awards, Scores and Winners 


International Whisky Competition Committee

Chicago, IL USA

Thursday, April 30, 2015


Highlights of 2015


This 6th edition of the International Whisky Competition took place in Chicago on the 23rd and 24th of April. A world class tasting panel of ten whisky, spirit, beer and wine experts blind tasted each whisky on an individual basis (by opposition to flights of 6 or more whiskies, which tends to rush the judging process and contaminate the palate.) Each whisky was scored using a comprehensive 100-point scale system developed by Sebastien Gavillet, IWC Head of Judges and author of Discovering and Mastering Single Malt Scotch Whisky. This process undoubtedly makes the International Whisky Competition one of the most professional competitions of its kind in the world. No whisky scored below 76 points and each judge sampled every whisky entered.

Unique Medals with Winners Based on Scores

Medals are important and we believe too many medals were awarded in the past by other spirits competitions, making the public suspicious of them. That being said, we’re the only competition providing three medals for each category so that each win is unique and not duplicated with generic awards of lesser value.

Introducing Whisky Points Medallions

Borrowing from what’s been highly popular in the wine judging world for many years, we decided to apply the same logic to whisky. The whisky point medallions will showcase the score each whisky received during this International Whisky Competition. The design is simple; each whisky scoring 90 points and over has gold on black and each whisky scoring between 85 and up to 90 points will be silver on black.

A World Class Scoring System

Judges were blind tasting, judging and scoring each whisky individually during five minutes based on the four main segments and eleven sub sections below:

  • Sight: Colours (0 point), Visual appeal (5 points)
  • Nose: Intensity and complexity (15 points), Distinctiveness of aromas (10 points), Balance of aromas (10 points)
  • Taste-Mouth Feel: Palate and balance (10 points), Alcohol, body and complexity (10 points), Distinctiveness of flavours (10 points), Balance between flavours (10 points)
  • Finish: Length and finish (10 points), Quality of finish (10 points)

2015 IWC Top Award

Whisky of the Year

John Walker & Sons King George V   (97 Points)    



Diageo, winner of the new Golden Barrel Trophy

Blind Tasting Notes: This whisky has everything that makes a complex, beautiful, majestic dram featuring all the components of perfection.

- Adam Carmer, Owner, The Whisky Attic, Las Vegas, 2015 IWC Judge


Master Blender of the Year

Jim Beveridge, Diageo, Creator of John Walker & Sons King George V


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