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GlenAllachie Wine Cask Finish

Glenallachie has released these wonderful Wine Cask Finishes in a unique tasting trilogy. To craft The GlenAllachie Wine Series, the distillery expertly matured spirit in American Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrels.

Subsequently, the whisky underwent additional maturation for almost two years in Wine Barriques meticulously sourced by Master Distiller Billy Walker, imparting a distinctive twist onto the GlenAllachie spirit.

Factors such as the oak species, level of toasting, and coopering of the cask each leave a unique mark on the slumbering spirit. The oak itself was previously influenced by the grape variety and terroir of the winery; thus, the wood adds distinctive layers of complexity, depth and charm.


GlenAllachie Wine series Sauternes Finish 12 Year Old 70cl


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GlenAllachie Wine series Rioja Finish 13 Year Old 70cl


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GlenAllachie Wine series Gratamacco 11 Year Old 70cl


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