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William Cadenhead Ltd, Scotland’s oldest independent bottler, are proud to announce the release of what is expected to be the world’s most expensive independent bottling to date, commanding in excess of £100,000.00.

Only one bottle will be produced to commemorate the closure of the Cadenheads Dufftown office. The bottle has been personally selected by Mark Watt from an exquisite cask distilled at the iconic Dufftown distillery of Mortlach. The bottle, 1 of 1, will be housed in a unique multi sensory packaging experience, unlike anything that has ever been seen on the market.

The buyer will literally be transported to the heart of Speyside where this fine single malt began its journey.  The outer packaging has been created as a symbol of inner needs, common to both human life and the water of life; featuring private water source, earth for growth, fire for heat and warmth and shelter to nurture and mature.

Outside, a sensory fourth dimension can be experienced with seasonal aromas of fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, rowanberries, very small green apples), lavender, mint, thyme, fresh cut grass, rosemary, sage and occasionally dandelions!

The materials used in the construction of the packaging reflect the local materials and craftsmanship of the era in which the whisky was lovingly distilled. It offers the opportunity for the lucky owner to personalise the packaging to their own personal taste once they have taken possession of this unique bottle.

Whisky can be enjoyed in many different situations, whether that is in front of a roaring fire, with friends, in peaceful solitude, outside on a rainy day, paired with food, the list goes on. However you prefer to experience your dram, rest assured that everything has been tailored to obtaining the maximum enjoyment from this unique whisky.

Bids in excess of £100,000 are invited for this unique one of a kind bottle of 1988 Mortlach, lovingly presented in a bespoke mid-terrace 1980s ex-council house in Dufftown.


This is a genuine offer for the purchase of a 3 bedroom (one of which was used as the Cadenheads Dufftown office from 1st of July 2012 to present day) mid terraced house with unique 1 of 1 bottle of 1988 Mortlach.
Please contact Mark Watt for further details or to make an offer.

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