J&B Rare (40%, OB, Blended, +/- 2010) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note


J&B Rare (40%, OB, Blended, +/- 2010)

Try and find any information via the link below; you’ll give up before the ridiculous flash website loads…although it does seem it is ‘the ultimate party whisky’. A bold claim indeed. J&B are the initials of Messer’s Justerini and Brooks who must had something to do with the whisky, at one time or another. The nose is mildly astringent at first and then this is followed by some nice honey and malt. Other wise it is a simple blended scotch whisky (on the nose). To be fair it is light blended whisky and meant to appeal to those who do like a lighter dram (often with water and ice). After some hand warming some spicy notes emerge. It’s pleasant but note overly complicated. The taste is pleasant, warming with some malt and once again the honey along with hints of marmalade and brandy. Other fruits (hints of green apples and pears). The finish is quite long with hints of leather and tobacco and malt. It is warming and reasonably long. After a few minutes some really, really good moments of malt emerge.

Don’t think about it too much; just enjoy the party……


Score 78 points

WI was marooned in Phoenix Arizona airport in the US Airways Club lounge for 8 hours and the only option was to do a tasting note (now done) and watch the US Airways Express baggage handlers throw the luggage onto the tarmac and several feet onto the nearest cart and often missing. Flight after flight after flight. Perhaps they all suffer from brain injuries and cannot judge the distance properly? Perhaps the extreme heat? It might be helpful to move the cart a little closer? Perhaps such pedestrian solution is just not of any practicable value??

This is of course for unloading only.

When loading the airplane the cart is nice and close to the loading ramp. This time…


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