Anniversary Highlights:

-20thAnniversary of Bruichladdich Distillery’s reopening

-140 Years since the distillery was built and first opened

-1 Year anniversary of B Corp certification

Twenty years have passed since Bruichladdich Distillery’s gates were thrown open once more, with dreams of resurrection. Muck was shovelled, walls painted, roofs repaired, stills polished and fresh enthusiasm from a long-neglected community poured into the heart and eventual home off our unique spirits. No-one could have predicted the success story Bruichladdich would become, least so in those early years when the company’s no-compromise approach threatened their very survival.

Those early years were spent convincing an industry that terroir in spirits existed; that barley, people and Islay mattered. Organically grown barley was added to the distillation schedule, quickly followed by Islay raised and the ancient landrace, Bere. An old warehouse was converted into a bottling hall and jobs were created for youngsters who would have otherwise moved off the island. Slowly but surely, a community-oriented business rose from the ashes, with principled founders at the helm driving their passion for provenance and transparency forward. More farmers, hauliers, and contractors would join the efforts as the whisky industry began to boom.

The last decade saw biodynamic barley distilled for the first time, bolstered investment from new owners Remy Cointreau, a Regional Trials experiment kicked off and the status of Islay’s largest private employer earned. Most recently, Bruichladdich have nurtured a renewed appreciation for whisky as an agriculture product involving relationships built with grain breeders and soil experts, and the purchase of 30 acres of croft land intended for R&D purposes. Fresh sights on growing sustainably have been set, with projects underway to decarbonise distillation by 2025, a One Tin Lighter initiative offered to reduce outer packaging, and continued investment in conservation and biodiversity both locally and in partnership with the Botanic Gardens Conservation International.

To cap off a successful decade, Bruichladdich Distillery was awarded B Corp certification in 2020. Focussing on people and planet, they are one of a handful of distilleries worldwide to achieve this accolade, firmly marking their commitment to using business asa force for good.To celebrate these anniversaries large and small, Bruichladdich has planned a programme including an interactive whisky masterclass, music and live action from the island. With a plethora of events, there’s something for the casual cocktail drinker to the most devout malt aficionado.

Co-founder of the business, Simon Coughlin comments:

“‘I can’t believe it’s been so long’ or ‘time flies’… often heard phrases such as these aren’t true when it comes to the Bruichladdich journey. We’ve never had a moment to stop and think or look back. We’ve been on this crusade, focused with such intent to change the way our industry looks at single malt. We’ve been so determined to turn it into something more than just the liquid in the bottle, that pausing to consider where we have come from seems an indulgence. There is still so much to do.

“Having said that, and in all honesty, the Bruichladdich Fèis Ìle day is the one single day of the year I enjoy the most. It’s aday to stop and enjoy a few hours with our supports and friends from around the world. Enjoying a B+T and a dram in the sun, listening to great music and sharing stories with so many Laddie fans really does make you think, we may have struck on something here! Seeing our local community in the courtyard having a bloody good time is just so special. It makes me incredibly proud and it’s a very emotional day and it takes an incredible team to pull it off. We so look forward to 2022 when we can hopefully welcome everyone back into our courtyard for another great celebration.

”Save the Date in your diary for the 30thof May 2021 and keep an eye on@bruichladdich social channel for full details of how to get involved.


Event Info: Following on from our first ever Laddie Lock-In virtual event in 2020, Bruichladdich will be kicking off their Laddie Lock-In II: Time Travellers. Celebrating the anniversaries of 20 years since resurrection, the event them is centred about raising a dram to milestones past, while saluting a toast to the mission we hope to achieve in the future. The event will run from 2pm ‘til 6pm on the 30thMay 2021 and will feature live bands and live content streamed straight from the distillery.

Masterclass kits consisting of 6 x 30m blind samples will go on sale on the 27th of April 2021 through a ballot process. A download pack to prepare enthusiasts for the day will be linked into our digital festival ‘hub’, with festival merch and full scheduling info along the way.

Participants will be asked to register to the distillery’s digital festival hub, and register for the event which will be managed through Hop-In. Full details for registration will be published on the distillery’s social channels on Tuesday 27thApril 2021, with access to event registration open once the first masterclass ballot is closed.

Release Info:1,200 kits of 6 x 30ml blind samples will go on sale on the 28thof April 2021,initially through ballot process3,000 bottles of Laddie Origins will go on sale on the 30thof May 2021,initially through ballot process840 bottles of Bruichladdich Single Cask will go sale on the 30thof May 2021, initially through ballot process.

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