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– New Make Spirits – Holyrood Distillery –

Before single malt develops, a clear, flavorful liquid called new make is produced. More and more distilleries are choosing to share their aromatic and complex new make spirits with an intrigued public. Post pandemic consumers are becoming increasingly adventurous in their drink choices, playing with new flavours and focusing on drinks with more provenance and the addition of a new spirit to this category is being welcomed by whisky drinkers and beyond. At the forefront of this trend, Edinburgh’s Holyrood Distillery has just launched its Brewer’s Series of new make spirits.

Established in 2019, Holyrood is Edinburgh’s first single malt distillery in almost a century. Built with a vision to create a new kind of whisky distillery, one that would reflect the dynamic and diverse, modern city of Edinburgh. The distillery’s new make spirits range, titled the Brewer’s Series is inspired by Edinburgh’s illustrious heritage as the historic brewing capital of Scotland. Each new make spirit draws upon a different element of the brewing process, from yeast selections to specialty malt ratios. Holyrood are proud to be creating a historically inspired, yet innovative range of liquids, that reflect their working style and ethos, which for whisky fans will prelude the brands inaugural single malt release.

Nick Ravenhall, Managing Director, commented: ‘We have been floored by the response. We initially thought we might sell 500 bottles to die hard whisky geeks and so far we have sold ten times that. We have orders from the Far East, Australasia, Europe, and across the major whisky retailers in the UK. At the request of some of our export partners we put together a release of Aged New Make which showed the development work we’ve been doing on heritage barley varieties such as Maris Otter and Plumage Archer and the work we are doing on yeasts such as US05 the American IPA yeast that helped launch the current IPA trend. That aged new make series sold out in five days.’

The Brewer’s Series comprises four distinct liquids, all of which echo different flavours from beer and distilling processes and methods. ‘Brewers X Distillers Yeast‘ focuses on the yeast selection, fermenting Distiller’s Malt for 111.5 hours, with a combination of M-strain distiller’s yeast and US05 brewers yeast. The ‘Crystal Malt’ spirit replaces 10% of the distiller’s malt, which in beer creates a clean, nutty, caramel flavour. While the ‘Chocolate Malt’ edition is a spirit rich with chocolate, dark fruit and roasted coffee flavors.

A culmination of the team’s explorative attitude and a symbol of their innovative style of whisky making, the final liquid from the range ‘Made By Edinburgh New Make Spirit’ draws on all other three new-make bottlings, combining crystal and chocolate malts alongside their distiller’s malt in the mashbill recipe, adding Edinburgh Ale yeast.

The New Make Brewer’s Series is available to purchase at Royal Mile Whiskies and is priced at £34.95. Please do let me know if you need any further information, or if you’d like to speak to Nick Ravenhall for any further comments.

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