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Inchgower DR 1974 36yo 56.4%alc.

Distilled 16.09.1974

Bottled 22.10.2010

From Bourbon cask # 7762

Limited to 229 bottles

(Abridged tasting note:

Superb!, so much going on, just buy it! and now!)

Here’s a theory, it’s mine (Richard J at LFW)  and unresearched so please don’t try and test it…

Once long ago, if the seventies fits that description, a chap called Raymond Miquel was in charge of Bell’s Scotch Whisky Distillers, who owned four distilleries (I think, I’m not going to check this stuff) one of which was Inchgower. Mr. Miquel (who is still active in Scottish business as head of Lee’s Confectionary) was an exceptionally dynamic entrepreneur who sent a well drilled army of impeccably blazered (double-breasted) reps out into the UK market to promote Bell’s whisky, and it rather worked well, today Bell’s remains the number one blend in the UK.

So successful was the sales drive that more malt had to be made to meet demand, a demand that was not prepared to wait five years for stock to mature, ‘but no matter, they thought, make it faster and pile it higher in what facilities we have, no problems’, they thought.

So Bell’s distilleries turned up production, fermentation time was reduced (as I say, not checked), stills went into overdrive and new make crammed into casks and stuffed into warehouses while new ones were being built.

You can’t rush Scotch, that’s why we love it and that’s why the boffins and accountants have been unable to streamline the production, leaving it a quality sensitive quirky hands-on process, even at state-of-the-art Roseisle.

So what is now predictable with hindsight happened, the quality of 3-5 years old malt for Bell’s plummeted and the Scottish Scotch drinker turned to Grouse. (Quality recovered by the late eighties by-the-way).


We noticed during the Rare Malts releases of ten years ago some superb old drams being offered at about 25 years matured and some were, after so many years, still at strengths of 65%alc! Blair Athol, Dufftown, Inchgower and Rosebank in particular, the Bell’s distilleries! Duff angels or concentrated filling strength? Although they forced their spirit production and stuffed it into tired wood at very high strength eventually mother maturation has done her job and produced exceptional drams.

And here at 36 years is another example.

Further reading, ‘Business As Usual – The Miquel Way’

Flavour Map Ref: Debatable E5

A Dewar Rattray Independent single cask strength bottling.

See ‘label explanations’ above for more information.

Price excluding VAT: £84.25
£98.99 Including VAT at 17.5%

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