Blended malt credentials boosted by fresh identity & packaging, showcasing ‘Naked’ first-fill sherry casks to appeal to a new generation of whisky drinkers

Ultra-premium spirits company, Edrington, is re-presenting its Naked brand with a new identity. Embracing its independent spirit and honouring the liquid by placing a first-fill sherry cask centre stage on the bottle, the brand will also evolve to Naked Malt to reinforce its quality credentials and reflect the blend of some of Scotland’s finest single malts.

The launch of Naked Malt, formerly Naked Grouse, will see no change to the award-winning liquid. However, the brand is revealing a new, contemporary design and 100% recyclable packaging. The bottle – which remains transparent to showcase the liquid – will now be embossed with a stunning “Naked” first-fill sherry cask, a homage to the unique process and the delicious flavour it embodies. Each bottle will also carry a signature from Naked Malt Master Blender, Diane Stuart, to acknowledge the meticulous blending, care & craftsmanship that goes into every specially selected cask.

Comprised of world-renowned single malts, Naked Malt’s exceptional flavour is enhanced when the unique blend is extra-matured in first-fill (or naked) Oloroso sherry casks for at least six months. As they’ve never held whisky before, this imparts the best flavour and cask character to create a distinctive taste that is rich and fruity yet versatile for any preferred serve. The brand wants to inspire a new generation of whisky drinkers to celebrate the freedom to drink whisky their way, and ultimately Live Naked, free from traditional constraints.

The finished Naked Malt blend features hints of buttery toffee and sweet spice on the nose, notes of vanilla, stewed fruit and raisins on the palate with a rich and sherried spice finish, creating a contemporary spirit that gives consumers the freedom to enjoy their way – whether that be neat, on the rocks or as part of a cocktail. The brand’s signature serve is a simple Naked Sour which reflects the versatility of the liquid.

The first Naked Malt bottles will be available from June 2021.

Elaine Miller, Global Brand Controller at Naked Malt, said: “For our consumers, the whisky category can be difficult to navigate and bound with conventions they don’t want to be constrained by, so for us, it’s about making whisky more accessible. We want to give a new generation the freedom to try whisky their way, whilst providing the reassurance of a great quality, versatile liquid.

“The new bottle design reinforces our ‘Naked’ cask story, and our ‘Naked’ bottle itself is stripped back because we want to liberate the whisky and let the quality shine through. We also took this opportunity to ensure that all packaging components are 100% recyclable, a key consideration for our consumers.”

Diane Stuart, Naked Malt Master Blender, added: “Naked Malt is blended using some of the finest Scottish single malts, each selected for its quality and individual flavour. Every cask of Single Malt Scotch whisky selected for our blend is nosed to ensure it meets our exacting standard.

“By extra maturing Naked Malt in first-fill Oloroso sherry casks, we deliver quality and intensity of flavour enviable in the contemporary whisky category. We create the perfect balance of sweet, fruity character from the American oak with the rich, dried fruit and spicy notes from the European oak to produce Naked Malts signature flavour. But what matters most is that you enjoy it whichever way you like.”

Naked Malt is available in 70cl at 40% ABV

In the US & S Africa its available in 75cl at 43% ABV

Since 2017, Naked Malt has become the fastest growing contemporary whisky* with consecutive years of double-digit growth and is currently distributed in 74 markets globally. It has a strong ambition to double the brand by 2025. (*IWSR 2020)

About Naked Malt

Naked Malt is a blended malt whisky produced in Scotland by ultra-premium spirits company Edrington.  It initially launched as a blended Scotch under the name Naked Grouse in 2011 before relaunching as a blended malt in 2017, in line with the increasing popularity of contemporary whiskies. In 2021, a new brand name of Naked Malt was revealed to cement the brand’s place as the drink of independent and freedom-seeking consumers with a revised bottle design including a portrait of the first-fill casks against a sleek, modern glass bottle.

The 40% abv liquid comes in a 700ml bottle and is comprised of a selection of Scotland’s finest single malts, including The Macallan, Highland Park and Glenrothes. The blended malt is matured in first-fill Oloroso sherry oak casks and it is from these “naked” casks that have never held whisky before that Naked Malt takes its name and its distinctive flavour. The ageing process, along with the blend of single malts, results in a rich and fruity whisky with a soft spice finish.

Diane Stuart, Master Blender, tasting notes:

  • Nose: Buttery toffee, apples, sweet spice
  • Taste: Vanilla custard, stewed fruit, raisins and sultanas
  • Finish: Rich sherried spice

Award wins

Ultimate Spirits Challenge – Chairman’s trophy 2018; Greatest value 2018; 96 points 2018 (Extraordinary Ultimate Recommendation)

San Francisco World Spirit competition – Gold for Malt whisky 2018; Double gold 2019 (All 40 judges awarded a gold)

Bartenders Brand Awards – Gold Taste 2018; Silver design 2018; Gold value 2018; Silver design 2019; Silver Taste 2019; Gold Value 2019
International Spirits Challenge – Gold 2020

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