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Ground breaking new whisky from Amrut

Amrut, the innovate Indian distiller, has broken new ground again. It launching its first “Intermediate Sherry Matured” whisky, a limited edition addition to its award-winning range of Indian malt whiskies.

Amrut Distilleries Ltd is also taking the innovative step of launching each of its new limited edition products with a different international importer. Amrut has chosen La Maison Du Whisky, its French importer, for the launch of its latest limited edition whisky, Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured single malt. With a restricted release, this unique single malt whisky will quickly become an exclusive collectors’ item after its launch at Whisky Live Paris on 25 September, 2010.

Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured is uniquely different from the usual sherry finished or sherry matured whiskies. It is the first “intermediate sherry matured” whisky – with the malt aged in sherry casks between periods maturing in either bourbon or virgin casks at Amrut’s Bangalore distillery.

Ashok Chokalingam of Amrut Distilleries Ltd explains the thinking behind this new maturation process. “In our belief, it is not all about the influence of sherry in the whisky. It is about the balanced profile of the whisky – to see how the sherry butts can complement the whisky rather than dominating it. “As a result we tried the intermediate sherry matured concept where our new spirit was matured in exbourbon or virgin casks, then the whisky was matured in sherry butts for a certain length in time in the tropical climate of Bangalore. Next the sherry butts were emptied and the whisky put in ex-bourbon casks and matured for a further period. The result is something unique and we achieve a better fusion of bourbon and sherry notes in complementing the trademark Amrut characteristics in this single malt whisky,” added Ashok.

Thierry Bénitah, Director La Maison du Whisky, is excited by this unconventional malt: “I am surprised by this whisky’s maturity, its rich texture and its ‘gourmand’ quality. It’s almost a whisky you could eat. For me, it is one of the finest sherry casks of 2010 and the best young sherry cask selection of the year. I am honoured to be able to promote a single malt whisky with this level of quality.”

French Malt Maniac, Serge Valetin, is also a fan: “This new style is impressively to my liking,” he concluded after tasting Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured.

Gordon Homer, the creator of the respected Spirit of Islay website (, believes Amrut is perfectly suited to sherry. “There is a perfect balance to this expression [Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured]. The distillery seems to have got it spot on with the time it allowed the spirit to rest in the sherry casks. This is a great twist on whisky finishing and has produced a top class expression.”

Bert Bruyneel, a Malt Maniac from Belgium, agrees: “This is a type of maturation many others will follow for sure. I’m absolutely a fan of this.”

Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured is a limited edition of 275 cases and is released into Western Europe, Scandinavia, Western Canada and the USA.

Tasting notes Amrut Intermediate Sherry Matured

Serge Valetin

Malt Maniac and creator of Whisky Fun website

Colour: deep gold. Nose: it’s sherried but not that much. Notes of cherries, raspberry, kirsch, a little orange liqueur, rosehip tea… Maybe old roses as well. All that is very clean, fragrant… Notes of raspberry ganache. With water: more spices from the wood, ginger and lemon balm. The oak was quite active here. Mouth (neat): rich and creamy, very appealing, sweet, more aromatic than the “average” sherried malt. Notes of Turkish delights, rose water, orange marmalade… Very pleasant spiciness (star anise, cinnamon). Again, it’s very clean, almost a little zesty. With water: very nice citrusy notes and many spices. Most unusual but perfect. Liquorice, pepper, ginger and marmalade. Finish: long, on the same notes, with a faint saltiness and maybe a little peat.

Comments: this new style is impressively to my liking. Perfect first fill sherry without any cloying elements, and no single traces of burnt matches/rubber whatsoever. SGP:553 – 91 points.

Dominic Roskrow

drinks industry journalist and whisky writer

Nose: A fruity taste sensation, with tangy blood orange, and kumquat and then sweet tinned pear, peach and apricot. Very welcoming. Palate: Surprisingly crisp and clean after the nose, but sweet and full, with the sherry more in evidence through spicy black and red berry. Vanilla holds his head up in the fruity mix however. Finish: Elegant and balanced mix of soft fruits and spice.

Benny Ingman

President of Carlstad Whisky Connoisseurs, Sweden

Colour: straw. Nose: sweet, brown sugar, a little sherry, vanilla, toffee, tropical fruits, good casks, some fungus. Mouth: quite mellow, sweet, peppery, fruity, a small portion bitterness, some complexity. Finish: as the mouth with a quite good length.

Comments: for me its more bourbon cask here than sherry especially in the mouth, a really good whisky that maybe could have been a little longer in the sherry casks. Points: 86

Gordon Homer

Creator of Spirit of Islay website

A lovely orange marmalade in colour, initially heavy on the sherry on the nose then a spiciness (cloves amongst othersB) interplaying with millionaires’ shortbread, liquorice and vanilla. With each nosing you get a different aspect, one minute the sherry, the next the liquorice, shortbread and vanilla. Wonderful! Eventually when you do get around to tasting it the sherry mixes beautifully with the Amrut traits, it seems to have more liquorice notes than standard Amruts, very spicy as well with a touch of chocolate, but all the time enveloped in a beautiful sherriness. An incredibly long, warming, spicy, sherried, liquorice finish! The perfect end to an unusual Amrut. The sherry maturation certainly is an interesting addition to Amrut spirit, but you’d never have guessed that the sherry maturation has been sandwiched in between two ex-bourbon casks maturations. Amrut seems perfectly suited to sherry: there is a perfect balance to this expression. The distillery seems to have got it spot on with the time it allowed the spirit to rest in the sherry casks. This is a great twist on whisky finishing and has produced a top class expression.

Bert Bruyneel

Malt Maniac, Belgium

Nose: first a bit alcoholic, then again the typical Amrut liquorice, nose remains a bit closed and hard initially, gets open and smoother eventually, white pepper, some red fruits coming through, and a minor nuttiness on the background. Sherry is there, but in a really discrete and polite way. Palate: explosive and rather dry, again a nice mouthfeel, than getting fruitier. A true candystore, nice fruity sweetness and a very pleasant evolution. Probably the most complex Amrut I’ve ever tasted. Finish: is nice and warm, liquorice and a wee mineral, but then nicely evolving, to pleasant fruity notes, the sherry comes in very subtle and gentle without dominating in any way, only adding to it. Balance: this one can perhaps use a drop of water, and some time. Then reveals it’s real face. The sherry adds to it in a great way. Score: 88/100.

Comments: Here, one can indeed detect that the sherry (as I described) comes gentle and polite, only giving it’s best to the whisky without dominating it in any way. This is a type of maturation many others will follow for sure. I’m absolutely a fan of this.

Amrut Distilleries Ltd, The Grainger Suite, Dobson House, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE3 3PF, UK. Tel + 44 (0) 7838 229914 or + 44 (0) 191 233 6316.


  1. Greg Harned says:

    Wonderful collection of reviews. It’s great to get so many different perspectives. I like the direction the Amrut has taken with their unique aging materials. Look forward to seeing what they come up with next. Thanks!

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