Amrut NAS (46%, OB, ‘Peated’ Batch. No. 01 B’24/09/2008) – Indian Whisky Tasting Note


Amrut NAS (46%, OB, ‘Peated’ Batch. No. 01 B’24/09/2008)

A peated Amrut “It is not chill filtered and comes straight from the barrel in its natural colour”. Good, that’s great news and the way we like it. The nose is woody at first with some hints of damp cloth and a rich earthy mustiness that is soon over taken but the by now familiar sweetness that seems to be an Amrut characteristic. Crème brulèe with a very vague sweet egg aroma hovering in the background. The oak spice arrives after a few minutes in the glass and the egg notes vanish and all is well; dried fruits, warm leather (think or a purse or a saddle that has been in the sun for a while). Some wobbly moments there however time in the glass makes things right. The taste is somewhat Islay in style rather than peated Speyside. The peat an oak spice notes and the really good solid sweetness/warm leather are all working in concert. There is also some slight hints of malt but this is solid stuff. The finish is of peated malt, dry oak spice notes and then some tinned fruit (like tinned peaches in syrup) followed by a more malt and dryness. The finish is very long and after some time the peat makes a reappearance.

Mouth smackingly good.

Score 82


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