Tobermory 10yo (46.3%, OB, 2010) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note


Tobermory 10yo (46.3%, OB, 2010)

The new presentation for the Isle of Mull distillery and wisely now bottled at 46.3% and “un-chillfiltered”. The higher bottling strength and the lack of chill filtration are significant move in the right direction and demonstrated that they have been listening to their customers.

The nose has a depth and heaviness to it right away with some richness and sweetness working well together. There is also lime, vanilla, wood spice, fruit cake (not Christmas cake), warm bananas with buttered brown Demerara sugar. This is very nice so far and still has other oak notes and some cold unsweetened black tea. The taste is lemony (like the icing on a lemon cake) along with some sherbet fizziness along with the oak spice and the heaviness (think of brandy and coal) and in the back ground some smoke is just identifiable which gives added depth to the whole taste. The finish is malty (finally!) and then the lemon zestiness along with some bitter dark chocolate and it’s very long, the malt struggles back from behind the lemon and bitter dark chocolate but never actually dominates.

This is a dramatic improvement over the previous Tobermory 10yo (in the dumpy green bottle with the name stenciled on with white paint). However the lemon zestiness might be too much for some people but others will love it. A great summer time dram and appreciated here.


Score 81 points

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