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Save Lars Whisky!

It is known that the Belgian blogger Mark Dermul is a whisky lover. But he is also well-known for being a huge Star Wars fan. In 2012 he lead a special project name Save the Lars Homestead. During a week in 2012, six fans from around the world travelled to the Jundland Wastes (Tunisian desert) to battle the elements and restore the igloo-like abode of Luke Skywalker to its full movie glory. You can read all about that on


At the end of July, the second edition of the Star Wars Celebration Europe, the largest sci-fi convention in the world dedicated to the sage, took place in Messen, Germany. Mark was at this convention presenting a panel about the project Save the Lars Homestead.

a1 LARS Star Wars Celebration

So what does all this have to do with whisky, you ask yourself?

To celebrate, his Dutch whisky buddy Imanuel and himself took it upon themselves to create a very special, very limited and very private bottling with the help of A.D. Rattray, independent bottler from Glasgow. Only 6 bottles were created – one for each so-called Saviour. Well… actually there was a 7th bottle, labelled ‘The Project Lead’s Cut’, as Mark felt the Saviours might want to keep their bottle for a while as a souvenir and he wanted the opportunity to taste it. Hence the extra bottle, of course.

After the idea was spawned, Mark got in touch with A.D. Rattray’s Iain Croucher, who is a bit of a Star Wars fan himself. He loved the idea and sent a list of available casks. Mark and Imanuel selected a Bruichladdich 20 Year Old 1992 bourbon hogshead #3799 at 46% ABV. Mark designed a special label – obviously with the restored Lars Homestead in it and Iain did the rest.



First he printed all the labels and filled the six bottles. After labelling them, he shipped them out via courier service to Mark in Belgium. All this was taken care of in less than a week.


Mark and Imanuel travelled to the Star Wars Celebration, where they surprised the rest of their crew with this very pleasant and delicious gift after the panel. They were obviously chuffed. They opened up the extra bottle, which did not survive the evening. That should hardly come as a surprise, eh?

a1 LARS at the celebration with the whisky!

At the celebration with the WHISKY!

You may expect another one of Mark’s Whisky Ramblings soon, detailing further the story of this exceptional bottling and – of course – the tasting notes.

May the Malt be with you!

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