20 Whiskies That Changed The World – The Tasting Set at The Whisky Exchange – Whisky Changing News

The past few decades have seen huge changes in whisky and this carefully curated tasting set dives into that recent history and gives you the chance to taste your way through the special spirits that have created the modern whisky world. Twenty whiskies, a tasting book and a pair of glasses – the perfect set to help you embark on a journey of whisky exploration and discovery.

20 Whiskies that Changed the World can serve as an educational whisky guide or a delicious whisky cabinet to dip into and enjoy whenever the mood takes you. The whiskies are grouped into four themes and are arranged in tasting order, so you can either enjoy them at your leisure or taste them in four flights alongside the tasting book and specially made video guides.

20 carefully curated 3cl Perfect Measure samples of some of the finest whiskies available today from around the globe. A 52-page full-colour book with details of all the whiskies and why we chose them, as well as space for your own notes. A pair of Perfect Measure tasting glasses to make sure you can get the most out of each whisky – each sample is the perfect size to share.

Join us on a journey of discovery, finding out what makes old favourites special and uncovering new whiskies to continue your exploration of the world of fine spirits.


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