Kilchoman NAS (46%, OB, Inaugural Release, 2009) – Tasting Note


The Inaugural Release from the ‘farm distillery’ on Islay, 8450 bottles world wide  and matured for 36 months in ex bourbon barrels and then finished for 6 months in sherry casks. How exciting! The nose is of rich peat, very earthy and buttery at first with some hints of peanut butter, honey and fruit, a drawing room on a hot day (think of the air in a closed room filled with antiques). Quite nice; where are the off notes? They appear to have stayed home. The taste is not overly strong but immediately of huge peat, fruit and malt. This whisky tastes much older than it is which is quite extraordinary. The taste is quite brilliant and very, very enjoyable, some small amount of shock here….malt, peat, fruit all very well integrated. Rich, loamy peat smoke. More fruit. Some maritime hints. Extraordinary. The finish is of rolling peat smoke, fruit and oak, later arrival of some really clean coal smoke (ignore the obvious problems with that last statement) followed by some hints of shrimp crisps, another round of peat smoke and hugely chewy malt. The finish is very, very long and after a number of minutes it’s all peat smoke and malt, like when you scoop a handful of peated malt from the pile at the distillery.

My God, what a great dram, the distillery must be very pleased that their hard work has paid off so very early.

Score 86 Points

£45 (and recently sold on ebay for £185)


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