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The Rise of Online Auctions: A New Consumers Guide To Selling At Auction

The popularity of online whisky auctions has been increasing over recent years, with over 175,000 bottles of whisky sold in 2020 through specialist whisky auctions alone. This represents a 775% growth in the volume of sales in just 10 years (source: WhiskyStats).

The significant growth in the sector has brought about the creation of many new businesses, and there are now over 20 specialist online whisky auctions in the UK alone.

But how does a consumer understand which auction is best suited to their bottles? Are all auctions created equal, or are there more important factors to consider when choosing to sell your bottles at auction?

In doing research regarding online whisky auction houses, you will come across many auction houses that all claim to be the best, with the best marketing, the lowest seller’s commission, and the best value service. However, there is no source that whisky sellers can consult in order to decide which whisky auction house is the best fit for them.

With this in mind Cheshire-based whisky brokers Mark Littler LTD have published an in depth guide to all of the main specialist whisky auctions in an effort to help sellers interrogate these claims, and ensure that they get the best prices for their bottles.

Whilst previous resources have simply compared the seller’s commissions of each auction house, this does not necessarily mean that the auction house with the lowest commission will afford sellers the highest return. Other factors such as international shipping options, storage options post-sale, size of audience, quality of pre-sale marketing and blogs, turnover, and volume of bottles all play a role.

Mark Littler Ltd contacted all of the main whisky auction houses in the UK, gathering information for use in their in-depth guide. Information on each house such as seller’s commission, turnover in 2020, number of bottles sold in 2020, storage options, and shipping options are included in the guide. The guide also goes into further detail regarding what makes each whisky auction house stand out from the rest.

Director of Mark Littler Ltd, Mark Littler, said “having worked with many avid whisky collectors and investors, we know that choosing an avenue through which to sell your bottles can be tricky; when you have spent years building a collection, you want to know that you are entrusting those bottles to the best auction house possible. We hope that this guide will help whisky-owners to decide which house is best for them, both in terms of selling their whisky and in terms of customer experience”.

Mark Littler LTD have been helping their clients to sell their whisky for over 5 years and have over 400 five-star reviews of their service across Google, Yell and Facebook. They provide free valuations of bottles, advise clients on the best route to sell (either through auction, private sale, or their brokerage shop). They hit the headlines in 2020 when they sold a vertical of Macallan 18 Year Old for Matthew Robson, and the story broke across the world.

To read this in-depth guide on how to sell your whisky at auction visit the Mark Littler website.

The Mark Littler website also has a wealth of information about everything from investing in whisky, to selling your antiques. For all things whisky, watches, jewellery, silver, and more, head over to

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