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Announcing Compass Box Autumn 2009 New Releases! 

We are pleased to announce two new releases for autumn 2009.  One is the return of our much heralded and much talked about malt whisky The Spice Tree, and the other is a limited release, one-off malt whisky called Lady Luck.


It’s back!  The reincarnation of our formerly “illegal” malt Scotch whisky is here after a three year absence. 

(We should clarify that the original release was considered “illegal” by the Scotch Whisky Association, not by us or our lawyers!  This was due to our pioneering use of top quality French oak staves, which the Scotch Whisky Association felt was not traditional enough to their liking.  We now use a different method, but with similarly extraordinary results.  See the website at for full details.)

The Spice Tree is made from 12 year-old Highland malt whisky that has spent the last two years aging on the highest quality virgin French oak.  We buy new oak made for some of the best winemakers in the world and bring it to Scotland where it imparts the most gorgeous flavours to aging malt whisky.

There is no other Scotch malt whisky, single malt or other, with the flavour profile of The Spice Tree.

See our website for the complete and unabridged story and for information.


This is a malt whisky inspired by what we used to refer to as the “lucky blend”—a beautiful whisky made of both very old and rather young Islay malt whisky, released by a well-known independent bottler many years ago.  Lady Luck is a one-off, never-to-be-repeated variation on this theme. 

Earlier this year we came across some beautiful casks of 25 and 29 year-old malt whisky distilled at the Caol Ila distillery on Islay.  Inspired by our memory of the “lucky blend” we set to work experimenting, and eventually found that combining the old Islay malts with some gorgeous 14 year-old Imperial single malt created something very special:  the Imperial brought an ethereal fruit character and structure to the older whiskies and made the sum much greater than the parts.

This, of course, makes this a “vatted malt” as it is a combination of whiskies from two single malt distilleries.  May it be yet another humble lesson that all that is good in the world of whisky need not be single.

We call it Lady Luck.   A one-off and one (we believe) for the ages.

Please visit Compass Box to order both online. 
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