Malt Messenger No. 122 – by Andrew Ferguson “Ending Our Spring Tasting Season with a Bang!” – Whisky Bang News

Malt Messenger No. 122

Ending Our Spring Tastings with a Bang

And Loads of Whisky Arrivals

We needed a bit of a breather after our online-only birthday sale a few weeks back. It was busy, and it took us a while to catch up. If you missed the sale, or are the kind of tactile shopper who just has to shop in-store, I’ve got some good news… we still have a ton of deals!

There are currently about 35 Whiskies ON SALE, with savings between 20 and 35%. You’ll find a PDF linked at the bottom of this email, highlighting a bunch of current deals at KWM… but you can always browse the latest deals  Whisky online!

We have some good news on a number of fronts, including some long-awaited whisky arrivals. Our Elixir Distillers shipment including Single Malts of Scotland, Elements of Islay, Port Askaig, and Islay Violets, has arrived. Not only does this mean we have some cool new whiskies in stock, but also that we can go ahead with some tastings reliant on many of these bottlings…

We are ending the Spring Season with a bang, and have a load of upcoming Virtual Whisky Tastings. The four new ones are:

1. glenFarclas Family Cask Faceoff – June 12

2. Ardbeg D’Eh 2021 – June 24

3. Canada D’Eh: Shelter Point Distillery – June 29

4. Canada D’Eh: Two Brewers Whisky – June 30

In addition, there are five other upcoming tastings that still have spaces available. Two of them were actually sold out, but we have increased capacity to accommodate demand. More details on all nine tastings can be found below and on our KWM Tastings Page.

We have also seen some whiskies return in recent days from Ardbeg, Glenfarclas, and Lismore, most of which we’ve been out of for months. Some of them since January… Once again this is owing to all the complications around shipping. Hopefully, a sign things are catching up.

Finally, everything in this email can be purchased or ordered online. Please place any orders or requests online, as I will be out of the store for the next 36 hours. You’ll be served more quickly, and be less likely to miss out on something…

As always, in the event of a price discrepancy, the point of sale at KWM will be taken as correct.


Andrew Ferguson

Kensington Wine Market


1. New KWM Virtual Whisky Tastings

2. Other Up-coming Virtual Whisky Tastings

3. Ardbeg Whiskies Are Back, Just in Time for Ardbeg Day

4. Glenfarclas Core Range Whiskies Are Back in Stock

5. Lismore 18 & 21 Year Are Back In-stock

6. Glenfarclas Family Cask Arrivals!

7. Whiskies Currently on Sale!


We’ve added a few new events to our KWM virtual tasting schedule…

GlenFarclas Family Cask Face Off

·     Date: Saturday, June 12

·     Time: 5 PM

·     Cost: $100

·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now

We’ve just received a shipment of Glenfarclas Family Casks. Due to Covid-19 and international shipping challenges we’ve been waiting on some of these whiskies for close to 9 months. There are some really cool single casks here, so we’re putting on a tasting with six of them. The NHL playoffs are on, so we’re facing off Family Casks from 2004, 2003, 2001, 1994, and a pair of different casks from 1992. To round things out we’ll also be tasting our lovely Glenfarclas 25 Year KWM “Ferg in Homage to George Grant.” There will be plenty of jokes about the Leafs and Oilers, and we’ve held back a few bottles of the 2004 Family Cask, just for participants in the tasting, as we know it will be sought after! 7x15ml samples. 5 PM Saturday, June 12.


Ardbeg D’Eh 2021 with Bry Simpson & KWM’s Own Andrew & Curt

·     Date: Thursday, June 24

·     Time: 7 PM

·     Cost: $35

·     Pick-Up Date: Friday June 4

We’re celebrating Ardbeg Day 2021 with our friend Bry Simpson on Thursday, June 24th. Bry will join KWM’s own Andrew Ferguson and Curt Robinson for a very peaty virtual tasting including 7 Ardbegs: 10 Year, An Oa, Corryvreckan, Uigeadail, Wee Beastie, Blaaack Committee, and the soon-to-be-released Scorch Committee. Samples are 15ml, and will be ready for pick-up on Friday, June 4. Participants in the tasting will be able to put their name in a draw for an opportunity to purchase a bottle of Ardbeg Scorch Committee. We are saving a portion of the bottles as a reward for those who take part in the tasting.

*Please note you must be a valid Ardbeg Committee Member, to put your name in the draw for the Scorch Committee. If you are not an Ardbeg Committee Member, you can join the Ardbeg Committee in 5 minutes, at no cost, on their website!


Canada D’Eh: Shelter Point Distillery

·     Date: Tuesday, June 29

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $25

·     Pick-Up Date: ETA June 10

With Canada Day approaching, we thought we’d shine a little extra light on some of our favourite Canadian Distilleries. We’re teaming up with our friends Jacob and Leon at Shelter Point to put on a virtual tasting of some of the finest whisky made in Canada. Our range will include 7 15ml samples of Shelter Point Whisky: The Collective, Smoke Point Batch 2, Double Barrel Batch 5, and The Forbidden, as well as some soon to arrive releases: Smoke and Oak, Ripple Rock & the 3rd and final KWM Rye (Alberta Distillers) Cask!

*SAMPLES READY FOR PICK-JUNE 10! – !!!Estimate!!!

Canada D’Eh: Two Brewers Distillery

·     Date: Wednesday, June 30

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $25

·     Pick-Up Date: Available June 8

With Canada Day approaching, we thought we’d shine a little extra light on a few of our favourite Canadian Distilleries. We’re teaming up with our friends at Yukon Brewing & Distilling, aka Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt to put on a virtual tasting of some of the finest whisky made in Canada. We’ll be joined by distillery co-founder Bob Baxter for a 7 whisky vertical Two Brewers tasting featuring Releases 16, 19, 20, 21, 23, and 25, as well as the stunning, recently arrived KWM Cask.



SMWS Canada June 2021 Outturn Tasting

·     Date: Thursday, June 3

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $45

·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now

Join the KWM whisky team for a virtual tasting of the June 2021 Scotch Malt Whisky Society Canada Outturn. Registration is open to both members and non-members. The tasting will consist of 7 15ml samples from the June 2021 Outturn. The tasting will be hosted on Zoom at 8 PM on Thursday, June 3 at 8 PM. Samples will be available for pickup at KWM on Tuesday, May 25. They can be delivered in Calgary, subject to availability for a $10 fee, but we suggest picking them up in person or at the curbside. A Zoom code will be emailed out approximately 24 hours before the tasting…


**Only 6 spots left!

KWM Casks – The First Half of 2021

·     Date: Tuesday, June 8

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $35

·     Pick-Up Date: Available Now.

We’ve received some very cool single casks this year. Normally we’d offer samples for interested parties in-store, but sadly circumstances have not allowed for that this year. What to do? One of our staff suggested we hold a virtual tasting, highlighting our new KWM exclusive casks. So we’ll be pouring our new casks from Benromach, Old Pulteney, Two Brewers, Tomatin, Teeling (if it gets here in time), Kilchoman and our 25 Year Glenfarclas Cask Strength. In all, we will sample 8 KWM exclusive single casks, carefully selected by your friends at KWM!


**Only 6 spots left!

Bourbon Bonanza

·     Date: Tuesday, June 22

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $40

·     Pick-Up Date: TBC (Target June 1)

Evan is thirsty for good Bourbon and American Whiskey, so it is time for another tasting. Tune out Evan if you must, but sign up for this selection of mostly Bourbon – and perhaps a special Barrel Strength Rye as well! 7 samples in all will be there for you to enjoy trying.


**Only 13 spots left!

!!!More Space Has Been Added!!!

Introducing: The Whisky Trail with Julie Hamilton & Celine Tetu

·     Date: Friday, June 25

·     Time: 5 PM

·     Cost: $45

·     Pick-Up Date: TBC (Target June 7)

We will be joined by Elixir Distillers Brand Ambassador Julie Hamilton, and International Sales Manager Celine Tetu, as we introduce a new range of independent bottlings with really cool labels, The Whisky Trail. We are starting out with 7 whiskies from the Retro Cars and Video Games labels. Our range will include single cask bottlings of Ben Nevis 1996, Cambus 1990, Glen Elgin 2007, Glenrothes 1989, Invergordon 1987, and a pair of Ardmores’ from 2009 and 1998. Participants in the tasting will not only be the first people in Canada to sample these whiskies, but they will also have the first opportunity to purchase the bottles. Friday, June 25, 5 PM.

*We will be donating $15 per ticket to the Brenda Stafford Center, a local women’s shelter.

**Only 23 spots left, out of 85!!!


!!!NEW DATE & More Spaces Have Been Added!!!!!!

Independents Day: Feis Isle 2021

·     Date: Tuesday, July 27

·     Time: 8 PM

·     Cost: $45

·     Pick-Up Date: TBC (Target July 8)

DATE CHANGE – Please note we have had to postpone this tasting due to the Montreal Port Strike. The items we were counting on are delayed. So we are pushing the tasting from June 15 to July 27!

We have some very cool Islay whiskies arriving soon, which got us thinking, we’re long overdue for a KWM Feis Isle (Islay Festival) Tasting. It will have to be virtual this year, but the range won’t disappoint, including the Port Askaig 12 Year Autumn Release, Elements of Islay Bn8, Cl13 & LP11 as well as the Peats Beast PX Finish & 27 Year. In all we’ll sample 7 whiskies (15ml samples of each) from the Queen of the Hebrides, none of them ever before featured in a KWM tasting! 8PM Thursday, June 15.



Ardbeg continues to be a hot commodity, and for good reason. The entire core range has been restocked. Grab a bottle or three before they go out of stock once more!

1. Ardbeg Wee Beastie $77 + GST

2. Ardbeg 10 Year $90 + GST

3. Ardbeg An Oa $100 + GST

4. Ardbeg Uigeadail $120 + GST

5. Ardbeg Corryvreckan $130 + GST




Speaking of hot commodities, the Glenfarclas core range is also back in stock. Given the issues we have been seeing with shipping over the past year it might be worth grabbing a bottle or four of these as well if they are among your go-to bottles.

1. Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength $97 + GST

2. Glenfarclas 12 Year $70 + GST

3. Glenfarclas 15 Year $100 + GST

4. Glenfarclas 17 Year $115 + GST

5. Glenfarclas 21 Year $170 + GST

6. Glenfarclas 25 Year $275 + GST

7. Glenfarclas 25 Year KWM Ferg GG Homage $275 + GST

8. Glenfarclas 30 Year $700 + GST

9. Glenfarclas 40 Year $1300 + GST


Also back in stock are bottles of The Lismore. This company is a bottler of Speyside Single Malt Scotch from unknown/mystery distillery(ies?). The owners of the William Lundie and the Lismore brand are the Grant family of Glenfarclas fame. Perhaps we could call these bottles Glenfarclesque? Or perhaps not…

1. Lismore 18 Year $100 + GST

2. Lismore 21 Year $150 + GST

We have both single cask and small batch bottlings from the single malts of Scotland range arriving soon. Let’s start with the single casks, which are very well priced for the age and quality of the whiskies. We’ve never been let down by the SMOS range!




We recently receive a boatload of new whiskies from Elixir Distillers. Some have come and gone, but we still have good stock of a great selection! The forty-something Bunnahabhains are cool, but the Islay Violets is the one speaking the most loudly to me!

SMOS Director’s Special Bunnhabhain 43 Year – 41.4% – 1975 – Refill Bourbon Hogshead – Whisky Exchange Note: “A single-cask release of Bunnahabhain from the Single Malts of Scotland, bottled as part of the Director’s Special range. This was distilled back in 1975 and aged for 43 years in a single refill-bourbon hogshead. Over the years, its strength has naturally dropped, concentrating its flavour. The result is a soft and fruity whisky that shows the delicacy of Bunnahabhain’s normally boisterous spirit.” – 89pts Angus @ Whisky Fun & 89.5pts Whisky Base – Limit 1 Per Customer

SMOS Director’s Special Bunnahabhain 44 Year – 42.4% – Whisky Exchange Note: “A 44 Year Old Bunnahabhain single malt from indie bottler Elixir Distillers, matured in a single cask for more than four decades before being bottled as part of its Director’s Special range. Aromas of plum wine, caramel sauce, quince, marshmallows and gingerbread mingle with wildflowers and sweet tea on the nose. The palate offers notes of fresh peppermint, damp oak, tangerine, heather honey, mango and tobacco that linger in the finish.” – $2000 – 91.67pts Whisky Base – Limit 1 Per Customer

Islay Violets 33 Year Islay Single Malt Whisky – 46.2% – Matured in American Oak / Finished in ex-Cognac Casks – Tasting Note by Billy Abbott, The Whisky Exchange: “Nose: Waxy with the expected violet notes, both floral petals and green leaves. Sweet barley sugar and parma violet notes develop, with chamois leather, candied lemon and lavender syrup to follow. Zestiness builds, with singed orange peel joining the lemon, along with burning rosemary twigs. Palate: The classic floral notes lead on the palate, with lavender and sweet violet joined by Love Heart candy, sultanas and a hint of mint. Waxy petal notes develop, along with vanilla toffee, soft spice and a touch of damp earth hiding at the back. Finish: A final burst of violet fades to leave candied lemon, green grass and toffee. Comment: A famously divisive style of Bowmore, and an example that might turn more people to the distillery’s floral side. If you’re on the fence, this is the dram to turn you, with excellent floral and citrus balance, and a gentle undertone of smokiness. It tastes exactly how you’d expect from reading the label…” – $625 – 89.85pts Whisky Base



We have both single cask and small batch bottlings from the single malts of Scotland range arriving soon. Let’s start with the single casks, which are very well priced for the age and quality of the whiskies. We’ve never been let down by the SMOS range!

Single Malts of Scotland (SMOS ) Single Casks:

1. SMOS Glen Elgin 13 Year Cask 9800010 – 56.3% – 2006 – ex-Bourbon Barrel – Whisky Exchange Note: “A 2006 Glen Elgin single malt from indie bottler Elixir Distillers, matured in a single barrel for 13 years before being bottled in October 2019 as part of its Single Malts of Scotland series. Aromas of crunchy apples, Amalfi lemons, tarragon and paprika fill the nose. The palate offers notes of custard cream biscuits, stewed pears, cinnamon swirls and vanilla ice cream that linger in the finish.” – $100 – 87pts Whisky Fun – Limit 1 Per Customer!

2. SMOS Linkwood 12 Year Cask 804457 – 54.5% – 2007 – Hogshead – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Orchard-fruit notes of pears, crabapples and peach eau-de-vie. The cask has allowed plenty of aromatic new-make character to remain, overlaid with elderflower blossoms and churned butter. Palate: Follows nicely from the nose – extraordinarily bright, with tarragon, garden mint, rocket and a glass of crisp white wine. The fruit has transformed into lemon and lime peel, contrasting with fresh malted barley. Finish: Slightly chalky with a vanilla sweetness. Pink grapefruit sorbet and white pepper allow this lively dram to finish on a high note.” – $96 – Limit 1 Per Customer!

3. SMOS Teaninich 12 Year Cask 301262 – 57.5% – 2007 – Refill Sherry Butt – Whisky Exchange Note: “A 2007 Teaninich single malt from indie bottler Elixir Distillers, matured in a single refill butt for 12 years before being bottled in November 2019 as part of its Single Malts of Scotland series. Aromas of magnolia blossoms, dandelion, wild grains and buttermilk pancakes fill the nose. The palate offers notes of homemade vanilla custard, lime zest, green tea and orange.” – $110 – 86.5pts Whisky Base – Limit 1 Per Customer!


Elixir Distillers seems to have better access to peated malts than anyone, especially Islay whiskies. They have two ranges of independent bottlings just for Islay whiskies, Elements of Islay and Port Askaig. We have 5 new releases on the way from these brands:

1. Elements Of Islay Bn8 – 58.4% – American Oak & Ex-Sherry Casks – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Dark orange chocolate, under-sugared peach jam and shredded lemon verbena. Rounded out by nutty, mature cheddar. Palate: Smoked paprika and cumin spice marries with tart sweetness: apple drops and slightly burnt pear upside-down-cake. More pepperiness with crunchy ginger-nut biscuits and a drop of star anise oil. Finish: Weathered leather, raw cacao nibs and the prickle of Pimento pepper, toned down with Danish butter cookies.” – $74

2. Elements Of Islay Bw8 – 51.2% – 16 Year – Bourbon Barrels & Sherry Butts – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Grapefruit mixed with brown sugar. A hint of charcoal smoke with baked lemons developing into richer, more pronounced tropical notes of under-ripe mango drizzled with lime juice. Palate: Old-fashioned chocolate limes. Citrus and salt blend together and further richness is delivered by papaya and kiwi. Buttered samphire lends a coastal feel. Finish: A dry, herbaceous finish lingers with wave after wave of kiln smoke.” – $210 – 1 Per Customer

3. Elements Of Islay Cl13 – 54.6% – 9 Year – Hogsheads & Sherry Butts – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Spicy pork on the BBQ with notes of smoked paprika, cracked black pepper and lime juice. Hot chocolate with chilli powder and caramelised hazelnuts, accented by sea-spray freshness. Palate: Slightly oily with spices, green pepper and rustic salt-and-pepper crisps. A sweetness develops, with dusty chocolate and freeze-dried raspberries wrapped in wood smoke. Finish: The spice lingers, accompanied by a dry, salty tang.” – $75 – 1 Per Customer

4. Elements Of Islay Lp11 – 52.2% – 15 Year – ex-Bourbon Barrels – Producer Tasting Note: “Nose: Tamarind, dates and molasses. Sausages sizzling in the frying pan. Coal smoke with classic medicinal notes – carbolic soap and bandages. Palate: Barbecued coastal notes married with Cox apples, celeriac and chilli spice. Salty maritime brine and homemade tomato sauce on a juicy burger straight from the grill. Finish: Charcoal, charred toast from a farmer’s loaf and stewed orchard fruits.” – $240 – 1 Per Customer

5. Port Askaig 12 Yr Old Autumn Edition 2020 – 45.8% – Refill Bourbon Hogsheads & Sherry Butts – Producer Description & Tasting Note: “This limited edition Port Askaig bottling (9,000 bottles produced) is a tribute to the wonderful flavours of Islay, from a distillery on the north-east coast of Islay, close to the village of Port Askaig. A blend nine refill American oak hogsheads, five Oloroso sherry butts and three solera sherry butts has been used to create this flavourful single malt with a medley of smoky, fruity and coastal notes. To fully showcase its distinct Islay character, this whisky is non chill-filtered and bottled at 45.8%.” – $100


There is at least 1 bottle of each of the whiskies below, some of them are in a bit bigger quantities, but for most, there are just a handful available. ETA is sometime in May, or early June!

A quick reminder, when Glenfarclas says the cask is a 4th Fill Butt, they don’t necessarily mean 4th fill, rather that they may not know how many times it has been filled. Could be 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Fill! Also, the photos are not all shot by the same source, so the actual colour may vary somewhat.

Also, don’t forget to check out our glenFarclas Family Cask Face Off tasting…

1. Glenfarclas Family Cask 1986 – 47.7% – 32 Year – Summer 2018 – Cask 4775 – Refill Sherry Butt – $1100 – 91.8pts Whisky Base – Only 1 Left

2. Glenfarclas Family Cask 1990 – 55.2% – 29 Year – Summer 2020 – Cask 5122 – Sherry Butt – $1150 – 92.33pts Whisky Base – Only 1 Left

3. Glenfarclas Family Cask 1991 – 56.3% – 29 Year – Summer 2020 – Cask 211 – Sherry Butt – $1050 – 89.67pts Whisky Base

4. Glenfarclas Family Cask 1992 – 55.9% – 27 Year – Summer 2020 – Cask 2904 – Sherry Butt – $650 – 89.67pts Whisky Base

5. Glenfarclas Family Cask 1992 – 53.5% – 26 Year – Winter 2018 – Cask 5984 – 4th Fill Butt – $635 – 89.86pts Whisky Base

6. Glenfarclas Family Cask 1998 – 57.9% – 21 Year – Summer 2020 – Cask 7635 – Sherry Butt – $470 – 89.22pts Whisky Base – Only 1 Left!

7. Glenfarclas Family Cask 2001 – 56.5% – 18 Year – Summer 2020 – Cask 3384 – 4th Fill Butt – $435 – 85.71pts Whisky Base

8. Glenfarclas Family Cask 2003 – 58.3% – 17 Year – Summer 2020 – Cask 102 – Sherry Butt – $415 – 90.66pts Whisky Base


You might notice a pattern emerging here. Certain importers keep putting things on sale, presumably to shift slow-moving inventory. Who are we to turn up a great deal? And you can be sure that we will pass on the savings…

There is a PDF linked below highlighting a few of the best deals. The full sale list of Whiskies on Sale can be browsed online. You can find the highlighted items in the PDF below by searching



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