Paul McLean was talking to Tony Reeman – Clark.  A totally new distillery for Perthshire, just 20 minutes from MCLEANSCOTLAND/angels whisky club offices. Paul McLean went along to meet the team and see what they have on offer …
Once there Paul was shown around by Tony Reeman – Clark, Director.

A few questions while touring the site – didnee take long! What will be the annual volume of whisky? Tony; around 20,000 litres.

Paul; is that all! Tony; aye, the plans are small but quality distilling, we aim only to use octave casks (approx. 70 bottles worth per cask) and most of these we see selling to private buyers – in fact Angels are looking at obtaining one! We will also produce and market our own Gin.

Paul; so when do you expect the first dram to be ready? Tony; lets say 3 years, maybe September 2016. ALL casks will be cask strength approx. 64%. A light unpeated dram, or we may offer a lightly peated version. Our barley and water are local, we use brewer’s yeast, angels share in our casks will be around 6% annually. We will also have 30 litre casks further down the line.

Paul; why did you do it? “Tony; it was one of those conversations (with David Lang, fellow Director and David Wight our Brand Ambassador), we all had the same ideas and well, it happened!”

Paul; Why Perthshire? Tony; we also looked at Falkirk, Stirling and even the old Rosebank distillery. I was here on a corporate team building experience and saw the empty buildings, the rest as they say is history! Might I add, Perth & Kinross Council went out of their way to assist us, really helpful and we wish to express our thanks.

Paul; I was amazed when I saw the stills and the actual size of the “distillery”! Tony; we like to think we are “pushing the whisky boundaries”. Aye it is small, a micro distillery, but good things come in small packages.

Paul; we can bring our guests here for a tour and taste you say? Tony; yes, pre booked is not a problem, we would welcome your guests anytime, in fact, we can also offer whisky experiences for 1 – 5 days, assisting us making the water of life! Note; full details from Paul at mcleanscotland.

Paul; have you completed the label design and bottle shape? Tony; we have most of this ready, just still to decide on end colours – Paul saw these designs, was impressed, the branding will include the Kite design.

Tony; all bottles will be labelled and bottled by hand, with a directors signature on each one, numbered and cask number.

Chatting further on the casks; with a really good selling cost, these casks are good value, a good investment and a grand way for individuals and small whisky clubs to obtain some unique bottlings. Obviously these casks will need remain here 3 years minimum, but 50 at least are already pre sold, so get in there sharpish! So what finishes are available? Sherry, port and others to follow. Now here’s an idea; get together with family of friends, maybe buy two casks, upon maturity, bottle maybe half from each cask, then blend the remainder from each cask, giving you yet another whisky! By this method, say a sherry and a port finish, plus the blend of the two gives you 3 different whiskies! Dram-tastic!

Some wee notes; Strathearn is now probably the smallest distillery in Scotland. Later, a maltings may be added to the site. The brainchild of Tony and two Davids (David Lang and David Wight). Based in a 160 year old farm building, in addition to whisky, a Caledonia Classic gin

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