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Glann ar Mor Distillery releases two Kornog Single Casks!

The artisan distillery from the Northern coast of Brittany is releasing the first 2012 bottlings of Kornog, its peated Single Malt, with two single cask.

The Sant Erwan 2012 has been specially bottled on the occasion of the yearly celebration of Saint Yves, known as Sant Erwan in Breton language, who is the emblematic saint of Brittany and is honoured every year on May the 19Th since his canonization in 1347.

The second bottling, the Sant Ivy 2012 is named after another saint from Brittany, who was born in Wales between 500 and 512 before eventually crossing the Channel to Christianize Brittany.

* Kornog Sant Ivy 2012 : from a first fill Bourbon barrel which delivered 260 bottles at the natural strength of 59,9%. The 2011 edition of the Sant Ivy was awarded a Liquid Gold Award in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2012.

* Kornog Sant Erwan 2012 : from a first fill Bourbon barrel which delivered 306 bottles at 50% bearing a pewter and gold label.

Both casks being bottled without chill filtration nor caramel colouring as is always the case with the distillery.  


Glann ar Mor Distillery :

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