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It’s a big month for whisky – the legendary Brora distillery, dormant since 1983, has reopened its doors and fired up its stills once more.

To mark the occasion, Brora’s parent company, Diageo, has released the extremely limited-edition Brora Triptych – a trio of whiskies carefully crafted to showcase three different facets and eras of Brora’s smoky, Highland style: 1982 The Timeless Original, 1977 The Age of Peat and 1972 The Elusive Legacy.

Joining this impressive set of whiskies are a number of its compatriots from some of Diageo’s best-known distilleries, including a pair of well-aged drams from Talisker and a brand-new 54-year-old single malt from Singleton.


Released in 2021 to mark the momentous re-opening of Brora distillery, Triptych contains three incredible, rare whiskies from this legendary distillery.

1982 The Timeless Original is a 38-year-old single malt that shows off the distillery’s famous waxy character, with a very delicate low level of peat. Aromas of sherbet lemons and fresh green grass fill the nose, complemented by notes of oak spice, beeswax, citronella candles and gunpowder throughout the palate.

1977 The Age of Peat is from a time where Brora increased the amount of peat used in making their whiskies to meet the rising demand for blended whisky. Elegant aromas of creamy vanilla, beeswax and crunchy green apples fill the nose, complemented by notes of smouldering peat smoke, ginger cake, oak spice and heathery smoke throughout the palate.

1972 The Elusive Legacy is a 48-year-old single malt that shows off an elusive and rarely seen style of earthy, peaty whisky only made in a few brief periods throughout the distillery’s history. Aromas of oaky spice and peach cobbler fill the nose, complemented by notes of rich malt, serrano ham, tobacco, coal dust and earthy smoke throughout the palate.

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