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Starward “K&L Exclusive” Single Barrel Cask Strength Australian Single Malt Whisky (750ml)

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The Starward whiskies are a distinct expression of place – Melbourne, Australia. In the world famous Barossa Valley, Starward leverages more than just local grain and brewers yeast for their whisky. All of their whiskies are first aged in red wine barrels from this epic wine growing region. The big bold flavors of Barossa are perfectly suited to creating big bold whiskies. Add to that Melbourne’s reputation for crazy weather and experiencing “4 seasons in a day” and you have some over the top single malt coming from one of the world’s best whisky producers. This unique K&L Single Barrel takes things even further into the extreme. After being first filled into freshly emptied red wine barriques in October 2017, it was then transferred into a charred American oak barrel from Demptos Cooperage for it’s final 14 months of aging. This gives a robust “first fill Bourbon cask” feel to the whisky while even further integrating the red fruit flavors of the wine cask. A much better showing of that fruit than simply finishing in red wine casks. The aromas are big and sweet, loaded with salted caramel, vanilla, and custard. The palate is an intense amalgam of blackberry and strawberry jam, and all the caramel and butterscotch of your favorite Bourbon. A complex finish of dry oak, berry compote, liquorice, and vanilla make for an intense and pleasurable drinking experience.

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