Craft Whisky Club – Rare Ohishi Box For US Members – Japanese Whisky News

Popular whisky subscription service Craft Whisky Club has just teamed up with Japanese whisky brand Ohishi on an exclusive offering, which is bringing whisky from Japan finished in Banyuls casks to the US shores for the first time.

Unique provenance, local ingredients, and profound savoir-faire, Ohishi is a relatively unknown distillery to even the dearest whiskey fans. Banyuls is a French appellation d’origine contrôlée fortified dessert wine made from old vines. Although the use of fortified wines to mature whisky has a long and celebrated history, including Sherry and Port casks, to see a whisky finished in a Banyuls cask is a rarity indeed. This gives this unique Japanese whisky a rounded, fruity profile with notes of jam and candy.

The release is so limited that each bottle has been hand labeled.The Ohishi Distillery was founded in 1872 and is currently operated by 6th Generation Master Distiller Kazunori Oishi. The distillery is located in the south of Japan in a small village called Mizukami-Mura in the Kuma-Gun region of Kumamoto. It is only in operation about 8 months out of the year when temperatures are right for the best fermentation.

From casks to pairings, locally-produced to the exotic, learning and exploring the world of whisky is a fundamental part of the whisky experience. Every 2 months resident experts at the Craft Whisky Club carefully select exciting and innovative distillers from across the world. The current subscription box is priced at $99 dollars and comes with accompanying Japanese food pairing and experience.

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